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Will Duvall

After graduating from Wheaton Conservatory in Chicago, IL, Folk/Rock Singer/Songwriter, Will Duvall, decided to make New York City home. After establishing himself in New York's original music scene playing some of the most well known venues such as Rockwood Music Hall and the Bitter End, he moved to Washington D.C. in the winter of 2012. He now lives in the historic Capitol Hill district of D.C. with his wife in their tiny apartment.

An excellent balladeer. Check him out on his website.

Deborah Crooks

Deborah Crooks' recorded three full-length CDs of her original music, spoken about music and creativity at SXSW and Macworld, and had her songs included on the RockerGirl Discoveries CD and placed on the PBS series RoadTrip Nation. When she's not performing and recording throughout the Western US, you can find her practicing Ashtanga yoga, looking for birds along the coast and mulling her next trip to India.
The Watsonville, California-born, Bay Area-raised performer earned a degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz, then moved to Colorado where she covered sports, studied writing in the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and "got turned on" to the power and possibility of songwriting via seeing many great female songwriters including Shawn Colvin and Patty Griffin. Despite a vast array of influences from genres across the board, she has long gravitated towards literate, roots-based songwriters who can rock ala Lucinda Williams, Alejandro Escovedo and Buddy & Julie Miller.
The simmering, blues-influenced title track "Little Bird" offers a powerful metaphor for the freeing of one's unconscious, which Crooks describes as "a bird in a cage in the darkest corner of the house." She brings a lilting, country music vibe to "Little League," which recounts a time when she was allowed to play on an otherwise all-boys team, but was not supported or encouraged to play her best; she draws on the experience to address the still-relevant issue of glass ceilings for women.
In 2012 she was named to Music Connection magazine's HOT 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands. More recently, she was a finalist in the EcoArts Awards for her song "Like An Earthquake" and nominated for a Golden Gear Award.

A poet, a songstress, a "lyrical genius". Check Deborah out on her website!


Defender of being original and passionate about Art itself, Pop singer D'Meetri aims to rearrange the stars throughout his career in entertainment. Urging all of his supporters to love who they are and scream it high and loud, one of D'Meetri's goal is to reach the masses with heartfelt music & a heart warming smile.
D'Meetri never had the guts to join the choir and he was too used to rejection to want to be a member of anything. Yet from the first time he sang in front of the congregation, something deep inside was snatched awake. He began singing to himself when he walked, when he rode his bike, and on the bus. Singing was a way to get away if not go somewhere.
In school, when he was introduced to poetry, he took the words and turned them into rap lyrics.
By the time he enrolled in Agriculture Food, & Science Academy like so many other young men, he had no idea how to make music make him a better person.
By the 11th grade, D'Meetri had no plan. He had no job. He had no education. He had a daughter. School principal, Becky Myers, caught him singing in the school halls, as he did daily, but this time instead of a warning, she said, "I got just the school for you." The first day he got to High School for Recording Arts D'Meetri fell in love with its Hip Hop persona, he felt as if he belonged.
D'Meetri took vocal lessons with James Grear. He was mentored by & is writing songs with Troy Taylor. He's currently working on many Art based projects including "Art.Love.Sex" & "Symphonic." He's done appreciable amount of collaboration work with local as well as national hip hop artists (Auburn, Mike Dreams, Fly Henderson, Etc). He's also signed to talent agency "Ideal Talent Agency" In Los Angeles, California. The pace is maddening, the costs are pitched, but with an idealistic mind and aggressive work ethic, D'Mitri has what it takes to lead new perspectives in the industry, his artist attack will come from head on.

D'Meetri has an amazing talent and it won't be ignored. Check him out on his Facebook Page.

Michael Stovall

Michael Stovall is a 29 year old singer/songwriter that often draws comparisons to the likes of Ryan Adams, Joshua James, and John Mayer. Michael currently resides in Athens, Ga, where he wrote and recorded the album, "Georgia". Raised in the Shoals area of Alabama, Michael began playing and writing songs at the age of 18. After having toured the Southeast with a 3-piece band for 3 years, Michael has begun his first venture as a solo artist. "Georgia" serves as Stovall's first full-length release.
Along with writing and performing his songs; Stovall also mixed and produced all of the songs on "Georgia".

Music Arts was very impressed with Michaels sound finding it unique with lyrics that evoked deep emotion. Listen to him on his website.

