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Sally Wright

Solo Artist - New Zealand Singer/Songwriter Sally Wright thrives on a variety of genre.
With a natural inclination to Rock and Blues, throw in a little underlying country, a touch of Swing just for good measure and we run the gamut from upbeat fun to heartfelt ballads. If you must have a label Pop/Pop Rock fits.
Following a three song EP "Who Knew", the self titled debut album "Sally Wright" was released in August 2016.

Sally is full-time rock-n-roll energy music. Her voice will slice you up! Hear what we do on her YouTube Channel.

Lawrence Blatt

Lawrence Blatt, the Bay Area Guitarist/Composer, Explores the World in New Album 'Longitudes and Latitudes'
Produced by Grammy Award-winning guitarist and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman, this 15-track set is a soulful, exotic, and stylistically-diverse musical travelogue, with each tune penned in one of Lawrence Blatt's favorite places around the globe (longitudes and latitudes included).
Many instrumental artists use clever and exotic song titles to invite listeners to share their passion for adventure and unique places. Guitarist and composer Lawrence Blatt may be the first in history, however, to create an entire travelogue featuring song titles reflecting where the tunes were written, and – in line with the uniquely geographic theme of his latest album Longitudes and Latitudes – the exact latitude and longitude of each locale.
Accumulated over the course of his world travels over the past decade, the 15-track collection fulfills the independent artist's mission to create a more upbeat, percussive sonic experience, featuring tracks written everywhere from Makawao, Hawaii ("Two Shades of Sunshine") and Florence, Italy ("A Place In Your Heart") to London ("Hyde Park Bench"), Huangshan, China ("Open Fields and Running Water"), Beerse, Belgium ("Morning in Beerse") and his hometown of San Francisco ("Two Steps Down The Line").
In his liner notes, after a colorful explanation of how the early Greek explorers derived the idea of creating a gridded map of the world, Blatt moves past the science to make the emotional mission of his fifth album clear.

Relax and enjoy this musicians instrumentals as Lawrence takes us on a journey in time and place. Listen to a master voyager on his YouTube Channel.


Recognized as a dynamic duo, brothers Coleton and Logen are talented singers, songwriters, and dancers who have become known as 3Dimensional. Offering listeners a unique blend of original pop, soulful R&B and edgy rap, the brothers were discovered by Disney in 2011. Since their discovery, the young artists have received invitations to appear on numerous television shows performing their material.
Although still teenagers, sibling singer/songwriters Coleton and Logen appear as though they have been a staple in modern music for quite some time. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the multi-talented brothers have brought lyrically meaningful, genre-bending R&B and hip hop to a wide audience of listeners both in Tampa, and internationally. Discovered by the Disney channel in 2011 on a showcase called The Event, the young musicians draw from personal experience and interpersonal relationships to create meaningful music that virtually any listener can relate to.
3Dimensional really began to pick up steam when they were discovered by producer Bryan Tyson of Deep Productions in 2015. It was then that the brothers began recording their soon to be released album, Netflicks & Chill, a title based on a popular internet meme. The brothers were a perfect fit with Tyson, who had the experience to set 3Dimensional on promising career path and harness the brothers' love for entertaining.

The brothers have good licks that stick. We all will hear more from them we are sure. For now catch them on their website.

Royal Kona Coffee


Who is Wintrow? We are a boy and a girl who love to make music. But it's not always about us. The music we make is about our dreams, hopes, longings and fears as human beings. It's about all the people we've met and all the people we love and all the stories we want to share. Our sound could be described as a blend of pop, singer-songwriter, electronica and understated ethereal elements. And, of course, poignant lyrics. But our sound is not as important as our message. And hopefully, our message is that we are human, and that's ok.

It's ok with us too as we would travel far to hear music that speaks to each of us in different ways. Listen to Wintrow on their YouTube Channel.


