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Shane Martin

Minnesota based artist Shane Martin is quickly becoming one of the premier artists in the Midwest with a with a distinctive voice and a unique blend of country rock routinely performing over 175 shows per year. The singer songwriter has self released three full length albums and two EP's to date performing with his full ensemble and as a solo "One Man Band". Shane Martin's vibe is perfectly described by his longtime producer, Emmy Award wining engineer/producer Kenny Royster: "Shane is a great singer/songwriter on the teetering edge of country, pop and rock where it's just dangerous enough to be fun!" Martin was a top 5 finalist in the 2012 Texaco Country Showdown and competed for the National Title, "Best New Act in Country Music" at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN hosted by LeAnn Rimes.

Shane will get your feet a stompin as he pulls you right in to his country songs. Listen to him on his YouTube Channel.

David Wall

When my wife of 58 years, Barbara died I went deep into my music to find a peaceful place. I wrote many lyrics relating to our life and love. While listening to one of my songs it came to me that songs are great landmarks for the many events we experience during our life. Those musical memories are stored in every song, waiting for us to take that walk down memory lane.
I met David Wall, a singer/songwriter from here in Huntsville. His voice was most unusual. Was it unusual enough to be successful? Who knows, but I asked him to write the music for my lyrics, A Memory in Every Note. When I heard how much feeling he put into the song, I decided he would be the one to record my song.
David Wall was born in Winston Salem, NC and after several other stops, his family ended up in Chattanooga, TN. As a youngster, 8 years old, he became interested in music and started singing around the house. His parents were impressed so they found him a music teacher. Those lessons were short lived as the family moved to Huntsville, Alabama. It was there David met the famous Alton Delmore, of the Delmore Brothers. Thrilled by the presence of Alton, David's interest in music peaked. Events in his life lead him on to the year 2016. It was then, David finished his first gospel song, and had the good fortune of singing his song in his hometown church. Again, fires of songwriting started burning brightly. Locating other songwriters, he was encouraged to write for the love of the trade. He did.
It is our hope that you agree that David has earned the title of singer/songwriter. And his first recorded project, showcases his skills and feelings to both write and sing. We hope his song will walk many down memory lane to find those memories hidden in their songs. We used some of Huntsville's finest musicians to build the music track. Back up vocals were added by Hershey Reeves. I am sure you will be pleased with his talents. And the final touches was added by Donny Carpenter, the premier studio violinist in the famed Muscle Shoals area.

It is often found that sorrow brings inspiration poets and writers. So it seems that David's loss is our gain. Keep writing and singing! Hear David on Soundcloud Page.


Charissa (pronounced KA-RISS-A) is a talented, up and coming 20 year old country artist from Burlington Ontario. She is presently storming the trenches of the country music scene with her powerful dynamic voice and her coveted soulful vocal brand - garnering airplay on a myriad of terrestrial country radio stations . Most recently her debut single I Got My Girls (W. Daniels/C. Pavlou - SOCAN) was picked up by CBC Country 171 on SiriusXM Canada where it remains in rotation.
Charissa' distinctive voice has captured the attention of Canadian Country Music fans as well as her loyal local supporters who come out to watch this hard working emerging artist play at a variety of local venues.
Charissa's journey as an artist began when she was 12 years old and catapulted from coffee house chanteuse to centre stage winning the Rising Star Competition at the Canadian National Exhibition. As a 12 year old she won, her age group 6-12 and went on to qualify for the Top 18 trumping 13-21 year olds and also the adult contestants. She won in the finals. "When I heard the judges announce my name, I just cried, I couldn't believe it," said Charissa, a Grade 8 student at Florence Meares School. "It was the best experience of the year for me." Charissa put her $4,000 in winnings as the grand champion to good use and went shopping for a new guitar.
In addition to being an accomplished vocalist Charissa is a prolific songwriter. She is actively recording her first solo project in Toronto with Brian Gagnon (early Shania Twain) - the producer of her debut single. Charissa recently performed one of her new songs "Feel Good" live on the morning show with Craig Fox on Country 107.3 in Tillsonburg, Ontario. It's a really catchy and upbeat Country/Pop tune co-written with Carrie DeMaeyer a prominent published songwriter from Milton, Ontario and it is sure to capture the attention of fans of "I Got My Girls".