Amy Jay

New York based singer-songwriter Amy Silverman writes folk-infused pop songs under the name Amy Jay. Her music encapsulates the energy of pop, the drive of rock, and the depth of folk through acoustic instrumentation, driving drums, and a dazzling, angelic voice. She released her debut single "There Was a Bird" in June 2014. Amy's interest in music began at a very early age, learning the violin and piano in grade school. She attended Dr. Phillips High School, a music magnet high school in Orlando, FL where she developed an interest in choir and playing the guitar. During her high school years, she honed her song-writing skills, often writing and recording in the school's recording studio. Her passion for music brought her to NYU's Music Business program where she learned the business side of the music industry. There in the harsh backdrop of New York she realized that performing and writing music was still her life's dream, and after re-discovering the dozens of songs she wrote over the years Amy Jay was born.
After the release of "There Was a Bird" Amy Jay will be performing in and around New York while writing her follow up EP.

Sweet! Amy Jay is just that, in her lyrics and music she is someone who brings a smile to your soul when you listen to her songs. Listen now on her website.

Brian Grilli

For rising star Brian Grilli, recording and producing an album of songs to showcase his songwriting and musicianship is a dream come true. Brian's song "Letters from An Outlaw" is to be featured on Season 7 of "Sons of Anarchy" and is on Brian's solo debut album, "Damn Good Day." Brian, who was formerly in the Regional Act, "The Trailerhood," is venturing out into virgin territory as a solo act.
Brian describes his own music as fun and youthful while at the same time signifying deep meaning. "Music is about stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still be fun. I never write a song that I think I or other folks can't relate to in some way, shape, or form. My music will always reflect who I am"
A former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and an Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom Veteran, Brian hopes that his music will provide a new means for him to give back to his community. "I would like to give back to Wounded Warriors and Veterans for protecting this country and our freedoms."
Following his upcoming hometown performances to perform songs from his new album, Brian will be promoting "Damn Good Day" nationwide with his band The Southern Prophets. Brian also knows that, with the support of family and friends on his side, anything is possible for him to achieve his goals. "Everyone has dreams..." he states. "I am just going for mine now and giving it my best shot!"

If you haven't had a chance to hear Brian live then go listen to him on his website.

Chuck Paul

Singer/songwriter/performer for over 30 years...released two albums.."COUNT IT ALL JOY",a christian folk/rock CD in 1997 and "SEX,DIAMONDS,AND CHOCLATES",a folk/pop rock CD in 2005....have been performing as a soloist on guitar and piano for the past 22 years and have recently begun working on an as yet untitled double album.
He's dabbled in musical theatre from 1980-82,writing the book and composing the music and lyrics to three 2-hour productions..."DEAREST TEACHER", a drama based on the life of ANNE Sullivan Macy, Helen Kellers' teacher.."APT.3", a romantic comedy and "GOOD NEWS", a drama based on the Gospels effect on a young man and his teenage friends.
"I don't believe in "image" as the criteria for a successful musician. Most of todays musical "artists" AND their music is nothing but uninspired assembly-line trash packaged by manipulative record execs and sleezy PR people. Most of these execs and their "proteges" wouldn't know music if they fell over it! I don't give a rats ass if someone was on stage in a tattered housecoat, 3 chins, a pot belly, one tooth and smelled like a landfill!, if the sound they were making was sweet, soft, loud, clever, sincere, heartfelt and MELODIC they would get my applause and support. Music is an emotional art-form not a modeling agency. The general public listens to music with their eyes not their ears. The music is only as good as you LOOK! It's comparable to throwing away a diamond and keeping the box it came in. Image, age and any other "outside" thing, has nothing at all to do with TALENT! Music is indeed entertaining, but if all you want to do is be a clown, join Ringling Bros.
Music should be treated for what it is, a gift from GOD and a privelage and a blessing to be able to perform it, and it should be performed and listened to in the only place it matters, in your heart.

Wow Chuck certaintly expresses his opinions but he also plays and signs some really good songs. Check him out on ReverbNation.

