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Kristia Di Gregorio

'Suitors deemed unseemly... born out of time, far too late to get out of line... one hundred years to be misunderstood'. My ears usually concentrate on lyrics later on, but this story of 'borrowing trouble', 'opening shutters' and 'flirting with the girls' has me dialed in. Imagine Laura Marling having an out of wedlock child with Lhasa de Sela and you'll be right inside the atmosphere of this recording. I've never heard Kristia sing with this sort of elegant strength. She's not EMOTING like so many other modern female singers. Nope, this is honesty. Her melodies float like Lee Konitz playing a solo ballad and she falls off her phrases with the delicacy of Gil Evans regrettably walking away from a lover who was pressing him for more of his time."-von Loewen on 'Painted by Boldini'
A honeyed voice honed on Candian folk tunes and jazz standards, Kristia Di Gregorio's songs are drawn from a deep well of personal experience and historical significance.
Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2006 Vancouver Island Music Awards. Kristia has shared the stage with such artists as The Paperboys, Lily Frost and Kinnie Starr. She has been featured on the Grrls with Guitars album series (Maximum Music / Universal Music Canada) alongside Coco Love Alcorn, Po* Girl, and Christa Couture. Kristia has showcased at Music West, the Western Canadian Music Awards, and Canadian Music Week, and she has performed at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre, The Orpheum, and The Vogue Theatre.
Kristia is set to release her follow-up to Any Given Night. The Whiplash Curve will be released on March 22, 2014.

Listen to this "Deeply elegant indie chamber-folk with musette and gypsy influences" on her website.

Noah Clark

Noah Clark is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter from Sacramento CA. Having formerly been one third of the tech pop trio BRILLIANT RED LIGHTS, Noah has begun a personal journey with his debut solo single. "Summer Burn And Whispering Heat" is the first of many upcoming releases for 2014. Noah has previously performed/collaborated/recorded with many artists and groups including Dave Smallen, !!!(CHK,CHK,CHK), The Black Tibetans, Cake, Keith Urban and Doombird.

Listen for yourself at Noah's website.


When I was four years old, my family moved to a foreign land. I didn't know it at the time, but that one event would forever set the course of my life and birth my mission.
My parents grew up in a very different Afghanistan from the one we see now on the news. The women wore European fashions, and were able to go to school, to work, and to actively participate in their communities. My mom played on the women's basketball team at her university. My father and his buddies would strap their Eastern instruments to the back of their motorcycles, and head out to where the European youth were enjoying their holidays. They would jam together, the children of the East finding rhythms on their harmoniums, tablas and rebabs, to compliment the acoustic guitars of the West.
It was a time of freedom and discovery in Afghanistan. The 1970's ushered in positive social freedoms. Westernized clothing, music and movies were all very much enjoyed by the youth. Even now, when I hear my family tell stories, they always say it was a golden era under King Shah.
Then one night Afghanistan took a very tragic turn. It's beloved monarch was overthrown and exiled by a coup. It wasn't long until the new president was killed in another coup. The new president Hafizullah Amin, a devoted Communist, brought the Soviets in to help control his military and stabalize the people.
In the late 1970's, Soviet tanks arrived in Kabul. Curfews and other restrictions were put in place. An attempt to bring Marxist-Leninist reforms to the country proved unpopular. For a population immersed in tradition and Islam, changes made to their marriage customs and religion created widespread resistance. Russia, irritated by the display of independence, took over the country. In December of 1979 the Soviets began their official invasion of Afghanistan.
Born in war-torn Afghanistan, Fereshta's parents fled persecution with a baby Fereshta in their arms, and hope and determination in their hearts. They journeyed to Pakistan in hopes of one day reaching America. Sponsored by a Baptist church in New York, Fereshta and her family began a new life in Virginia, where she soon found healing and inspiration in rock n' roll. "I was moved deeply by the level of passion and self-expression so beautifully embodied by the genre."
A natural poet, she began to combine her words with the music she loves so much. Her lyrics speak to the human experience, to the emotions we all have and the journey we all share, with a message of compassion and unity. "I believe music in its greatest form and expression is the voice of humanity. It can powerfully move our hearts and heal us." Currently working on a tour slated for the spring, Fereshta aims to heal the divide between her two beloved nations.
Combining her deep love of music with her passion for sacred activism, Fereshta aims to support her homelands through peaceful dialogue and benefit shows.

