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Joe Cry

Mr Banker is in the genre of Country Blues. It's a straight forward no nonsense story about a person who lost their job and trying desperately to find work so he can feed his family. He ask the Banker who carries the mortgage on his house to give him more time to make the mortgage payment. The music is a basic rhythm track composing of guitar, drums, piano, organ, base guitar, and vocal.

So if anyone here is singing the blues that would have to be "Joe Cry" cause this is the modern day blues if we have ever heard it. Hear this song on his cdbaby page.

The James Carratt Project

Throughout life we find those who touch us. Musically, I found so many fellow musicians in my own community who have influenced me in some way. Whether to inspire me to write or record or even find a new genre to play in, we have all touched upon something special. However, there's more to the story;
I've been married for 23 years, and after being involved in a 4 month affair I found the only way to get through the pain was to pour myself into writing. I had stripped my spouse of everyting. Her self confidence, her love of life, her aspirations, her feeling of being protected all gone through my sefishness.
This record tells the story of falling in love with her, falling out of love, falling in love with someone else, breaking up and working our way to be together again. These amazing musicians n this record loved me and my family enough to pull together and record over three volumes of my work. Three volumes of my pain. Three volumes of me telling the world I was wrong and how much I truly love my wife.
In return, every musician on my record was promised a copy in vinyl. Something our small community has not seen in years, plus over 45 musicians banding together... simply never done.
Whiskey Jar is just one chapter of my pain...

Nice collaboration from this group of 45 musicians from South Beloit, Illinois who have come together to record material written and produced by James A Carratt Jr.
Hear their music on James' website.

Cody Joe Hodges

Indie country recording artist Cody Joe Hodges (CJH Music Group), a former Army Musician and power lineman, rolls out his new single, "Roll That Way,"* to country radio! [August 4, 2017 Impact date/CDX Vol. 652 (08/03/17)/PlayMPE (08/04/17)]. The current release follows his third career single (titled "Hellbent On Loving You") which charted on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart in August 2016.
Written by hit songcrafters Rick Huckaby ("Muddy Water"/ Trace Adkins) and Bernie Nelson ("Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind"/ Confederate Railroad), and produced by Bobby Randall (Sawyer Brown), the track is a playful, mid-tempo expression of adoring admiration and a confession to a hard-working, independent woman who's every man's dream.
Signifying the Texan's heritage, the track opens with whining pedal steel and bending electric guitar licks. With an honest, disarming vocal style, Hodges highlights his ability to kick out smooth vocals with raspy tones adding depth and complexity to his performance. In keeping with the artist's country roots, Hodges speaks to generations new and old with a contemporary tune that's well suited for the dance floor.

Returning to Music Arts with another hit song, welcome back Cody Joe. Hear him on his YouTube channel.

Royal Kona Coffee

Oliver Sean

Leicester UK - Coming on the heels of his MTV EMA Nominated Album 'So Good', Oliver Sean's 'Devil in Blue Jeans' is the much anticipated 4th studio album by the Independent Music Breakthrough Artist. The album hit the iTunes 'Bestselling Pre-Orders' charts shortly after being made available to fans this month and the crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo was funded in full by Oliver Sean fans within a couple of weeks of its announcement. Devil in Blue Jeans releases worldwide on the 31st of August with a simultaneous launch of the music video for 'First Move', which is the second single from the new album.
"Devil in Blue Jeans has been in the works for the past two years and the real buzz with fans started off when we launched 'New York', the first single from the album, on Vh1, the song and music video did so well with my fans that it is still on rotation across various radio stations and TV networks including RTP International and 9XO" said the Vh1 Top 10 star, "we followed the single with several tours across the United Kingdom, America, India and I believe it's because of all this hard work and focus that my fans have taken my album into the iTunes Bestselling Pre-Orders list, which is a real boost for an Independent Artist"
The new album features 9 new songs written and composed by Oliver Sean and critics have said this might be the Singer/Songwriters best work till date. The album also features the Oliver Sean Band performing live on all the songs from the album, which was recorded in England at WOA Studios' Studio One in Leicester and Farheath Studios in Northampton. The album is produced by Oliver Sean, Co Produced by Wanda Alvares and Engineered by Angus Wallace.
The first preview single titled New York from this album was released in October last year and got rave reviews with the music video hitting Vh1 and various networks worldwide. First Move, the second single was then launched in February of this year on radio to coincide with Oliver Sean's headline performance at the WOA Music festival in India and the Artist's Heartland Tour in America. With both singles having had major success prior to the album launch, Devil in Blue jeans is highly anticipated and has already hit the iTunes Bestselling pre-orders charts.

