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The history and present direction of Music Arts Monthly.

Sixteen years ago one of the finest publisher, editor, cartoonist,musician, music recording engineer and an all around great human being started a little magazine in Houston, Texas. For two years he struggled to bring about a publication that endeared itself to the music industry, to local musicians and to the community that it served. Doug Groover worked tirelessly for two years to make a free paper tabloid into a monthly magazine that boasted color glossy covers, a 60,000 distribution and was rapidly becoming "the talk of the town". I was his Photo Editor and one of his greatest admirers. Doug developed Multiple Sclerosis that second year and chose to stop publishing rather then to sell out. He passed on only a few years later and it is my desire as a tribute to Doug and as the one person who feels he knew the direction of the magazine; I am going to attempt to bring it back to it's readers.... Marcus Walton

cover photo by Marcus Walton

This was the cover of one of the last editions of the magazine. I shot this cover and many of the photos on the inside. It was Doug who wrote most of the articles, often under various pseudonyms. Music Arts started out as a magazine for musicians. It featured local and national act reviews,industry news and a classified section that allowed musicians to buy and sell their gear. It's advertisers were recording studios, lighting companies, radio stations and local venues.

Cover for December 1984 (left) and a staged photo for an inside article (right). Both photos by Marcus Walton.

The magazine grew to include record reviews, a calendar section, and many articles that were geared more toword the fan then the industry itself. My idea is to continue along that format but to go back to keeping the professional musician in the forefront of the layout, making sure that it appeals to them as well as their fans. There will be a calendar section showing where bands and musicians are playing now and in the months to come; a link to the musicians website; a classified section for musicians to sell or trade their gear and many other monthly features.
This will be your magazine and input from it's readers will be treated with consideration and respect.