Please take a listen to an artist with emotion and a plan to bring hope to her country through her music. Read her whole story and listen to Fereshta on her website.

Clusters Of Grey

Clusters of Grey (COG) is a Folk-Rock/Rock/World Fusion band from Georgia, USA. The band started as a duo, grew into a trio and now includes several additional musicians supporting the band in live acts. The band's EP "For Rose" (based on Stephen King's novel 'Rose Madder') was released in Winter, 2011 in iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation and other online retailers. The band was part of Guinness World Record for "longest continuous live performance" in "343 for kids event" at Johns Creek, GA in 2010. COG recorded the single "The Reunion" with Capital-USA in Fall of 2012. COG recorded the single "Thank You For Loving Me" in 2013 with CowTao studios.

Listen to "Clusters of Grey" on their website.

Yoni Leviatan

Yoni Leviatan is an American-Israeli singer/songwriter/guitarist who first made a name for himself when his debut album Extra Credit had a burst of activity and caught the attention of many in the South Florida area:
  • Songs were licensed to major TV networks such as MTV, CNN, ESPN, PBS and Lifetime.
  • The album was played on over 200 college radio stations nationwide.
  • Yoni was featured locally on the cover of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times and the popular entertainment show Deco Drive.
  • The single "Twentysomething" was named one of the Top 25 MP3s of 2007 by Indie-music.com and won Broadjam's College Credit CD compilation contest.
  • The song "Let the Devil Know" was licensed to for the final scene/end credits of the spoof comedy film "One-Eyed Monster" starring Ron Jeremy.
  • Yoni was a semi-finalist for the 2006 Florida Grammy Showcase.
  • Yoni was named 1st Runner-up from the USA in the Best Male Artist Category of the 2006 International Music Aid Awards and 3rd Runner-up for Best Songwriter.
  • In 2008, Yoni accompanied award-winning singer/songwriter Ellen Bukstel at a rally for then-Democratic Candidate for President, Barack Obama.

In 2009, Yoni immigrated to the state of Israel, where his writing has gone from themes about post-college life and the arduous transition to the real world, to songs ranging from the realities of love and the benefits of getting older to the age-old hope for peace in the Middle East - the topic of his latest single "Days of Change".

Wow a great talent with inspiring lyrics. Listen to Yoni on his website.

Catherine Parks

Catherine Parks is an American Singer/Song writer based out of Ohio. At the tender Age of 12, Catherine started writing songs and soon developed a strong passion for a wide variety of genres. Due to her father's substance abuse problem, Catherine attended over 8 different schools; including Winton Woods, Central Baptist, Wyoming, Mason, and Lakota, all Located in Ohio. "Moving a lot allowed me the opportunity to meet all different types of people and live in more than one type of environment. These real life experiences have inspired some of the best lyrics I've ever written." Her musical palette of original songs include: Pop, R&B, alternative rock, and even country!
Initially, Catherine's only interest was in song writing.... but her pure relatable lyrics, and unique vocal sound would soon catch the attention of her (now) Manager, who would instantly sign her as the First Lady of his independent label, Blue Chip City Records.
With Catherine's strong determination to empower women, and her heartfelt inspired lyrics -- she is definitely taking the music world by storm. She is quickly gaining fans across the United States & abroad.
In Parks' first single titled "Young Girls”, she talks about how Young Girls love hard when they fall in love. And unfortunately "Young Boys, say they love you - just for fun". The song’s positive message encourages "Young Girls" everywhere to "Keep on Believing", and wait for the right guy who will appreciate you. And above all -- believe in yourself because you are "Good Enough".
Catherine Parks is currently finishing up recording and preparing to go on tour. Her Debut EP, "Climbing Ropes" Will be released in spring 2014.

Don't miss Cat! Listen to her on her website.