Sean continues to amaze with some of his latest offering on his new album "Devil In Blue Jeans". Hear him on his YouTube Channel.

The Big Lyon at the
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Chicken House Purple

Years ago, a talented singer met another talented singer/guitarist. These young men spent many years working hard and developing their craft. One day they realized that all their years of dedication and devotion had brought to them adoring fans and financial fortunes. Yes, we too are big fans of Simon and Whats- his- face but, that is their story not ours. We are Chicken House Purple.

Original country story-telling at it's best. Hear them on their YouTube channel.

Ear Monsterz

Ear Monsterz is a group of Musicians and DJ's that span many different decades and genres of music. "It's taken over 30 years, but we finally decided to put our brains and talents together and create Music that makes the listener want to get up and dance, as well as get inspired to live life to the fullest." said DJ Ear Monster, aka *(Emil Bebla) "We write all of our lyrics from personal experiences and aspirations... We hope that you like them."
There is only one goal for Ear Monsterz - to continue to evolve dance music and take it to new heights! "We collaborate with various DJ's and musicians to continuously create new beats and spin them in night clubs around the world", said Emil as he was preparing his next Monthly Mix Set for his Podcast.

Interesting colaboration of DJ and singer to compile songs that "make you want to dance". Listen to Ear Monsterz on their YouTube channel.

Kayla Jay

Growing up in a military family can come with its share of challenges. Having to pick up and move every couple of years can’t be easy, especially during your formative years. However, this unique upbringing can also be profoundly rewarding. Experiencing cultures other than your own is a guaranteed ticket to broadening your sense of self, your perspective on the world at large and where you fit within it. Such is the case for singer, songwriter and producer Kayla Jay. The well-traveled, multi-faceted musician currently calls New Jersey home but has lived everywhere from North Carolina and Maryland to places as far-reaching as Spain – each playing a key role in who Kayla Jay, the artist, is today. Her head-turning blend of Pop and R&B is currently capturing the attention of larger and larger audiences with each passing day and for good reason. With incomparable passion and charisma and an all-in dedication to her art, this promising new artist is poised to make a major dent in the music industry.

With a clear voice and inspired lyrics Kayla is destined to find her place in the music hierarchy. Hear her on her YouTube Channel.

Danny Kensy

Danny Kensy is a nationally touring Country artist and songwriter based in Richmond, VA. His music blends a modern day edge with classic and traditional Western sounds. Danny has opened for such acts as Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Gary Allan, The Charlie Daniels Band, and many many more.
Kensy's songwriting has been awarded by The Billboard Song Contest, The International Songwriting Competition, and The Great American Songwriting Contest. He has also been deemed "One To Watch" by Nashville Songwriting group NSAI.

Danny gives his modern take on traditional style country music and does it with a flair. Hear him on his YouTube channel.

Crimson Crux

Formed in the Winter of 2011, Crimson Crux is a Christian/Folk/Rock group from the High Desert of Southern CA, consisting of husband/wife duo Nathan Petty (founder/songwriter/acoustic guitars) & Tanya Petty (vocals) accompanied by Paul Martinez (lead guitars) & Daniel Flores (percussion). In May 2012, Crimson Crux entered into the studio with their longtime friend/engineer Eric Dorse from The Noize Lab to record their debut 17-track indie LP, "Through Divers Temptations". In May 2013, after months of labouring endlessly in the studio, Crimson Crux's debut indie LP "Through Divers Temptations" was pressed, released via CD Baby & distributed to their various online partners currently carrying the LP. Immediately after the album's release, the band embarked on two local tours that same year ("The Revival Tour 2013" & "Feed The Bears Tour 2013" ), followed by another studio session in February 2014 to re-record/re-release the single "Ye Serpent of Olde", followed up once again by extensive local touring via local community outreaches & venues such as the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds & the local "2014 HALO Festival" at Mavericks Stadium. In October of 2014, Crimson Crux entered into the studio once again to record their sophomore EP "Of The Times & Seasons" which was released late March 2015, followed by a music video for their first single "Not of the Night" off the new EP. Today, Crimson Crux is heavily involved with participating/performing in various local outreaches around the High Desert of Southern CA & still continues to be the music ministry of Nate & Tanya Petty with more music & lyrics that are yet to be written..