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Cassie Kennedy

Cassie Kennedy is a 16 year old singer song writer from Dublin, Ireland. She has just released her debut album 'Inside the Snow Globe', produced by David Hayes, musical director of 'The Voice' in Ireland. She launched her album at the top music venue 'The Grand Social' in Dublin, to a packed audience and is the youngest ever performer to hold a Friday night gig at the 'Grand Social'. Her album has been played on radio all over Europe and the United States and she is building a large fan base who love the combination of an amazing voice and clever lyrics. Her fans range from 8 to 80 and while her music fits into the pop genre she also has a 'country pop' influence in several songs.
She has written all the material for her second album and will be heading into the recording studio soon with a release date in early 2015.
The debut album 'Inside the Snow Globe' by Cassie Kennedy is receiving rave reviews in Dublin, Ireland where it was launched in May. Written by a sixteen year old school girl and produced by David Hayes, musical director of 'The Voice' in Ireland, it is a concept album which takes the listener on a musical journey. The album cover shows a wistful Cassie inside her 'snow globe' set in a magical forest. The back cover reveals a broken globe and a very different Cassie heading into a city nighscape with a guitar by her side and her songs illustrated in neon.

Dynamic with inspired lyrics, Cassie may be "living the dream" coming real soon. Take notice Big Labels check her out on her website.

Michael G. Hawkins

Michael G. Hawkins, a Virginia native, performs a combination of soul-stirring gospel and jazz music on the flute. He has had a wide range of experiences during his musical career which include various engagements such as weddings, fashion shows, private parties, and community/church-related events. For example, during the year 2009, he was the featured soloist for a weekly jazz concert summer series in historic downtown Richmond, VA. Also, he participated in the opening ceremony for the Pre-K Program in the Richmond Public Schools. The theme of this event was, "Spreading the Feeling and Meaning of Peace and Happiness" which was presented to the faculty and parents. The positive feedback was humbling; and, he intends to utilize his God-given talent to bless others.
During 2014, Michael G. Hawkins has participated with RAW Natural Born Artists, an international organization that features and promotes talent. He has performed at up and coming venues like the Hippodrome in Richmond, VA, local restaurants, and charity benefits.
Finally, three events he speaks of with pride involve performing with a group that was the opening act for gospel recording superstar, Ms. Shirley Caesar, visiting the country of Switzerland where he had the opportunity to perform for an audience filled with individuals from many areas worldwide, and performing on a local television show called "Virginia This Morning."

Elegant beautiful flute inspirations that make you want to listen on and on. Maybe you should listen to Michael on ReverbNation right now?

Taylor Hewitt

No matter how you feel about 17 year old Taylor Hewitt, you still have to marvel about how hard he works and how dedicated he is to his craft. Taylor has learned to play several instruments including the Upright/Electric Bass, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Piano, Drums, as well as the Ukulele. Taylor, in his first Demo EP, co-produced and co-wrote all songs. Taylor in recording wanted his own brand of forward-thinking, synth-heavy Pop/R&B music, ear marked for the teen crossover market.
Taylor recently performed at Playlist-Live in Orlando, Florida, before hundreds of teens and college age kids. The kids went crazy! In fact the host asked Taylor to stay over and perform a 2nd show the next day before hundreds of attendees.
Taylor at 17 has recognized the hardships of teenage homelessness, and has been a voice to prevent it. Taylor will continue to be that voice as his career takes off... Taylor and his friends actively update all his social websites and is building a fan base daily!
Taylor is submitting this EPK for your review. Taylor understands these songs are a reflection of his talent on a low budget. However, he also understands the benefits of being with a major record label. Therefore, enjoy Taylor's 1st EP!

Very catchy tune and hopefully many more to come. Look to Tayor's website to see what he is doing now.

Trevor Baldwin

I grew up in Southern California and started playing piano and taking lessons when I was about 7. In the early 90's I moved up to Southern Oregon at the age of 13 and since I couldn't find a new piano teacher and started listening to Pearl Jam and Nirvana, I asked for a guitar for my birthday with Rockstar dreams of my own.
I finished high school and learned guitar on my own and then went to OSU where I then began started playing piano again and composing my own songs. After graduation, I went back to So Cal and went to a recital that my former piano teacher held and played a song that I had written.
I continued to play piano and guitar for the next few years but didn't start writing songs until 2005 after cancer claimed the life of my father. In late 2005, I formed a Craigslist band and played with them for a number of years, writing and practicing. However, with band members coming and going, mostly drummers, it started to get to be quite difficult to keep up the project. Our most recent project lasted the longest although with the first album 80% done, lost the drummer yet again.
Over the last year, without a drummer or a band, I've focused my efforts yet again on songwriting and have explored new opportunities with some new equipment and am moving forward with my own projects. I just hope that my songs may help people through a bad time life or revel in the greatest of times.