Kerry Wallace

In today's world, real music has become a rarity. Genuine music does still exist, you just have to know where to look … like in the Wilds of Wyoming. It is there that singer/songwriter Kerry Wallace stands steadfastly against the wind - sowing stories from seed into song. The result is an authentic and incomparable blend of folk, country, bluegrass and Americana, branded into a style all her own.
Kerry entitled her debut album Songs to Sing and Tales to Tell. The album is a deeply personal journey including eight covers, two traditional selections, and four originals. Three of the originals were penned by Wallace; "Cold Wind Blowin," "Love Rains Down," and "Alone Again," which are emotive journeys into love, loss, betrayal and life decisions. The album was produced, mixed and engineered by Ben Winship at Henhouse Recording Studio in Idaho.
Her first release to radio was in late 2013, with "Love Rains Down," a melodic introspective journey correlating weather and emotion. With Kerry's perfect pitch and velvet-rich vocals - she is able to create soundscape that accurately takes the listener on a journey; this is exemplified by her "Cold Wind Blowin'," with touches of country western and folk, where the listener is whisked away by the violin-laden storyline to the frozen tundra of Wyoming.
In 2013, she formed a band called Bluesage and Lace, with banjo ace Larry Roetzel and songwriter Cal Winland. Winland's song "Under the Wyoming Moon" was also included on Songs to Sing and Tales to Tell. She has recently begun working with J.K Coltrain's Colt Records in Nashville and in 2014 is gathering new material for her next album.
Kerry's songwriting reflects her country life - and she has branded a genre all her own. Don't call it country, don't call it blues - brand this as R.E.A.L. music. Everyone's life is a story and Kerry Wallace has spent her lifetime gathering, experiencing, and feeling those stories; they are the seeds of her songs, and are coming to fruition.
"I've spent years nurturing things to live," she explains. "I've raised children and everything from livestock to crops." And now, Kerry has found time to nurture something else that is near and dear to her heart; her music.

Great sweet country sound. Listen to what Kerry has to offer on her website.

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Victoria Celestine

Victoria Celestine picked up the guitar at age 13 with Bobby Flores, at his Bulverde Academy of Music, and began writing songs the following summer (2010). Gordon Raphael, (producer - Regina Spektor, the Strokes) caught her singing during the next Christmas holidays , and invited her to record her first 7 songs acoustically. The following April, she recorded her debut album at age 14, "From the Outside", with Jacob Sciba, at Pedernales Studios, in Austin, TX. She received "Best Female Teen Artist of the Year", from Indie Music Channel at the House of Blues in Hollywood, and then received 2nd place (teen category) from the International Songwriting Competition for the song "In The World".
In April 2012, at age 15, Victoria co-wrote and recorded 3 singles with Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, Macy Gray) in Hollywood ("The Story of Us", "Mother", and "It Only Gets Better") which have been released as an EP. Her first music video (of the song "In the World"), has been distributed by Pulse Records to 8000 retailers, (including Sam's Club). The same song caught the attention of Video Star, who featured it on their popular app for iphone/ipad in January 2013 which propped her to #42 on USA iTunes Music chart. She received again the 2nd place Prize from the ISC with the song Drift Away.
At age 16, Victoria completed a new full length album "Back home in San Antone" which is to be released in March 2014; besides performing regularly at local venues, and finishing up high school, she has been involved in several projects as a studio vocalist and has begun her own recording and engineering.

Listen to Victoria's richly satisfying voice belt out her unique musical creations on her website.

Brandon Chase

Country music artist Brandon Chase is nothing shy of a miracle. Only a few days old, Brandon quit breathing 64 times in 12 hours and was told by doctors he could be deaf, blind, mentally impaired, or possibly all three. Not only did the Arlington, TX native not suffer any complications from his childhood, he instead went on to graduate high school at the age of 15. He then completed his masters certificate in songwriting from Berklee College of Music at the age of 17. Brandon taught himself how to play the piano and guitar and has been writing his own original music since the age of 14. Brandon was featured on iTunes "New and Noteworthy" and also "Rising Stars of Country", following the release of his EP "Country Enough". His most recent achievement was appearing multiple times on season 5 of NBC's The Voice as a member of Blake Shelton's team. Brandon is currently recording his debut album set to release mid 2014.
Brandon's first radio single "One" is just a small taste of what's to come from his highly anticipated full length debut album. From smooth, rich vocals and strong lyric imagery, to creative instrumentation and various unique sound effects, Brandon is showing that he is truly an artist as he is making his own brand of country music.

Take a listen to Brandon on his website.

