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Combining the soulful ache of Simply Red's Mick Hucknall with the sultry falsetto of Smokey Robinson, Lemon resurrects the plaintive longing and raw sexuality of vintage R&B with the synthesized rhythms of '80s modern rock. A duo consisting of vocalist Roger Smith and multi-instrumentalist Thor Madsen, the New York-based Lemon generates body heat from their funky, sweltering grooves. The propulsive "Ain't Coming Back" recalls Peter Gabriel in his mid-'80s prime as Smith's deeply emotional and urgent vocals fuel Madsen's grinding keyboards while "One Night Stand" is reminiscent of Prince's midnight eroticism. Eschewing the discordant noise and basement production of '90s alternative rock, Lemon champion melody and clear, straightforward songwriting, utilizing modern technology to create evocative atmospherics with old-school pop hooks. If Motown had begun releasing albums in the 21st century, then Lemon would've been among their prime artists. "The warmth of Smith's singing is complemented beautifully by Madsen's dreamy keyboard textures," raved renowned U.K. Adam Harrington.
Take a taste of Lemon now. http://www.lemoncentral.com

Candice Night

Upon hearing her music, or seeing her on stage, Candice Night feels like she's from another time and place. She is whimsical and mystical, magical and free. Yet she's also a woman who is dedicated to the authentic beauty of music and uses it to heal and to transport the listener to that place, along with her. Night is an award-winning composer and singer who is currently spanning the globe to bring everyone who is bold and brazen enough to join her, into a universe of mysticism and modern-day fantasy; a world where legends transcend living and where people allow themselves to be catapulted to a place that doesn't just exist in their dreams. Candace's style, part Stevie Nicks, part fairy princess, has always been about being strong and mythological, while still holding onto her femininity. Blackmore's Night's latest offering, Secret Voyage spent four weeks atop Billboard's New Age Chart and has soundly established Night as a powerful artist and vocalist in her own right. Please visit for additional information: http://www.candicenight.com/ or http://www.blackmoresnight.com/

I really want to pour so much positivity into the world. Our music gives them all-the father who loves the musicality of it, the mother who loves the romance of it and the children, who love the adventure and whimsy of it, permission to live in the joy of life.
-Candice Night


When it came time to look for a career, Candice knew that she was destined to work in and around music. After working as on on-air personality for a local radio station, one day, as fate and timing would have it, the seminal rock band Deep Purple came to town for a charity event and legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and Night connected on both a musical and personal level. Soon, Candice went from sharing her gift among friends to singing background vocals before a crowd of 15,000. Feeling musically renewed, Ritchie left Deep Purple and gave birth to Rainbow, a band that he had founded prior and wanted to reform with a new sound that would feature Candice. After a #1 single with Rainbow, Ritchie formed a new group to spotlight the vocal and songwriting talents of Candice Night, currently known as Blackmore’s Night.

The Corey Booth Project

Corey Booth is an up and coming singer songwriter from the Chicago area, who has just finished recording his first E.P. @ Killingsworth Recording Company in Hollywood, CA.
The music is instantly well-received and will stick in your head for days! This is Upbeat, fun music that leaves the listener feeling relaxed and happy. Many influences, including modern rock, reggae, ska, tropical, and even some bluezy feel in some of the songs.

OCJB (Other Corner Jug Band)
Violinist/Composer Kurt Coble grew up in rural Northwest Pennsylvania, in a tiny town called Weedville. Born with big ideas and a solid work ethic, he managed to create a new vocabulary of musical expression that is getting international attention. Professor Coble is the Artistic Director of the University of Bridgeport Robotic Laboratory, home of his unique invention, the P.A.M. Band, a collection of robotic musicians that feature several innovative uses of new technology to compose and perform cutting-edge music, dedicated to the spirit of interdisciplinary art.