Trevor has a sound very uniquely his own. See what I mean by visiting his SoundCloud site.

Sympathetic Drive

Sympathetic Drive got their start playing for special occasions at family gatherings. What started as a dream for me, to play music together with my sons and daughters, has morphed into a reality. The band, influenced by a variety of different music genres, started doing cover songs and now has produced original songs for our 1st CD. The variety of music played by the band includes; Latin pop, rock, and pop music. Although having different genres thrown together is considered uncommon, we decided to go against the grain and be ourselves.
Sympathetic Drive is made up of band members Daniel T. Ramos, Vocals, Keyboard and guitar; David Ramos, drums and vocals; Analisa Ramos, vocals and keyboards; Javier Ramos, guitar and Bass, Megan Ramos, vocals and Keyboard and Danny Blake, guitar and vocals.
A lot of fathers might have musical ambitions for their kids. But not so many end up forming a successful band with them.
For Daniel Ramos, though, that is exactly what has happened. From playing at intimate family gatherings in San Antonio, Texas, Ramos, his two sons, two daughters and a close family friend, soon started developing a sound all of their own – and a fan base to match. And so, Sympathetic Drive was born.
It's a long way from practicing in the garage to releasing a debut CD, but Ramos and his family have now done just that, with the long awaited debut of their first record, also called 'Sympathetic Drive'.
It is a record that perfectly showcases the style and sound of Ramos and his hugely talented kids: David, Analisa, Javier and Megan, as well as guitarist, vocalist (and friend) Danny Blake. These are songs that reflect the frontier world where the family grew up; a world where rock and roll meets the Latin influence from across the border, and where music is a way of life.
The original songs on this collection carry some of the edge of today's most experimental bands, like Queens of the Stone Age, while retaining the pop sophistication of a songsmith such as Enrique Iglesias. And most of all, they reflect the sound of a family that loves playing music together.

Upbeat and dynamic with a collection of spirited tunes! Good going dad! Check em' out on their CD Baby.

melodii rozett

At the tender age of 10 years old, she wrote her first song and has had a passion for singing and writing song lyrics ever since. Born in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and raised in Maryland. At her present age of 20 years old, she now resides in the city of her birth. Ms. Melodii Rozett wants to share her undying passion for R&B/Pop music with the world which led to her release of her first EP "In My Feelings", she is exited and ready to bring back real R&B music,ask her why she adopted the likening for R&B and she says," I want people to feel what they used to feel when they listened to love songs". With Aaliyah as her idol, Ms, Melodii Rozett's determination and drive is far beyond her age, it seems she's heading in the right direction and as the old saying goes, "big things comes in small packages", we can all be exited to see what this tiny beauty has in store for us.

Some very intriguing and compelling music. Listen to Melodii on her website.

Forever Indiana

Two songwriters from a small town Greenfield, Indiana, Jordan Wilson and Dillen Sexton come together to create Forever Indiana. This dynamic duo does it all from music arrangement to lyric writing to bring the world music that they will forever love to sing along to in years to come. Compared to sounds of Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes, these songwriters bring Country music to listeners in a whole new way. Taking notoriously slow tempo style songs and making them into next generation sound and giving the listeners stories they can visualise.
Forever Indiana has written songs and sent off to publishers of Keith Urban, Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts and Thomas Rhett. Forever Indiana has received numerous awards ranging from six-time songwriters to appear on a worldwide music distribution in "Catch a Rising Star". They have won the Akademia Awards in Country music Genre in 2013 for Best Country Song of the Month. Forever Indiana has also been given the "Directors Award" from Paramountsong and also has been finialist in Paramountsong Nashville International Songwriting Competition as well as Show Me The Music Songwriters Contest.

Obviously there is more coming out of Indiana then Raggedy Ann and David Letterman for these two balladeers are something special and well worth a listen. Hear them on ReverbNation.