Albert Bacardit

Albert starts playing the guitar at the age of 9, learning classical music and Spanish traditional songs. Gradually, his interest shifts to rock by listening to the great artists of the 70s and 80s. Thus, he joins several bands in Lleida, his hometown, and enters different contests. One of his songs is included in a record which is given significant publicity in major radio stations. The song goes by the name of "Soledat" and is actually revisited in Struggle.
Meanwhile, Albert begins studying English language and literature so as to gain better understanding of the songwriters he most admires and express his musical ideas likewise. In the last year of his career, he earns a grant to study at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in northern Greece, where he gets in touch with the local music community. Back home, he joins a professional orchestra, getting abundant knowledge of latin styles as well as covering several famous artists. During this time, he tours Spain widely as he collaborates with other musicians and teaches guitar and English language for a living.
Following a year of voluntary service in a hospital, he writes a doctoral thesis about biohazard literature. In the late nineties, he moves to Barcelona, joins different cover bands and begins writing songs for other people as well as recording jingles and demos. After gaining a post in the State Education Department, he finishes his PhD and specializes in business and medical English. With the death of his mother and the arrival of his daughter, he decides it is time to put all these experiences into his debut album.

Albert dishes out some exciting stuff! Check him out on his website.

The Como Brothers Band

Having grown up performing in a Beatles tribute band the Como Brothers are no strangers to the Long Island music scene. Matt and Andrew Como have been honing their craft as established singer/songwriters and performers and are ready to make an indelible mark on the music industry. Just off the heels of the release of their sophomore EP "Still Waters" (March 2013), the Brothers released their first full length album, "Baby Steps" (October 1, 2013).
Our music has been placed in:
  • MTV's Real World Portland & St. Thomas
  • E! Network's Keeping up with the Kardashians
  • The Oxygen Channel's Best Ink
  • Quicksilver Advertisements
  • Indie movie Wingman Inc. Soundtrack
  • Canon Consumer Electronics Trade Show Commercial

  • Won 2014 Artists In Music Award Composer of Year, Album of Year- Baby Steps
  • 2014 Artists In Music Award 5 nominations - Best Rock, Best Singer/SongWriter, Composer of Year, Album of Year, Artist of Year
  • Deli Best of NYC 2013 Emerging Artists Alt Rock - Top 9 Honorable Mention)
  • Our song Late Nights featured in Canon Consumer Electronics Trade Show Commercial

The Como Brothers Band brings an energy, excitement, and originality to the stage that leaves fans wanting more. The band is very personable and accessible to fans. We can't wait to see you at our next gig!

But if you can't wait to hear them checkout their website.

Polly Pry

Toe-tapping, knee-slapping, tear-jerking original music, led by a ukulele-wielding crooner-gal, Kristen Foster,and her sidekick and collaborator-gal, Anna Byars, whose lead guitar chirps along with her oh-so-tasty vocal melodies.
This all-original band boasts an ultra-melodic song list that covers the usual topics with plenty of curveballs thrown in, like in the murder ballad "Killing Billy" or the unexpected "Treat Me Bad." Everyone in Polly Pry lives in Rouge, Louisiana, performing locally and in surrounding cities and states.
Polly Pry was founded in 2005 by Kristen Foster (ukulele/songwriting) and Anna Byars (lead guitar/songwriting) and is based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Kristen and Anna are joined by Daniel Kirschner (double bass) and Kevin Hurstell (drums).
Prior to their successful summer tour of 2013, Polly Pry released a full length studio album, "Two Warm Minutes," produced by Grammy award winner Fred Foster and recorded at the Blue Room Studio. In true Nashville style, this album features the legendary Charlie McCoy (harmonica), Jenny Lynn Young (violin), and Matt Reasor (electric guitar, title track).
"Two Warm Minutes" contains a plethora of down-home country/folk tunes that toy with your heart strings. They are noted for their ultra-melodic song writing style that covers the gamut of life and love with all of the dark poignancy in between. The artistry of the creative process is masterful and delicious to witness; one storyline becomes a melodic wonder, given life via a collection of instruments and vocal arrangements that leave you breathless.
The single and opening track, "Treat Me Bad" demonstrates this artistry succinctly. The ukulele creates a unique focal point and provides structure for the dreamy harmonies and thoughtful arrangements. These elegantly written songs showcase a fresh take on the classic Nashville sound with what are, undoubtedly, some of the most organic melodies written to date. Polly Pry uses the ukulele and searing lead guitar to open the doors to a vast audience, capturing and keeping the hearts of the young and the old, and everyone in between.
Prior releases include "A Cocktail of Killer Bees" (2006 release) and "Live at Chelsea's Café in Baton Rouge (2008 release).
Polly Pry will tour again in the summer of 2014 however no additional information is available at this time.