Burrel and Ross Rutherford make up the country musc duo BRutherz. They currently reside in Texas near the San Antonio area, but are originally from Southwestern Kansas.
Their music talents were inspired by their parents who had a love for country music. Even though their dad couldn't carry a tune in a bucket he had an ear for great music and a writing talent that would carry over to the boys. Their mom had the voice of the family and sounded like a cross over between Patsy Cline and Reba McEntire. I guess when your moms third cousin turns out to be June Carter Cash, you might have a blood line that would be considered today as Country Music Royalty.
The sound from their freshman album has a tradional country sound mixed in with a bit of 50's groove to it, bringing classic old Rock n Roll and Country together. Burrel & Ross Rutherford who make up the duo BRutherz have powerful, rich vocals and can be seen on their live shows jumping in and out of lead vocals and harmonies leaving the audience sometimes wondering who just sang the song.

The've got good ole' country music in their bones and a style they can call all their own. Listen to them on their YouTube Channel and do yourself some good.

John Thayer

On July 1, 2016 John released a five song EP Titled "Face to Face" on Eon Records. The songs are crisp, melodic, and pop oriented. "Face to Face" was recorded at "The Commune: which is owned and operated by Rob Daiker who co-produced the record with John. The album was mixed by Grammy award winning producer Greg Collins (U2, No Doubt, Rob Thomas). You can preview the songs by going to the "Listen" section on the left side of the site below. A video to support the first single "Face to Face" will be released in mid-July.
John Thayer is a singer songwriter from Portland, Oregon, performing over the last four years as a solo artist developing and crafting his style. John has tweaked his now signature sound into a captivating magical experience for audiences worldwide.
In October, 2013, John released his debut EP, "Laurel Street" on EON Records to a limited audience and has received rave reviews. This Indie Pop record has its roots at the Oregon Coast where the artist has cultivated his musical sensibilities in the artist community of Cannon Beach where Thayer has a summer home.

We welcome back John to Music Arts and lick always enjoy his latest works. Hear him on his YouTube Channel.

Frank and Steve

Frank and Steve first met during their college days in the 1970s.
"I had been banging Rock and Roll on electric guitar for 5 years," explains Steve, duo spokesperson. "Frank came from Folk Music. It was two different worlds." Then artists like Crosby, Stills, & Nash emerged, and suddenly main stream rock had a niche for soft acoustic guitars. "It became cool." Steve says.
A convert to acoustic rock, Steve accepted Frank's invitation to form a cover band that toured the coffeehouse circuit. But after each rehearsal- when other band mates went home- Frank and Steve hung out to compose songs. "We were both natural writers," Steve explains, "Everyone else in the band wanted to sound like the radio." It became apparent that the pair enjoyed writing more than working in a band. "It was all about the fun factor," Steve says.
After a few introverted years together, Frank and Steve joined forces with another duo to form an "all original song" band. "That didn't go over too well with the bar owners," Steve admits, "But they loved us at the Bitter End." (Manhattan's famous showcase club for new musical talent where Bob Dylan did his internship).
However, the lure of money eventually convinced the band to modify their strategy and start playing covers of hit songs. Looking back, Steve admits: "We sold out." Their dream of playing original songs fell by the wayside. "We went where the money was," Steve explains. "Country rock was booming. We followed the trail blazed by the film 'Urban Cowboy'." They landed some prestigious gigs, opening for both Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash, as well as backing up Roy Rodgers in New York City. But their hearts weren't in it. "Playing music just became another job," Steve says.
"We write the kind of songs a person with 50 or 60 years of life experience would write. Mature songs about survival, love, and hope. Frank and Steve credit every major artist from the 1940s right up to today's emerging contemporary talent as influences on their style. "We are the sum total of every piece of music we have ever loved," Steve says. "We write and record the stuff we love… because that's what's the most fun to do."

Writers of life's lessons we all must learn. This Pop duo speaks to us all. Hear them on their YouTube Channel.

Merlot Embargo

Merlot Embargo will at once bring you both whimsy and angst with 2016's Don't Look Back, their debut release. A collection of indie-rock anthems, swampy stomp grooves and glowing string harmonies, it explores both the serious and the silly, from a child's imagination to being comfortable with one's own eccentricities.
Don't Look Back was born of a years-long songwriting project undertaken in 2012. After an unproductive several years as a working church musician, songwriter Scarlet Biberstein took a step back from life and wrote honestly from where each day's inspiration led. Don't Look Back has clear pop sensibilities, brought to life with both traditional pop/rock instrumentation and provocative colors including kalimba, banjo, and toy piano. You'll find yourself bobbing your head as a rhythm section with a deep pocket supports a sultry and powerful voice singing from the depths of her soul.

