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Dust Rhinos

If your band consists of fiddles, mandolins, and something called a bodhran, and your audience looks like it could hold its own at a soccer hooligan convention, you’d bloody well better be able to use those instruments to mercifully bludgeon that rumbly bunch with a Celtic sonic assault that will leave them pounding on the bar, picking each other up off the Guinness-soaked floor, and screaming for one more song.
It also wouldn’t hurt if your combined weight is roughly that of the Canadian women’s hockey team in full gear.
Fortunately the Dust Rhinos have both. They’re big men with a monster sound. A sound rooted in an ancient time and a faraway place. Using traditional airs, reels, and jigs the Rhinos conjure up the Ireland of olde with leprechauns, shamrocks, tweed caps, and "sure and begorrah." And then, like a shillelagh wrapped in a potato sack, they knock the bejeebers out of that green and lovely image and unleash a freight train loaded with banshees and the furious ghost of Cuchulainn.
With influences that include the Pogues, the Oysterband, Spirit of the West, the Clash, and Peter Gabriel, it’s no wonder the Rhinos have a powerful, yet multi-faceted and layered sound and playing style. An aggressive, but subtle sonic assault. Ever seen a ceilidh break out in a mosh pit? Or vice versa? Expect it at a Rhinos show. As their loyal and ever-growing fan base can attest, when the Dust Rhinos are on stage, the only thing that won’t take you by surprise is how much fun you’re having.

Mark Bradley Coleman

Mark Bradley Coleman Is a singer song writer born in Cleveland Ohio . He currently resides in Kirkland Washington. He lives his music. he finds his inspiration for his songs though his everyday life. His hope are to get a publishing deal.

Celtic Woman

David Downes is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where he studied music and composition. Performing credits include concerts in Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, Wembley Arena, and on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, appearing with among others, James Galway, Alan Stivell, Boyzone, The Washington Symphony, Moravian Philharmonic, Hollywood Studio Symphony, and National Symphony Orchestras. Recording credits as soloist include Michael W. Smith, Michael Crawford, Clannad, Moya Brennan, and Bill Whelan.
As a composer, his television, film and theatre credits include Thou Shalt Not Kill, The Enemy Within, The Hunt For Red Willie at the Peacock Theatre, and Jeff Daniels’ Escanaba In The Moonlight. He composed the music for The Shaughraun at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, which broke box office records in 2004.
He has been Musical Director of Riverdance for the US touring company, European touring company, and on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre. He was also orchestrator of Riverdance On Broadway. As a producer David has worked extensively with oboist David Agnew and recently produced the Gold debut album of young Irish singer Chloe. He has also worked as orchestrator and arranger for Bonnie Tyler, Charlotte Church, and Secret Garden. To listen to these fabulous celtic women click here… http://youtu.be/mLttuOK5Lk8


PARAJANA is a unique new band comprised of two outstanding female lead vocalist/songwriters and the multi-genre instrumentalist/composer/songwriter with whom they each work individually. The vocalists are Jennifer Evans-Wong and Judy Calem; the instrumentalist is Jim Beggs. Judy and Jim work together as the diverse Europop/Eurodance-oriented band Paradox Playground, while Jennifer and Jim, as Janaleyo, have had a more pop-rock focus to date. Bringing these three talented musicians together in one band offers exciting possibilities for the future!

Rose Angelica

Rose Angelica is a singer/songwriter and recording artist for Lamon Records Nashville. She taught music education in the Ohio Valley for 35 years, and holds a masters degree in Music Education from The Ohio State University. Rose is a member of The OSU Alumni Band, Bugles Across America, and The Lou Holtz Hall of Fame, Rose is a great Americana songwriter, who writes songs about the people and places she knows. She performs at many festivals and charity events through out the USA, Canada and Europe. Her new song Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer is a big line dance , party hit song of the summer. You can view her videos on you tube.

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James Keith Norman

James Keith Norman has lived his life surrounded and absorbed by music. Growing up in Toronto, his stepfather, Jimmy Coxson, was a successful pianist, well-known around the jazz clubs plus a staple at the CBC (One of Canada's national broadcast networks). His mother, Mona, was an influential music booking agent, business music consultant, author of Some Straight Talk About The Music Business, and a columnist at Canadian Musician magazine. As James likes to say, "When we were talking around the dinner table, it was always about music. Even if dinner was at 1 a.m. after a gig."
During his creative career, James has been on both sides of the mic. While writing his music, he built a career in radio, which led him to amass over 40 international advertising awards. And he wrote a critically acclaimed suspense novel, Echoes, which was described by CBC Newsworld as "Robert Ludlum at his best."
Paul Waters