Mr. Coble has established himself with Broadway credits like solo violinist for "Sunset Blvd.", solo violist for "Lion King", Titanic, Beauty and the Beast, and Once Upon a Mattress. Concerts in Carnegie Hall with Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra, Philip Glass, Ray Davies, Long Island Original Music Ensemble, St. Cecelia Orchestra, Johnny Mathis, Musica Sacre, commercial recordings with Barbara Streisand, Buster Rhymes, Stevie Wonder, Enya, and Cantori di New York. He has shared the stage with David Brubeck, Bjork, Luciano Pavarotti, Itzak Pearlman, Grand Funk Railroad, Donna Summers, Moody Blues, Josh Grobin, Michael Crawford, Incognito, Frank Sinatra Jr., Steve Lawarence & Eydie Gorme, Alejandro Sanz, film recordings with Touchstone Pictures, HBO Films, ESPN Special Presentations, Lion Gate Films, PBS (soloist "They Made America" and "History of New York" Series), ABC, Disney, Naxos, and appeared in television and radio programs all over the world. In 2005 he was the soloist for the National Anthem at Joe Robbie Stadium on ABC Monday Night Football. Currently, he is heard frequently on Broadway as the solo violinist for "Phantom of the Opera".
Previous ensemble experience includes Concertmaster of Palm Beach Opera, Broadway Pops International, Hal Wilners "Stay Awake", "Bonnie and Clyde" for the New York New Musical Festival, two National Tours of "Phantom of the Opera", New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra, Harrisburgh Symphony, Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Heidelberg Schloss-spiele, and has performed in violin sections with the Chautauqua Symphony, Bach Aria Festival, Florida Symphony, Charleston Symphony, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Stamford Symphony, Modnadnock Festival, Discovery Orchestra of New Jersey, Carmel Bach Festival. He has toured with the Ethel String Quartet to the Saalfalden Jazz festival in Austria, the Minskoff String Quartet in Japan, the Soviet Emigre Chamber Orchestra, and currently performs with the Philadelphia Virtuosi, Miami Symphonic Ensemble, and presents recitals with Boston Symphony pianist, Vytas Baksys. Mr. Coble was awarded a 2010 Artist Development Grant from the Westchester Arts Council in White Plains, NY. Currently, Mr. Coble is Co-Producer of the award winning "Don Solomon Robot Show" which aired on Yonkers Public Access every Thursday night at 9 pm.
"[The late composer Earle] Brown's spirit lives on in the wonderful, room-size "robot jukebox" - a kind of musical Rube Goldberg contraption that plays a pre-programmed concert on wacky mechanized instruments by the artist, musician and composer Kurt Coble" Helen A. Harrison (New York Times)

Michael Jameson

The Michael Jameson Band:
Summer Love

Bursting on the scene from seemingly out of nowhere, Michael Jameson has distilled and fine tuned a level of funk/fusion that is utterly infectious and will no doubt get your groove-thing pulsing to the powerful rhythmic tidal wave that envelops his sound. A masterful studio artist, who has been churning up through the NYC back alleys with his tightly woven new band, is getting a soulful response from mixed audiences everywhere who just love to let it rip and dance the night away. Summer Love evokes the feel of a sunny afternoon in Greenwich Village, in the park, people of all shades of the rainbow mingling and glistening in the sweet summer sweat. Love and friendship in the air and a good vibe is felt by all.

Kito Peters

Kito Peters makes pop/folk/jazz/rock/roots music that feels good while exploring big questions. In a sense his work can be described as Sixties songs for a new millenium. All of Kito's albums find hope and heartache in the uproar outside Eden.
Kito has released eight CDs, with the latest one (“High Road”) out in February, 2010. He has won three New Mexico Music Awards, including one in 2008 for Best Pop CD (“Stories”) Three of his CDs were NMMA finalists for Best CD of the Year. New CD from three time New Mexico Music Awards winner. Big vistas and broad dramas in the vein of Joni Mitchell’s Hejira and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Finalists in 8 categories, including Best Song and Best CD of the Year, at the 2010 New Mexico Music Awards. Awards will be announced in May.
EDITOR's NOTE:After to listening to the cd HIGH ROAD; I quite enjoyed the depth of the lyrics like in Don't Get Me Wrong..."I smelled the sage but my mind still churned - rooting for a peace I hadn't earned. I watched the clouds in their endless flow - I remember nothing there's one thing I know (chorus) Life is gonna kill you so you might as well give it all".
Kito; Don't worry, I remember feeling the same way out in the desert on some purple microdot watching those clouds. Anyway there is great instrumental collaboration courtesy of Kevin Zoernig and David Cragin and I must say it's a great album to run in the background in a busy office. Just don't listen too close.