From recent beginnings as a band but years of preparation as musicians "Merlot Embargo" hits the right notes and creates a sound that beckons one to want more. Listen to them on their YouTube Channel.

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Kitt Chapman

Trained as an Early Childhood Educator, Kitt thrived on teaching ages 2-5. Whilst raising her own 3 children, she became involved with Toronto Casting as an actor and was placed as an extra in various student films & television. Her thrust was more centered on voice over work, both in Toronto and Los Angeles. Presently, Kitt is pursuing her strengths in voice acting.
Kitt was trained classically through the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus on the piano.
Asked what inspired her to pursue song writing, she commented.."i thrive on creating music and lyrics, to ultimately enhance storytelling. Pre-schoolers have such a vivid imagination and to be able to tap into that space, brings me much happiness. If i can brighten & intrigue their musicality, even briefly...i've succeeded in my quest'!
Parents & teachers agree that once they've heard Kitt's songs, once or twice, the melody and lyrics are indelibly planted. A balance of educational and FUN! Kitt does not perform live, but is prolific in her compositions as a recording artist.
Another port for this prolific songwriter is adult focused. Ranging from instrumental to lyrical compositions which often emit a cause for humanity & nature.

Songs for everyone to enjoy. Kitt fullfills dreams with sounds that delight. Her music takes you on a journey through your soul. For a child or adult or the child in the adult listen to her on her YouTube Channel.

Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson has joined forces with producer Sean Michael Kelly to record her new single at the historic Ocean Way Nashville Studios.
Kansas City, August 5th, 2016 - Lauren Anderson, voted 2015 Female Vocalist of the Year by the Midwest Music Awards, has announced the release of her new single, “What Good Is A Bad Boy?”. Anderson is returning with a new independent project on the heels of her globally-reviewed, debut LP "Truly Me" released in August 2015. This time around Anderson decided to collaborate with producer and co-writer Sean Michael Kelly (formerly of Sixpence None The Richer) and co-writer Tim Matthews on a new project that allowed her to speak from experiences and showcase her voice, both lyrically and vocally. "What Good Is A Bad Boy?" was recorded at the legendary Ocean Way Nashville Studios, which has hosted a long list of incredible artists such as Etta James, Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Cole, The Indigo Girls, and Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear.
Lauren Anderson is a soulful Chicagoan who has made her home in Kansas City. In 2014, Anderson and her bandmates - Adam Stuber (guitar), Dylan Reiter (bass) and Jeff Daniels (drums) – hit the ground running and haven’t slowed down since. Her passionate vocals combined with their unique spin on rock music makes each show an experience you won't want to miss.

Country songs written and sung with a hard energy rock flair. "This is as potent as music gets"-editor,MAMM Hear what we mean on Lauren's YouTube Channel.

Leon Ayers Jr.

Leon Ayers Jr. Keyboardist, Producer and Composer, was born and raised in the heart of Motown, the Motor City – Detroit, Michigan. Being inspired by musical greats such as George Duke, Stevie Wonder, Oscar Peterson, and Alex Bugnon led Leon to develop a deep passion for music at a very young age.
Leon honed his musical skills and talents by attending Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies and enrolling in classes centered on musical composition and jazz theory at Gross Pointe Conservatory and Wayne State University. He then went on to play piano/synthesizer in several bands over many years, which laid a foundation for his many exciting opportunities and successes. He quickly became a well-known and respected keyboardist throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. Soon, artists such as the Floaters, Jones & Mathews (formerly of the Platters), Mark Channing and Alicia Meyers recognized Leon’s “Smooth Urban Jazz” style and began to request that he accompany them on tour.
After touring for several years, Leon sought to heighten his career by channeling his creative energy into producing and composing music for film and television.
Currently, Leon is busy creating music in a variety of entertainment venues. He is now a well established writer, composer and producer in the television and film industry.