Looks like Charissa has put that new guitar to good use and we can't wait to hear more from this rising star. Listen to her on her YouTube channel.

Royal Kona Coffee

Wally Maggs

Meet Wally Maggs, an accomplished country singer / entertainer living in Elora and performing mainly in his home province of Ontario. With over 40 years of experience Wally has a down home country style all his own. Wally started his musical career as the lead singer with The Ramblin' Boys and later sang with Lovin' Country. His longest stint as a singer was with The Ozarks for 20 years. Later he decided to form his own band, Delhousie Junction.
Presently Wally works as a one-man act spreading his brand of good old country music playing at Legions, public concerts, fairs, private functions, festivals, fund-raising events as well as senior and retirement residences.
These days Wally is working on putting together a new EP of original songs. Three-time Juno Award winning audio engineer, Darren Magierowsky, is working with Wally on this 5 song project. The first song is an up-tempo country tune called "That Ramblin' Man". In some ways the song is a reflection of Wally's willingness to travel wherever a crowd gathers and sing his heart out. As the song lyrics say - "he's here; he's there; he's everywhere" and the people are so glad that he is!

This good ol' boy is gettin around but you can catch him on his very own website.

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Maria Schafer

With a velveteen voice, charmingly straightforward delivery, and nuanced rhythmic sensibilities, singer Maria Schafer presents dancing, lyrical gems from the realms of jazz standards, Brazilian music, and pop tunes in beautifully modern arrangements in complement to her flourishing skills as a composer. Having performed for thousands of music lovers across the United States, Canada, Australia, Latvia, and Japan, Schafer's genuine charm and elegance on the stage speak well to all audiences, whether it be in front a spectacular big band in an international concert hall or warmly nestled among her quartet in a Los Angeles jazz club.
Now, after mesmerizing fans worldwide while fronting the swing era big band Glenn Miller Orchestra for the past two years, Schafer returns to her small group roots with her debut solo album, "To Know Love..." out with Marsch Music on January 19, 2018. The self-produced collection of Schafer's arrangements of jazz standards and Brazilian tunes highlights a conversational prowess best heard on the small stage, with a range including a sparse yet expansive bass duet, a haunting and heart-wrenching number with a bass/drums duo, and finally expanding to a hard-swinging quartet number with a delightful twist and a wonderful trumpet solo.

A wonderful vocal artist that has garnered success in every musical competition she competes in. Hear Maria on her website.

Bill March

Bill March is from Cleveland, OH. In a career spanning over three decades. Bill has played solo and with a countless number of bands, including Cleveland-area recording artists such as Jonah Koslen (Michael Stanley Band, Breathless), Wally Bryson (Raspberries), and was also a founding member of Beau Coup. Bill writes and plays music with a strong "pop" sensibility, with an emphasis on vocals.

American Noise although the latest offering from Bill March it isn't his only song to garner some attention. His other works can be found on his YouTube Channel.

Candy Rose

The dubbed 'Queen of Hooks' RnB & pop artist Candy Rose has just released her new single, 'The Best' on 28 August. Candy's music has been featured in games, BBC Click, movies such as Magic Mike XXL, by Emmy-Awarded director Gregory Jacobs, and has visibility overseas from being featured in Voxafrica, as well as a performance at Miami Music Festival.
Candy Rose is paving her own path independently and is featured in over 40 music compilations. Inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson and Andrea Bocelli, Candy Rose also draws influences from contemporary artists such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and Pink. Candy is also an avid supporter of LGBT rights-the new single, 'The Best' features the emotive opera singer and executive producer of Pride in London, Ian Massa-Harris.
The Best EP by Candy Rose is a fusion of Popera (Pop meets Opera), RnB and EDM. It has 4 versions of the song and each will move you in its own way. The main is a ballad pop, infused with opera, then we have the RnB version and 2 Dance remixes.