Layne Smith

Layne Smith is a Christian singer/songwriter who effortlessly bridges the gap between roots music and country, Gospel and Contemporary Christian music. Layne recorded her most recent CD "Stand Strong" in Nashville TN in 2013, with some of the best studio musicians in the city, including Tim Atwood, long time piano player at the Grand Ole Opry, and John Heinrich, pedal steel player for Ronnie Milsap. Her debut CD "Out of Nazareth" was engineered by Grammy award winning producer Don McCollister. She is currently touring churches and events in Georgia and Tennessee and writing music for an upcoming recording session in Nashville scheduled for March 2015.
She derives her inspiration from her love of God and family, and digs deep into her West Tennessee roots for the music and stories she writes and sings. Her musical influences range from Donna Fargo to Elvis Presley and from Patsy Cline to Joan Baez, including Lynn Anderson and many of the great female Country singers of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Comforting and inspiring, Layne brings peace to the soul and joy to the spirit. Listen to her on her website.

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Johnny Menzano

John Menzano picked up the bass as a matter of supply and demand. "My grandfather actually bought me a set of drums when I was 9 and I played those until I was 13. My brother's garage band needed a bass player and my dad had a bass lying around the house, so I picked it up and started playing". At 15 he received his first Fender bass. He would sit in the basement of his South Philadelphia row house and play along with records. He would attend concerts with his friends and dreamed of playing on a big stage.
He doesn't remember his first paid gig, but it was around age 17. By 19, he was playing 6 nights a week in the Atlantic City Casinos. Still not a big stage, but it was a step in the right direction. A friend of John's was going to California to attend Musician's Institute (MI), so John sent away for a brochure. "Since I taught myself what I knew, I thought it would be good for me to get more education and really learn my instrument. The caliber of teachers at MI was so impressive. I moved to Hollywood in 1985 and graduated in 1986".
His first "real" gig was playing with Mary Wells. John kept in touch with many of the faculty at MI and went back to teach several summer sessions.
The 80's and early 90's were filled with television appearances, touring on the road, and hibernating in the studio. John was a regular member of John Stamos' band on ABC's comedy "Full House". He toured with Sheena Easton, Three Dog Night, and Joshua Kadison. All the while he honed his craft. In 1994, he got a call from an old friend telling him that legendary guitarist Peter White was looking for a bass player. "Playing with Peter White really opened so many doors for me. He is not selfish with his band and has encouraged me to play with others. In fact, he has recommended me to other musicians. Through Peter, I met and toured with Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum, James Ingram, Marc Antoine, Dave Koz, Brian Culbertson, and so many more. He is currently Donny Osmond's Musical Director. I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given".

Obviously a star with God given talent. Don't miss his jazz beats on his website.

Damon & Matthews
(Featuring Flip Damon)

Damon & Matthews have been writing music and recording since the seventies. They are former members of the DC band, "Horn, Wood, and Silver", a classic rock, dance and party band who performed in the great Washington, DC area in the early to mid seventies. After the band decided to break up, the drummer, (Flip Damon), and the guitarist (J. Royce Matthews) teamed up to write new material, and opened a studio in Maryland. Later, the studio was relocated in Maryland at a second location. Today, they continue their production work there, and operate their management and marketing firm in Virginia. They are in the studio working on their third album, and a solo album for Damon, and expect them out in 2015.

Very soothing, relaxing music. Kick your feet up and enjoy these lush instrumentals on their website.

Cheynne Murphy

Cheynne Murphy is a folk rocker hailing from the alternative never-lands of Byron Bay, Australia and is on the cusp of releasing what is his most accomplished work to date, a debut album: A Horse Called Freedom, this year, August 2014.
Inspired by his 12 string acoustic guitar and rustic country living, and the arrival of his two young children, Cheynne invested in a new musical connection inspired by the rural vista and the simplicity of the fireside and the warmth of family, friends and harmony.
He recorded his debut solo EP 'Firesongs For the Soul' in 2008 and showcased this in the company of giants at the 20th Anniversary of the Bluesfest in 2009. He followed this up with a second EP, 'Spaces In-between that Rhythms Magazine (2011) described as 'an unpretentiously earnest sprawling folk rock record'.
The ground work had been laid for Cheynne's most accomplished creative work to date, the debut LP : A Horse Called Freedom (Firesong For the Soul series Vol III). Joining forces with ex-301 engineer and producer Paul Pilsneniks (Pete Murray, Angus Stone, Powderfinger, Jeff Martin), and a new band to boot, Cheynne has recorded a rich, emotive folk rock album with alt-country influences. Inspired by images of an old Richard Harris movie he watched with his Dad, 'A Man Called Horse' (which had depicted a cowboy captured and assimilated into an American Indian apache tribe), Cheynne drew on this indigenous imagery and symbology, integrating these themes with what defines the modern day warrior.