Leon is back to bless us with more of his instrumental musings. Hear him on his YouTube Channel.

Brad Wells

The heart of Brad Wells's music is performing LIVE. The ferocious work ethic and dedication has him playing over 200 shows a year. Split between a love of songwriting and connecting with emotions to reeling in the audience with a catchy cover song exploding into a giant sing-a-long.
Well's latest single "Jump With Me" was released in March of 2016. The track was produced by John Johnson in Atlanta, GA whose producing highlights include debut albums for Brantley Gilbert & Corey Smith.
In 2015 "Slow Down" was released as a single and back in the spring of 2010 a nearly twenty year dream came to reality with the release of “Stories of My Life.” The self financed and independently released album highlighted songs written from the ages of 14 to 30 and gained great reviews.
"I can hear this for fans of Sean Mullins all the way to Daughtry. Good luck bud!"- Adrian Moreira , RCA Records
"Listening to your music as we speak, LOVE the style. Great music. You have something going for you totally. "- Maddy Logan, Layer Cake Records
Drawing influence from Matchbox 20 to Joe Bonamassa to Metallica and anything in between, Wells sound has a singer/songwriter vibe with a mainstream flare.
Brad Wells has headlined festivals in multiple states including the world famous Savannah, GA St. Patrick Day Celebration in addition to opening up for national acts such as Corey Smith & Uncle Kracker.
Wells has spread his passion for performing across a fifth of the United States including Houston, Ft. Worth, New Orleans, Mobile, Orlando, Savannah & Hilton Head Island and is always looking for the next opportunity.

Great innovative vocals and creative guitar licks. Hear Brad on his YouTube Channel for your listening pleasure.

Rebecca Lowe

The music of NJ native Rebecca Lowe can be described as beautifully haunting. Authentic, heartfelt and unique, she has a modern sound with a hint of nostalgia. Her piano-driven, indie pop tunes come alive with her poetic musings and sultry, captivating vocals. She released her self-titled debut EP on October 23, 2015.
Rebecca's imagination and creativity were her outlets growing up as an only child with a single parent. Never feeling like she quite fit in, she spent many solitary hours reading, playing piano, singing, writing poems and songs, and recording her creations. She majored in music in college, took voice lessons, and also plays guitar and alto saxophone. She has performed in the New York Metro Area both as a solo artist and with a full band.
Rebecca's passion for singing and creating music has been a constant driving force for her through life's twisty roads. Fully immersed and intertwined with the music she creates, you cannot separate one from the other.
Besides working on her own tunes, she has sung with many amazing musicians, including Kevin Max (DC Talk), Richie Cannata (Billy Joel), and Julio Fernandez (Spyro Gyra). Currently, she also plays keyboards in Eupana, an epic instrumental band. Eupana's debut album So Many Suns released in December 2014 and has received rave reviews across the globe.

When you listen to Rebecca you feel the joy she expresses with every note she sings. Hear this amazing lady on her YouTube Channel.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club, the Grammy-nominated synth/pop 80's band whose single, 'Right On Track' reached No. 7 on Billboard's Hot 100 announced today it will release 'PERCOLATE' - a collection of 5 songs intended for their unreleased 'Second Breakfast' album.
Formed in New York in 1979 by brothers Dan and Ed Gilroy with Gary Burke on bass, the band featured several lineups including Madonna on drums (she was replaced by Stephen Bray, who later co-wrote several Madonna hits including Into the Groove and Express Yourself.) Breakfast Club was nominated in the category of Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards in 1988.
'PERCOLATE' features tracks from the next iteration of the Breakfast Club sound featuring the influence of new band member Randy Jackson, (American Idol) who contributed bass, vocals and songwriting.
Despite releasing just one album over a decade together, Breakfast Club will always have a place in the history books as the band that featured two of Madonna's ex-boyfriends -- drummer Stephen Bray and singer Dan Gilroy -- as well as the Material Girl herself, for a short time in her pre-fame days. The New York-based group formed in the late '70s, around the core of Gilroy and his guitarist brother, Ed. By 1979, the lineup featured bassist Angie Schmit and Madonna on drums, but Madonna left after reportedly angling for the lead vocalist's job. She would next go on to form her own band, Emmy, with her old Michigan friend Bray as the drummer and Gary Burke (who was also playing at the same time with the Gilroys) on bass. Bray joined the Gilroys and Burke in Breakfast Club, and the quartet signed to Ze Records. The band's eponymous first album was released in early 1987, preceded by the Top 40 hit "Right on Track." Dan Gilroy and Bray wrote most of the nine songs and Bray also added his production expertise to several of the catchy pop and R&B numbers. ~ Dan LeRoy