Leslie Hunt

Leslie Hunt began her life in the Chicago area, playing piano and singing at the age of four. Through the years, she has performed on many stages in many roles, and has been celebrated all throughout her development as a performer. While many will remember her from her all-too-brief stint on American Idol, where she made it to the top ten females, the singer/songwriter has since matured at an accelerated rate due to various personal and professional setbacks. Leslie performs regularly as a solo artist, enchanting rooms large and small with nothing but a piano and her voice. She also has a full backing band for shows that are less intimate, yet still wholly riveting. Leslie's new record Your Hair Is On Fire (Ellenel Records) is a product of passion and tragedy, helped along by the talents of drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell) and bassist Vail Johnson (Stevie Nicks, Herbie Hancock). In Leslie’s own words, “Many of the songs on Your Hair Is On Fire were written as an observation of someone on the path to self-destruction, hence the title, but the overall theme is optimistic, as I have most certainly learned volumes from such darker times.” What sets Leslie apart is that she straddles two extremes: a witty, bouncy pop artist in brightly colored dresses who is pitted against her darker self, a sensual, piano-crouched exhibitionist. Whether it is a cheerful, hook-heavy pop tune about love or a dark & insightful ballad of self-discovery, Leslie’s music is a window into a her soul for any listener willing to look.

What started out in the year 2000 as a cover band performing in diverse clubs and bars in their hometown of Aschaffenburg, Germany has developed into one of the most beloved studio and touring bands in the republic, lending their formidable musical talents to a number of nationally and internationally known recording artists. Mario Garruccio (drums), Andreas Hillesheim (keyboards), Zorno Kalenda (bass) and Jan Stürmer (guitar) have taken their skills, creativity, and experience as a backing band and combined them with excellent songwriting and arrangement ability. The result is their debut release, “Play Our Songs”, an album as diverse as it is powerful.

WATERPROOF’s sound is influenced by a number of bands from diverse musical styles; from the pop songwriting chops of The Beatles, the brilliant soul/pop/funk stylings of Earth, Wind & Fire, to the beautiful ballad-making prowess of Toto, WATERPROOF’s sound is hard to categorize, making it all the more fresh and exciting to experience.

Unlike most bands who rely on the lead singer as the “face” of the band, WATERPROOF takes a more collective approach to the music making process, collaborating live and in the studio with a number of well known artists and performers from the german music scene. It is this diverse pool of musicians that give WATERPROOF their special sound, allowing the band to experiment and combine different musical elements in their original songs, as well as in the songs they choose to cover.

After years of being in the background, Waterproof is ready to take their place front and center on the national - and international - music stage.


Vince is a singer/song writer for all musical generations. After being nominated last year for a Stellar as a co-writer on Gods Image hit crossover single "Get UP", Vince embarks on his solo career with his first independently released single "I Can". This inspirational track is one of hope and self empowerment, something millions of Americans can use more of in these trying times. First introduced to musical arrangement at the age of 6, Vince's musical influences include the Beatles, Police, Phil Collins and Rolling Stones. Life is Vince's lyrical inspiration. Life is a journey and a good song is a way to not only share your story with others, but to make that story timeless and a part of history for future generations. These classical and powerful influences combined with Vince's distinguished vocals and broad sonic range create a new powerful sound. This new sound knows no bounds and will enable Vince to cross into multiple musical genres including R&B, pop, pop-rock, country-rock and christian-rock. Vince appreciates your support and looks forward to entertaining you.
Contact Information:
Franz Tudor
Now City Productions, Inc
c. 914.656.1551
e. ftudor123@yahoo.com
Editors Note:Listening to Vince's one track sounds like a beginning to a dialogue with GOD. I hope to hear more!


Small Cabin, Northern BC, Canada, April 2010

Miss Quincy has spent all winter holed up in her log cabin in Northern Canada where she wrote and recorded her new record “Your Mama Don't Like Me”. This toe tappin' collection of original tunes showcases Miss Quincy singing her brand of Grassroots Gypsy Blues and is due to be released on June 15, 2010.

Miss Quincy does not fit the classic Singer/Songwriter mold. She's upbeat, original, and edgy. Her music takes you to a dimly-lit smoke-filled blues joint and even sometimes cross into vaudeville territory. "Well, if I had to describe this album", says Miss Quincy, "I would have to call it 'back porch brothel blues', or something equally backwoods and whiskey soaked