Cheynne seems to capture the essence of that "modern day warrior" in his music. I hope we get to hear more of this artist in the future. For now check him out on his website.

Taylor Matos

Taylor Matos, signs a production deal with KMA Enterprises and releases her first single: "Good Looks" at the age of 16. The single, "Good Looks" along with the b-side 24/7 is now available on iTunes and her debut video for "Good Looks" is up now on Youtube.com
Taylor Matos, now 15 years old, has been singing since she was four. "Singing is my passion. I love to perform and I feel this is what I am meant to do with my life" says Taylor.
From the suburban town of Elk Grove, IL, Taylor is no stranger to performing on stage. She has been involved in theater for eight years and has won the "Elk Grove Idol" championships twice and was the runner up on ABC's Windy City Live's "Search for a Star" competition.

Here is a young "Star" who may soon climb all the way up the charts! See ya there Taylor! For now see why we are excited by visiting Taylor's website.

Phil was born in Seattle, Washington to a small, but musically gifted family. From a young age he was inspired to sing because of his mother's singing in the local church choir as well as around the house.
In his adolescent years, he grew up listening almost exclusively to Hip-Hop and R&B. As a kid his favorite artists were Nas and Eminem, leading him to write rap lyrics in his room alone late into the evening hours. He was also inspired musically by many R&B artists such as Donell Jones, Craig David, Brian McKnight and Musiq Soulchild. As he got older he began listening to all music genres from country to hip-hop from neo-soul to the classics as far back as the 50s.
In high school he joined choir and quickly became one of the leading male vocalists in the school. In college, he realized that music was his passion, however he also realized he had a knack for business. After several traumatic life events, Phil put business on hold to focus on his passion for music.
After writing and recording for nearly two years straight, he began refining his tracks to ready them for release. To test the waters, Phil released "Take My Hand," which was the first song he ever wrote and recorded. It was met with generally positive reviews in the Seattle area and he began finishing and mixing his more developed songs. This eventually lead to the release of his first single of the 2014 summer, "Speed of Light" which was independently produced, written and recorded.
Phil held his first live show in Seattle, drawing in nearly 200 people by himself, for the outdoor release of his music video, "Speed of Light." The initial reaction of the audience was highly favorable leading to the video being played multiple times that night, eventually turning into an all night long party in the Fremont district of Seattle.

We can agree that "Speed of Light" is pretty tasty but hope that there is more to come. Check out Phil's initial offering on his Facebook Page.

The Seal Breakers

The Seal Breakers are a nine-member musical collective known for conquering almost every genre of music they've taken on since 2001. Led by their maestro Craig Williams, they've seized and mastered styles from jazz and r&b to gospel and soul. But now The Seal Breakers are "Ready for War."
"Ready for War" is the first single off of their upcoming EP, Life as we Know It. The EP is due out in late 2014 and follows the successful release of Introducing The Seal Breakers in 2011. "Ready for War" is a new creative crusade for the group. It integrates elements of hip-hop, soul and r&b - but does it all without digital track music. This battle begins in Brooklyn; not with brass bullets, but with brass instruments.
"Ready for War" explodes with heavy bass, real piano, trumpets, sax, trombones, and baritones. A perfectly crafted lyrical flow delivers a motivational theme over a power play of percussion. To make the track a reality, Williams called on the mega-talented, multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated producer Travis J. Sayles – also known as Travesty (Justin Beiber, T.I., Kelly Rowland, Meek Mill.)
"In 'Ready for War' we're doing something no one is doing out there now." explains Williams. He continues, "We are taking real instruments and crafting what we call "hip-pop-soul." Jazz, hip hop and r&b elements all collide in this arrangement, but they forge something new. "This is a turn up record, something for everyone ... a song for the people." explains producer Travesty. The Seal Breakers consider themselves more a movement than a group, one member saying, "There's not any 'me' in T.S.B!" The group's goal is always to entertain and educate in a positive light.
"Ready for War" shows The Seal Breakers have broken the "seals" of stylistic stereotypes once again. T.S.B has claimed victory over yet another genre. They prove that a hip-hop song can handle traditional instrumentation and deeper, enlightening and thematic elements. Once you realize traditional brass music is more powerful than any brass bullet, you too will be "Ready for War."

Soul and R&B at it's best! "The Seal Breakers" come alive in their element and bestow upon us their gift of really great music! Listen to them on their website.

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