Paul Waters is a musician, actor, Author, record producer, songwriter, singer, and sound engineer, however, he is most recognized for his work in the field of music. Paul Waters began his musical career at the age of 13 in the small snowy town of Iron Mountain Michigan, and by the age of 16 had won the battle of the bands in Michigan with his group Mindfold. Paul Left home at 18 and made a cross country trip in his 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo he called "Irene" on his way to Hollywood, Ca to pursue his musical career as a singer/songwriter/Actor. By the age of 21 Paul had worked and performed with Grammy Award winning musicians and recorded music in Europe, as well as all over the United States. He has worked alongside the Robb Brothers "Credited with over 250 Million Records", Bill Bottrell, Tony DeNiro, Natalie Noone, as well as Sjoerd Koppert, and has continued to shape and mold his cutting edge and original sound. His music can be descibed as a twist of extremely catchy heart fealt ballads and an original alternative rock/pop sound with a shot of the blues and classical, fueled by his unique and powerful vocals.
Recorded and mixed in various locations around the globe including Switzerland, Hawaii and California, "Paul Waters" features such memorable tracks as "Born to Fly," "Inside" and "Rain on the Window." Water is currently based in Hollywood, California. For more information, please visit: http://paulwatersmusic.com/fr_home.cfm

Nicci Canada

Singer and songwriter Nicci Canada presents her debut album "Twenty Twelve", available now on all digital media. Her newest smash, entitled "Attraction", which showcases her sultrier and sensual side; is a follow up to her first single "Love" and you literally cannot get enough! "I love to create and express who I am through music. I'm a walking melody and it’s a Gift that I want to present to the world." Nicci’s messages of love, passion and worship create the musical canvases on which she paints her voice. Through various genres – jazz, soul and gospel – Nicci communicates with listeners in a way that can only be described as magical. With a vintage flare, Nicci that takes you back to the likes of Billie holiday and carries you into the next wave of music. Nicci was born into a family of vocalists in Charleston, West Virginia, and she has been surrounded by music since birth. In 2001 Nicci decided to make music a career after moving to Charlotte, NC. Realizing the possibilities of pursuing her passion professionally, she worked with Paul Whitley to release a three-song demo in 2005. Recently, Nicci has teamed up with business mogul Eric Mitchell, and founded Jevenity Music Entertainment, LLC. Her debut CD, featuring the singles "Love" and "Attraction" will be the first project on the label with a collection of 14 tracks, there's a treat for everyone to enjoy. Through her warm, sultry vocals, the influence of Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle and Nina Simone is clear, yet, Nicci Canada’s amazing sound is all her own.
EDITOR's Note "Nicci has truely wonderful vocals and she even gives credit to the "Master Musician" who inspires some of us to write our best songs. This lady deserves a listen and our support to continue with her talents".- Marcus Walton

Devin Farney
Devin Farney is a singer/songwriter based out of San Francisco. His latest album Ventriloquism is soon to be released, and features 11 original tracks with a unique flare appealing to both the heart and the brain. His music maintains a reverent tip-of-the-hat to the stylings of Beatles-era pop and occasional Radiohead-eqsue complexity, while exploring a fresh musical palate that balances piano, acoustic guitar, and synths under insightful yet infectious melodic webs.
Devin is also professional composer/pianist. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Composition from the University of the Pacific and a Masters Degree in composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. His compositions have received numerous recognitions and awards - and he has had works commissioned and premiered in the United States, France, and Japan. He is also an arranger and editor who has worked for composers like Terry Riley, Glen Roven, and many others.
For more information please visit www.devinfarney.com

Dream Chemistry

Dream Chemistry performs their own blend of non-genre specific music, ‘Organic Fusion.’ Their music is best described as acoustic rock and jazz with Celtic overtones.
Formed in Phoenix, AZ by Jimmy Caterine and Neal Harris, Dream Chemistry performs their own blend of non-genre specific music, ‘Organic Fusion.’ Their music is best described as acoustic rock and jazz with Celtic overtones.
Experience is abundant within the group. Dream Chemistry has collectively written and composed an impressive set of material. Their engaging live performances have appealed to a very wide audience. It’s not unusual to see three generations enjoying Dream Chemistry in a live setting.
New to Dream Chemistry’s line-up is singer Dellynn, whose luminous vocals are a powerful accompaniment to the band’s spiritual and often Celtic vibe. Dellynn joins Jimmy Caterine, the former guitarist of Sacred Rite (Capitol Records), and bassist Neal Harris. With violinist Michael Mulryan and percussionist Tito Valentin rounding out the quintet, Dream Chemistry’s organic fusion of musical genres stands as a soothing anecdote to a hectic world.
Images of White is punctuated with an instrumental precision that is the hallmark of Dream Chemistry’s sound. From the blue-grass flavored "Ride Me a River" to the instrumental "Three Legged Horse," the album’s 11 tracks create a "hypnotic and soothing statement," according to Caterine.
Caterine and Harris founded Dream Chemistry in 2007 with the hopes of raising funds for various charitable causes. Though both musicians spent their formative years on the metal circuit, they approached Dream Chemistry as an opportunity to express a more nuanced sound, one that reflected their growth both musically and spiritually.