Candy knows how to draw you in with a musical style all her own. Hear her on her YouTube channel.

Clark Ford

Clark Ford is a songwriter from California, living in Iowa. He has written in several genres, including pop, country, rock, sacred, Celtic, jazz, and blues. His pop-hiphop song "Throwin' it All Away" was was awarded "runner up" in the 2016 Song of the Year songwriting contest." Many of his songs are featured in a series of full-length musicals he has written, set in each of the last 6 decades. Clark's songs have been professionally recorded at a studio in Nashville.
Press Release
"Spiderwebs in My Hair!" is a fun, upbeat, retro rock Halloween single released by Clark Ford for the Halloween Season, 2017. The song is features Halloween lyrics, sound effects, screams, and an iconic tenor sax solo, reminiscent of fun Halloween songs from the early 60s including the Monster Mash, Little Red Riding Hood, and Love Potion Number 9.

Looks like we have entered that time of year where all the seasonal songs make their way to airplay. Sounds alot like "Moster Mash" but with it's own take on spooky. Listen and be frightened on Clark's YouTube channel.

Joshua Rich

Joshua Rich was a child prodigy who, at the age of 8, began playing the piano and composing songs, having never had a lesson in his life. A completely self-taught musician, Joshua is also an arranger, producer, actor and recording artist, having released over 12 original CDs and improvisations on classical and holiday music. Joshua has toured nationally and worked with such music luminaries as Marvin Hamlisch and Randy Newman. His music and performance videos can be heard/seen at www.joshuarich.com He is currently based out of the Washington, D.C. area, building his name and sharing his love for and gift of performing and playing.

Joshua's music is very inspiring but also check out his blog on his website for some very sage advice.

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Davide Martini


An Italian "Mixmaster" with incredible virtuosity. Check him out on his YouTube channel.


I have been involved in music since I was 18 years old. My band played at my own senior prom. I have been on TV and Radio as a host and a DJ, and worked with NBC TV shows and films. My first written song was featured in a major theatrical play in Hawaii. I produced an instrumental theme song for a TV show on NBC. Now I am a full time singer/songwriter and love to write a variety of styles that are featured in my latest album BEST OF DAVID WOLFE.
I have written the lyrics, the music, and provided all the vocals and played many of the instruments. It is a total variety of sound and style.

David's original style exhibits his ability to create songs that reflect his unique style. Hear more of him on his cdbaby page.

D.B. Rielly

D.B. Rielly is a critically acclaimed, award-winning singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who can be heard on over 40 independent recordings and films. D.B. Rielly revels in the powerful music that built this country and takes his listeners on a journey, conjuring up the various textures of the American sonic landscape.
It's American Roots Music – spanning several genres including Roots, Country, Folk, Zydeco, Rockabilly, and Blues. Rielly promises an "instantaneous cure for all afflictions" and adds, "I personally guarantee that if these here concocted remedies fail to eliminate all the trouble & woe that befall man or beast... I'll eat a bug."

We couldn't say it better ourselves. Hear Rielly's music on his YouTube channel.


Check out Chrissy's latest release "You Can't Stop This Girl" And be sure to check out all of Chrissy's music: Highlights include: Chrissy's song Gonna Be is the theme song for the pilot tv show Pop School (Authentic Entertainment-Endemol). Chrissy's song Real Woman has been licensed for Melrose Place, VH1 Single Ladies, and Prison Break.
Chrissy's song Me Without You is licensed for the video game Music Monsters.

If it's true that "You Can't Stop This Girl" then we look forward to some more music from her!. Hear this initial offering on her ReverbNation Page.

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