The recording of “Your Mama Don't Like Me” took place in Miss Quincy's cabin during a cold snap where temperatures dropped below -40 degrees. If you listen closely you may just hear the crackling of a wood stove or the swish of a whiskey bottle behind a group of musicians playing like their lives depend on it all key elements in the making of this album. The album is worth noting not only for the quality of Miss Quincy's original compositions and soaring vocal performances, but also for the talent of some of Canada's finest roots musicians. Craig Korth, banjo player extraordinaire from one of Canada's favourite festival bluegrass bands Widow Maker makes several appearances, as does renowned violinist Josh Giesbrecht from the wonderfully weird Resurrect Christ Foundation, another festival phenomenon. Carrying the low end on upright bass is Mr. Peter Mynett from Victoria BC's Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra.
Miss Quincy has composed songs ranging from the dark and lighting fast black-grass tune titled, "Dead Horse" to the song, "Your Mama Don't Like Me" with a vaudevillian flair. You can hear the drunken piano player Glennn Mitchell (Russell Jackson Band) pounding out the blues and Miss Quincy wailing on the blues harp. There are stories full of heartache, a little love, and a lot of whiskey - all undeniably toe-tapping, hip-shaking, and filled with Miss Quincy's signature vocal prowess and vintage flair.
On June 15th 2010 Your Mama Don't Like Me will be available online from Miss Quincy's website (www.missquincy.net), itunes and cdbaby. Miss Quincy is of a new breed of DIY musician who is fiercely independent, driven, and committed to a grassroots musical approach. Make sure to catch a show and pick up a signed off-stage copy of her new album as Miss Quincy graces festival stages, bar rooms, street corners, and living rooms in Canada and the UK this spring and summer. Miss Quincy "...actually captures a vibe and a mood, a moment in time that could not be capturedAnd I love it.- Craig Norris. CBC Radio 3
For additional information about Miss Quincy, to find out her whereabouts, or for a free download of her first single from "Your Mama Don't Like Me" visit www.missquincy.net or contact Jody Peck at missq[at]missquincy.net.

Aaron English

For the past five years, Seattle-based piano-man Aaron English has been steadily building a buzz in the U.S., thanks to two self-released albums and three national tours with his seven-piece ensemble, The Aaron English Band. But in 2008, English's third national tour ended abruptly in a catastrophic accident on a Midwestern highway. His restaurant-grease-fueled tour bus and most of his musical equipment were destroyed, and English's touring career was temporarily grounded.
In the summer of 2009, however, his fans rallied to his aid and funded the recording of Aaron's third album, american [fever] dream. Produced by Geoff Stanfield (Sun Kil Moon, Black Lab) in a 150-year-old warehouse in Seattle during a record-breaking heat wave, the album is a document of English's phoenix-like journey back from tragedy and a testament to the resiliency of the creative spirit.

In his song “Earth Is Crying”, Doyle recognizes that even the smallest changes in temperature can affect the things we take for granted, such as, sustainable temperatures, fresh air, and sustenance in the form of food for millions that depend on our planet for life.

“’Earth Is Crying’ helps to change the dialogue about our climate from political to one of love for our planet and gratitude for her life giving sustenance, “says T. J. Doyle, adding “She is crying for our love and needs it from us all.”

After assembling a group with a lush musical landscape of experience, and recording with Grammy award winning mixer Tom Weir, Doyle's sound is distinct in its capacity to comfortably weave different instruments and sounds together to create soothing, yet powerful melodies. His voice and emotion is gentle with starkly honest content, with the potential of having fans singing along in their cars to every song.

While Doyle writes the music and lyrics himself, his supporting cast already has a variety of accolades from playing with major musical acts. Guitarist Tim Pierce recorded with classic rock legends Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton, while other guitarist Bruno Coon works with Randy Newman on film scores. David Sutton pulls double duty on the bass and cello, bringing his experience from playing with Lucinda Williams. Rock Deadrick handles the drums and percussion, and his time spent with Ziggy Marley can be heard in many of their upbeat songs. Carina Round, a talented emerging solo artist provides beautiful background vocals.

The new website, designed by Intersection Online in Deerfield Beach, Florida, features information about T. J. Doyle and his music, a page to preview and purchase songs individually as a digital download, or the album as a physical CD.
Editors Note:Listening to T.J.Boyle's Earth is CryingI can't help but hear Neil Young and the sad ballads that many of us love so well.

Kyota Sugai

Location: , , Japan
Biography: "Kyota Sugai" was born by the Japanese beach side on May 21, 1981.
He does the work of the mason in the daytime and makes graves, and his music that nobody knows, is born at night. -scarab music-
"Kyota Sugai" released two songs in iTune in June, 2009.Kyota Sugai - Sunset Disco - Single

"Sunset Disco" is funny, original blues. This music cannot be compared to existing music, but, if I must compare it, it emits a bewitching brightness, like old striptease music.
It sounds like a voice that is possessed by the singing devil. The lyrics make fun of the listener, but the people cannot laugh. Very unique and slow arrangement, a melody that appeals to the soul directly.
But, what wants to be expressed by this Japanese blueser?