This is a band who introduced "Madonna" to the world. The group deserves recognition on it's own for catchy tunes that should garner airplay on any top 49 rotation. Hear "Breakfast Club" on their Facebook Page.

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Mikalyn Hay

Usually when people first hear me sing or perform, they say, how old is she? It doesn't help that I am very tall as well. Despite my age (14), I have been a singer and songwriter and performer for as long as I can remember. From my first live performance of Irish Lullaby in front of my school in Senior Kindergarten to any recent week where I spend my days studying music, singing in a gig, taking lessons, or songwriting. Music is my focus and life. I am also learning as much as I can about the business of music - but to be honest my focus is on constantly pushing for improvement in my music. More often than not, I am not satisfied with what I have done and I know it can be better - that is what motivates me. My favorite musicians right now are edgy female alternative pop girls - although I also appreciate class Canadian singers like Leonard Cohen, and Neil Young. I am still experimenting with my own style but people that know a ton about music say I sound like Dido or Norah Jones (which I take as a nice compliment). I want to be a performing artist and in order to do that I know that I have to write songs that mean something to people. That is a tall order I know - but that is my goal, and thus far the journey has been amazing. So many of my musical friends band together and pitch in. The music community is incredible.
"Mikalyn is a unique artist, old soul and world weary and yet so young and fresh. She comes at every song with a deep sense of herself as an artist with an alternative view of what is cool and classic in the same breath. Her haunting voice and melodies and harmonies are instinctive and Mikalyn operates at a speed and capacity at a level much beyond her young age. Mikalyn combines this natural ability with relentless learning and is constantly seeking to collaborate and study from the best. Already a seasoned performer, she spends weekend jamming at open mics accompanying herself on the keys doing originals and covers ranging from Radiohead to Cohen. Carnival, her break out single has been well received and inspires her to continue writing and performing, recording original music in order to connect artistically and bond with listeners. Mikalyn has the drive, perseverance, and work ethic that is needed to succeed."

This artist sings the music that captures the imagination. We at Music Arts could listen to this lady sing all day long; she is just that good. Hear what we mean on her YouTube Channel.

Joe Olnick

Joe Olnick's fifth official release is called Defiant Grooves and is out October 14, 2016 everywhere online, with physical CD's available at CD Baby.
Joe's albums are instrumental and improvisational in nature, and the new Defiant Grooves album gets down to the jammin' grooves that made the Up All Night album such a success. Joe's adventurous spirit shows in his wide-ranging releases, from groove to ambient to jazz to rock. He doesn't get tied to genres, but prefers to just make sure that it's always really good music.
Listen.com said of the Up All Night album: "A variety of guitar-driven jams featuring Hendrix-ian chordal acoustic guitar, bare-bones wah-Funk and mellow jazz explorations. Olnick's an electronics experimenter as well, exploring Ambient and effected sounds."
He is influenced by legends such as Miles Davis, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and the instrumental trio Medeski, Martin & Wood. A special influence of late has been the guitarist Nels Cline, best known for his work with the band Wilco.
Joe is based out of the Harrisburg, PA area of the United States. He has received radio airplay in the US mostly via college radio, but has also had airplay worldwide.

Instrumental rock that makes his guitar smoke! Hear Joe on his YouTube Channel.