Alyssa Anjelica James

Alyssa Anjelica James has been performing in the arts for most of her life. She was in Off-Broadway musicals as a child in New York City. Later, she found her own voice and unique musical style as diverse as the city she calls home. Jalyssa uses a wide variety of exotic instrumentation to create a pop/crossover EP that is filled with songs destined to be the next hymns on the street.

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The Joe Grahm Band

Joe Graham started playing in the early 60's, playing guitar and bass in several rock bands in and around northern Ohio for many years. Not a fan of the cold winters, by a stroke of luck Joe was offered a gig to play in a show band on Paradise Island in the Bahamas in the winter of 79. Joe decided it was time to get out of the cold north and try the music scene someplace totally different.
The island environment changed Joe's approach to life and music forever. There was something about the slow pace, the great music, and the island people that got embedded into Joe's soul and stays there today.
It's like the Islanders always say. "Once you get the sand between your toes mon you can never go home again". Joe never returned to the north country in body or mind, finally settling on the west coast of Florida where he continues to accumulate stories of adventures from a wild cast of friends, and acquaintances. All of the people and happenings that Joe has been involved with over the island years eventually led to the base for the stories found on his first CD, Tropical Conclusions.

Joseph Di Fabbio

Child of the 60's, influenced by the British Invasion groups, and then by the country-rock groups of the 60's and 70's
Having literally grown up with Rock, from the earliest 50's doo wop of the Cadillacs, Franky Lymon, to Dion, then the British Invasion, to Psychadelia, Woodstock, singer/songwriters, country-rock, to the countinued evolution to the current day, I feel genuinely priviledged and very lucky.
My life revolves around music, it's part and parcel of the fabric of my soul.
Music not only describes life, but it is part of the mystery that IS life. The beat and rythym, the highs and lows, the sorrow or joy, are all part of this life experience.
Thank you, Lord, for music, to help us along life's journey.

Brenda L. Howard

I'm a mother of two and homemaker. I enjoy writing movie scripts and books. I've written two books, one is called Cadi's Weekend Adventure. The other is called The Leffingwells. Both of my ebooks can be bought at BN.com or Amazon.com. I've also written a few songs. OSCAR and "Me And Rudy's Poem" LONG AND JET BLACK HAIR. COTTON CANDY. These are my two blues pieces.

Ronda Kaye

Never losing her childhood dream of becoming a performer of Country Music, Rhonda Kaye is now living her dream. She started writing songs at age 17 and winning blue ribbons at the county fair in her hometown of Irvine Ky where she grew up on her grandfather's tobacco farm. As life would have it Rhonda married and had 4 wonderful children and putting her dreams on hold. Rhonda now lives in Benton Ar. and was chosen twice in 4 years as one of the top 10 in the Colgate Country Showdown by KSSN Radio in Little Rock Arkansas. As a chartered member of George Jones University Rhonda has met several icons of the Country Music industry that have faith in her and believe that she has what it takes. She is now pursuing her life long dream of country music. Rhonda Kaye a member of BMI has released her first album “Don’t Look Back” on her own label RKK Records that be purchased from www.cdbaby.com/cd/rhondakaye or by going to her website www.RhondaKaye.net

Johan Roger

My name is Johan. I'm from Sweden. Everything started for me musically when I enterd the boys choire. I was just a kid and it was the first time I fell in love with music. We sang classical music - Schubert, Mozart, Handel, etc. We became the third-best boys choire in Sweden and filled the church every time. It was magical. It's why I felt it was right to apply to a school where we had a music lesson every day. I also started to take guitar lessons and it was great because my teacher was up to date end let us kids play Metallica, Guns 'n' Roses, Nirvana, Dream Theater, and so on.
Soon I started to write own songs, and they were instrumentals when I began. I had just been singing choire, but I started to sing my own songs just for fun. It sounded OK at first, but after my millitary duty, I started to study music again, and I took solo song lessons and met new friends who introduced me to jazz and electronic music. I developed my skills, but it didn't sound as good as I wanted to. So I studied at the university for three years. We learned to produce for other artists and had a great teacher who was taught by Brian Eno himself.

Ric Kirk

Ric Kirk is a Nashville TN resident originally from Indiana by way of Los Angeles. He writes and sings in a wide variety of styles from country to pop and cajun and reggae. In the late 80's he had his own showcase band in LA, the Sidewinders. While he plays the usual songwriter instruments, piano and guitar, his real forte is the accordion, having played since he was 9 years old. In Nashville, he often plays with the Les Kerr Bayou Band, doing blues, cajun, reggae and everything else for that situation. Ric is also an avid baseball fan and some years ago wrote a CD " A Grand Old Game" featuring 9 original baseball songs in various styles. It is for sale at CDbaby under cdbaby.com/rickirk At one time it was on sale at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

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