"If I Become Rich" is a simple love song, that has a very beautiful melody, soulful vocals, and realistic lovely lyrics.
Should I explain the jazzy folk song? It is a very unique unprecedented guitar arrangement. Maybe this song is a good song.
-scarab music-

Sunset Disco

You come to this joint, I thought
Because you said, you wanna go
You come to this joint, yes, I thought
Because you said, you wanna go
Did you know, he fell into the sea again
So come to the "Sunset Disco"

You love the music, it's called "Moonrise"
Because you said, you love it much
You love the music, it's called "Moonrise"
Because you said, you love it much
Did you know, she rose from the sea again
So come to the "Sunset Disco"

And then, the lady swingin' there
Just like shakin'
The lady swingin' there
She's like shakin'
Babe, feel like you shake on this floor now
at the "Sunset Disco"
If I Become Rich

If I become rich, I'll give you anything
Cars and houses, I'll give you anything
A spangle dress, blue sapphires
I'll give you anything, you know

So, untill I become rich
I just give you my love

If I become rich, I'll take you anywhere
The beach and the city, I'll take you anywhere
Deep blue sea, high sky
I'll take you anywhere, you know

So, untill I become rich
I just give you my love
Music Promotion via MusicSubmit.com


Digging deep and giving it all in everything they do Chicago's Lubriphonic specialize in a unique offering of funky rock n' roll. The septet's tight and The Lubriphonic sound is full of precision orchestrations made up of blazing guitars, unison three piece horn lines, soulful songwriting, bluesy vocals and the habit to cut the funk loose. The best description of the band's sound comes from Relix Magazine: Superb, adventurous, diverse, simply mesmerizing instrumental work. Steeped in soul, rock, pop, and blues Lubriphonic's members play with a tenacity and precision that sets them apart from equally proficient bands. Lubriphonic is the brainchild of guitarist Giles Corey and drummer Rick King which began as a residency at Chicago's legendary Checkerboard Lounge, where they recruited some of the best blues, funk, and rock musicians in the city for improvisational live sessions in which the kinetic energy that make a band were initiated.
The evolution from performing as sidemen for the city';s most legendary blues stars such as Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and Koko Taylor into an original group came from the hunger of each musician to develop an intense and simmering sound. Guitarist Corey explains; Everyone in Lubriphonic comes from the Chicago blues or gospel music pools. I met Rick King while playing in blues bands in Chicago, and when we eventually wanted to start a band together all of the cats we knew played the blues. There were and still are all these cats that had a strong foundation in Chicago roots music who understood the feel and the nuances, but were dying to stretch out. Lubriphonic turned out to be a good vehicle for that. It's this expression of creativity and energy at each performance that is paramount to Lubriphonic. We are a live band first and foremost.  There's a palpable energy emitted by any large gathering of people, Giles continues. When you perform for an audience and give them positive energy, they take what you give them, amplify it and then throw it back to you.  It's a fantastic feeling. Lubriphonic - made up of Giles Corey (vocals, guitar), Richard King (drums), Pennal Johnson (bass), Garrick Patten (saxophone), Norman Palm (trombone) and Andrew Toombs (keyboards) - tour extensively, crisscrossing the country playing festivals, theaters and clubs spending over 220 days a year on the road. Sold out shows, national tours and their evolving sound are proof enough of how relevant Lubriphonic is going to become in the coming years. The group's recent studio debut, Soul Solution manages to contain the trademark explosive live energy an accurate studio portrayal. Since first forming in 2002 Lubriphonic already boasts a nationwide fan base, playing to crowds opening for such acts as Buddy Guy, George Clinton & P-Funk, The Derek Trucks Band, The New Mastersounds, Jon Popper Project, Karl Denson, and Buckwheat Zydeco. Entirely committed to continuing their mission, Lubriphonic is happy to be playing the music they love and winning over new fans each new night at each new city. As a sideman one of the things you learned is how to be professional. I learned how to give to an audience, no matter what. That's what you'll get at a Lubriphonic show.