Fostina Dixon

Here We Go Again is a Contemporary Gospel CD. Fostina Dixon is a composer, vocalist and jazz soloist who plays soprano, alto and baritone saxes; flute; and clarinet. Fostina Dixon aka " Saxophone Queen" was nominated as one of the top female jazz artists Worldwide. Fostina is no stranger in the Jazz and R&B scene. She played extensively with Marvin Gaye, Abbey Lincoln, Melba Liston, Frank Foster, Roy Ayers, Tom Browne and James Blood Ulmer to name a few of the greats. Fostina has won many awards including most recently: The Delaware Division of the Arts Award for Established Professional Jazz Composition; The Christi Awards; Outstanding Arts Educator. Fostina Dixon & Winds Of Change is a group that has been together for over twenty years and has traveled Worldwide. QUOTES: American Women in Jazz said, "she is a player of impeccable control and skills with... highly independent ideas...as a composer she is described by Dr. Antoinette Handy, in her book Black Women in American Bands as "a true original." The Here We Go Again CD started with a new profound relationship with her Lord. It is an array of music and life experiences. Gospel and Jazz music lovers young and old will find something they can identify.

We are blessed again to hear more of this ladies' wonderful saxaphone. Hear her for yourself on her YouTube Channel.

John Hickman

There are so many struggling musicians out there working hard to make great music and get it heard. Some work harder than others. John Hickman is one such person, a singer/songwriter recently from Washington State who just relocated to Hawaii that breaks the mold by effectively "rocking out" by himself. Forget your preconceptions of a boring guy sitting alone on stage with a guitar on his lap. John shows that alternative rock can be achieved all by yourself. No excuses! Perseverance has been a good teacher, and John has plenty of that. But he admittedly had some help from a few other musicians in putting together his latest album "Remnants", that is to be released very shortly.
John Hickman got started a little late in life but has been hard at work since 2008 creating quite a diverse portfolio of music, from acoustic folk to mellow adult-alternative to full on crowd moving rock and roll. One of his early standout songs was the moody "What Would You Do?", a song that really shows all of John's multi-talents. From haunting vocals to a driving drum beat to very interesting guitar solos, that was a complete song.
His soon to be released most recent album, "Remnants" is a unique indie album with catchy tunes, a great mix of styles, insightful lyrics, and a retro sound that truly takes you out of this world. "Hello, Hello" is a nice upbeat rock song reminiscent of the McCartney-dominated songs of the Beatles. "Escape" is a piano driven rock song at its soul with a dark feel, reminiscent of an alternative rock take on a Coldplay song. Smooth guitars and a strong note holding voice help carry the song. "Paris Is Burning" brings to life the romance of the City of Light and refers to the passion for the city that burns within for so many, while "Soiled Dove" is a romantic ballad about one of the "ladies of the night" of an Old West frontier town, and the song title is one the terms used at that time to refer to such working girls.
"What They Told Me" has easily relatable lyrics about what we have been told all our lives to accept as truth without question, and how those things may not always ring true, despite what we have always been told. "Cascade" is a tune that wonderfully delivers a spiritual message with passion in a synth-driven song with an up-tempo beat, unlike the typical mellow, light feel of most songs with that type of theme. "Talk" delivers a powerful positive message about simply helping lift each other through open communication.

Sounds like some serious AOR to us. We enjoy this style of rock and hope John continues with the great licks. Hear him on his SoundCloud Page.

Arda & the Stolen Moon

A few years ago, I've embarked on a journey, leaving behind the carefree days of playing in London clubs in search of something more fulfilling - not really knowing exactly what. Throughout this journey I've met a lot of people, some interesting, some strange, some creative, some indifferent. I've also met a lot of wonderful musicians (some have become "partners in crime" in the Stolen Moon). I've experienced a lot of highs and lows and learning curves and kept the ones that matched my own creative temperament. I have reached the end of this journey feeling more confident, more creative and with a clear vision of where my future lies: to make fairly intelligent music for fairly intelligent people...

We feel that your music is creative, intelligent and definitely worthy of a careful listen. We encourage you to continue with your journey and bring the world more of your creative en devours. Hear Arda and her fellow musicians on her YouTube Channel.


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