This husband and wife duo bring folk roots and intertwine them with soulful rock to deliver a sound that is not only unique but inspiring. You can listen to them and watch their videos on their Facebook Page.

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Emily Bendock

Emily Bendock's newly released single "Summer Love" is an EDM song with a hint of Pop to it. Her vocals have greatly matured over the last four years. And now you can hear it as she is making music that is uniquely distinct sounding with this current track.
Emily worked with Grammy nominated mixer Brent Kolatalo from New York City to produce this song.
At the young age of thirteen, Emily released her first song "Under Pressure" and continues her writing passion while developing her vocals.
"Summer Love" is a song about a young man she met on vacation. When told by her Rep from BMI to write from experience; Emily ran with the idea thus coming up with "Summer Love".

Emily released this single which speaks volumes of her talent and ability to project her voice to an audience that is look to hear more. You can hear her on her cdbaby page.


Country singer, storyteller and entertainer Marshall makes dynamic, homespun music based on his everyday life and observations about the human condition. Packed with soul and grit, his tunes are radiant with infectious guitar melodies, rollicking rhythms and nostalgic poetry. Marshall channels his fresh, frank views on love, loss, self-discovery and moving on through his gravelly voice seasoned with a drop of sweetness. A generous and engaging performer, he connects to audiences through his energetic live shows, inviting them into his expressive inner world.
Marshall's solo debut, Sinners and Saints features six heartfelt songs that bloom from a place of deep honesty and real-world experience. Produced by two-time Grammy nominee Travis Wyrick (Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, Shinedown) in Knoxville, the material on the EP flowed out of Marshall when he moved to Nashville after the brutal end of a long-time romance. The album is brimming with heartbreak and hope and shows his growth as a songwriter as well as his ability to glide through many musical styles, including modern and retro country, rock, folk and everything in between.

Here you will hear a long time star with the twang of his guitar. Marshall is a long time accomplished musician and you can hear some of his work on his YouTube channel.

Ronnie Clinton

Ronnie Clinton is a singer/songwriter whose authentic home cooked vocal style embodies a realness in his delivery and message that is in short supply at radio these days. Three chords and the truth defined, right here right now.
The son of a factory laborer, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio May 24th, 1981. At the age of 14, Ronnie began singing, and discovered an instant love of performing. His first 'live' performances were at his home for family, friends and relatives, on a music stage that was built in the living room, turned music room by his father. With mom, dad and guests regularly taking the stage, Ronnie let his singing do the talking and by age 16 everyone was served notice that something special was brewing on their homemade stage.
His early influences were a mix of Country and R&B, that included the likes of Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and George Strait, sprinkled with a dash of Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye. By 18, Ronnie was singing professionally at local events in between his shift-work at a Cleveland food processing plant.
While following his dream and working hard to get better, he’s endured countless gigs and saloons along the way, all for the betterment of the songwriting, including the live and studio performances.

Living the dream is what it's about so keep dreaming, writing and singing and your dream will come true. Hear Ronnie on his YouTube channel.

Federico Carro

Born in La Spezia on June 15, 1991, Federico Carro grew up in Vernazza, surrounded by the luscious nature of those places, spending his time, lost in the view of the sea and of the hills, drawing and painting landscapes, drawing inspiration for his future works. At the primary school, he knew a girl who became his best pal, and with whom he spent laughter and joyful moments. After finishing the primary school, Federico enrolled in the intermediate school T. Signorini in Riomaggiore, and then in the School of Arts Cardarelli in La Spezia, where his artistic penchant became more and more clear, revealing his interest in the world of writing. Soon after, he became writing the draft of his first book "Il segreto del verziere". At the start of his last year in high school, his best friend was injured in an accident; this event made him change course, pushing him to focus on music.
One day, on his way back from his piano lesson, observing the sea surrounding the village of Portovenere in Liguria, a very melodic and catchy refrain came to his mind; he recorded it on his cell phone and then made a song out of it, which he called "Lovely storm". While his interest in pop music and jazz kept growing, with the composition of new music works. Thanks to the help and support of various collaborators, Federico completed the album and called it "Come un lampo", in loving memory of his departed childhood friend. Later, he also recorded a video clip of the single "Come un lampo".

Between writing books and composing songs this Italian keeps busy. Check him out on his website.

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