Al Stewart Live
Dave Nachmanoff

A veritable mix of Al's more eclectic music with a few favorites tossed in. Running Man, Carol, Prince of Versailles and Life In Dark Water are more familiar. However no one except perhaps Peter White could match the guitar work that Dave Nachmanoff provides. This cd was also produced by Dave Nachmanoff.

Angie Mattson to release Skeleton Arm June 8th, 2010
Emerging artist Angie Mattson unveils her adventurous new album "Skeleton Arm"

From a thunderous melodic chant to a gritty rockabilly strut, Angie Mattson's Skeleton Arm is cool and sophisticated with a wild and tender heart. Angie defies genre categorization with this inspired work of art.

Co-produced by Mattson and guitarist Jeff Mendel at Violet Room Studios in Los Angeles, they confidently weave jazz, bluegrass, and tribal elements into a blanket of lyrical and ethereal folk songs. Mattson's delivery is calm and inventive, and her elegant songwriting weaves heartfelt stories with rich cinematic images. "I chose songs that really struck chords at my live shows and a couple others that I just can't stop singing, I had no plan of how many songs to do, these just fit together" Her stormy vocals sway from disarmingly intimate to angelic and soaring as she tastefully displays her powerful range. Lush, swampy guitars, haunting background vocals, and smoking hot drums complete this unique and warmly crafted album. "The songs are mostly about relationships past and present, my heart and body seem to control everything I do, and my mind cleans up the mess" Citing influences like Twin Peaks, Fleetwood Mac's Tusk, Tom Petty, Erykah Badu, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, The Latin Playboys, Kip Tyler and the balmy soul of the south. "These are a handful of the songs I have written in the past few years, and a lot has happened in those years, there is a lot of things I write about that I don't talk about in life, things I am not even aware of sometimes, these songs have a mind of their own, they well up and spill out."

Angie Mattson was raised on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, the oldest daughter of a social worker and a postal worker in the port city of Muskegon, Michigan. Perhaps she was destined for a life in music when her mother named her after her favorite Rolling Stone's song. She's an adventurer and free spirit who has no shortage of inspiration; moving to North Carolina with a lover at 18, traveling and living in an old blue school bus with friends selling her art, then moving to Tokyo to work as a model, and in between earning a degree in Aquatic Biology and Fisheries Management. Not to mention she taught herself to play guitar on a small sailboat in the Caribbean where she lived for a year. It was among these beautiful and sometimes ghostly green Islands where her songwriting began. When plans of crossing the Pacific were fowled by El Nino Angie moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music with the encouragement of friends and family.

After the release of 2007's Given to Sudden Panic and Noisy Retreat, which was recorded by Nathan Larson (Shudder to Think, A Camp) in Malmo, Sweden, Mattson spent several months touring the US and Canada. Her song Drive was on the book soundtrack for The Seven Rays, and she’s had several placements in film and television. Her song Thank You was the free Discovery Download on iTunes with over 140,000 downloads, and the videos for Drive and In Violet received regular airplay on the Logo Network after she hosted their music video show NewNowNext. Already in 2010 she has had Drive in a Mazda spot and Cold Soul will be the song during the closing credits of the upcoming thriller And Soon The Darkness. She plans to head back out on the road in summer/fall 2010. Angie will be releasing Skeleton Arm on her own label Radio Nine Records.

Skeleton Arm Track list 1. Bravery 2. Make This Real 3. Mississippi 4. Cool Water 5. Mary 6. Sunday Paper 7. Friends and Weapons

Upcoming shows: May 8th - Long Beach, CA - Viento Y Agua May 15th - Los Angeles, CA - The Hotel Cafe

www.angiemattson.com info@angiemattson.com

David Crawford


(Flutist, Arranger,Producer & Composer)

David Crawford was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Centennial High School in Compton, California. David received a full scholarship to California Institute of the Arts and received a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Music, with a Flute Major.

He began his professional career as an orchestrator/Arranger for such artist as Friends of Distinction, Blue Magic, Sylvers, Patti LaBelle, Freda Payne, Phyllis Hyman, Confunkshun, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, The Whispers, Shalamar, Rene & Angela, Bobby Womack and many others just to name a few.

As a flutist his professional career includes commercial recordings (Ahmad Jamal, Temptations & Vesta), TV commercials and Live performances with Stevie Wonder and Isaac Hayes . He has performed with the Santa Monica & Burbank Symphony Orchestras as well.

Producer Credits include: Vesta (A&M) Receords, Chuck Cissel (Arista Records)& Woods Empire (CBS/Tabu Records