Why wait? Go hear them now on their website.

Hot and Yeti

Kyle, Ryan, & Chris were in a metal band in high school called Heaven Denies. The only thing that heaven denied them at the time was talent. Ryan was the worst case. He could not grow metal hair, play keyboard, or sing metal, so he did what any failed metal head would do; He joined a folk band. Chris and Kyle stayed in their metal band and got really good at melodic death metal (Mysidia!). 10 years later the three reunited and gave birth to a beautiful music baby named Hot and Yeti. They needed help raising Yeti so they recruited the soothing saxual sounds of Josh Baca. Josh spent years playing in the Military band and he currently also plays in a lively reggae/ska band called So Cals Shocks of Mighty. Hot and Yeti blends folk singing/songwriting, metal, and Saxophone to get their unique sound.

Very HOT and Yet(i) these guys are cool!! Check out Hot and Yeti on their website.


Dan-O is the owner of DanoSongs.com, a royalty free production music library where millions of people world-wide use and listen to his music for free under the creative commons music license. The only thing you need to do when using Dan's music is to link back to or credit his Website. His songs are available to be used in YouTube videos, films, slideshows, games, podcasts and any other projects that need original instrumental or vocal tracks. Also on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Last.fm and every other major music service, just search danosongs.

Listen to Danosongs on his website.

Sammy Hakim

Music has the power to speak up when your voice is hurt, when you can't speak. Sometimes it's a broken heart, but other times it's from a broken home. Violence never amasses to anything positive and people say fight for your rights. But at times, the pain is too much to bear; until you hear a song that strikes the chord for change.
That's exactly what young songwriter, pianist and singer Sammy Hakim promotes in her latest video for new single "Tuck Me In". At just the young age of 18, Sammy has composed a thought provoking song dealing with the harsh reality of domestic violence and bullying. Her lyrics are moving and when she sings, her feelings are distraught with haunting accuracy, but it comes from a fire to fight back and create awareness to stand up for yourself and pick up the pieces from a broken home.
"Tuck Me In" is a story driven music video that shares both glimpses of her as well as following the story of a young boy that witnesses domestic abuse and bullying. The music video starts with images of an unkempt, dingy apartment where you see a boy full of hope with his mother full of emotional scars and real bruises. As the boy sees his mother waste away her precious life, his father knocks on the door with rage and proceeds to beat his mother right in front of him. Heartbroken and distraught, the boy proceeds to tuck in his mother and cuddle with her, telling her everything will be all right. In the next scenes, the boy walks to school and stumbles upon a bully picking on a smaller kid. He can't help the fact that it reminds him so much of his father, that he intervenes and eventually gets rid of the bully and helps the kid up before running off back home to help his mother once again.

a lot of people have experienced bullying growing up. Sammy sings about this in her songs. Listen to them on her website.

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Adry is a producer as well as a singer/songwriter. He became the lead vocalist of a rock band as a teenager, and played guitar and bass to the sounds of music and lyrics that he himself wrote. The originality that spans through these stylistic techniques is encouraging and motivating. With sounds that are infused by inspirations such as Nirvana and John Lennon of The Beatles. His first album Rule of Sadness, was introduced to the world in 2009; with over thirty thousand Internet downloads, Adry became an overnight hit. Since then, he has been performing in clubs all over the world and gaining a sense of self-awareness as an artist. It is with the anticipation of his new album "Notes", available September 2014!

Be sure to listen to "Adry" on his website.

David Leask

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, David is a powerful performing songwriter, who has built an artistic bridge between the influences of his birthplace and the fresh possibilities of his adopted Canadian home to produce three critically-acclaimed CD's and numerous international songwriting awards. Songwriters Magazine called David, "the most consistent Canadian songwriting competition winner." His brand new CD, "Underneath", is a deeply evocative, soul-stirring collection of songs that marks Leask's first full album release in over 8 years. An album of road-tested songs he loves to play live, "Underneath" interweaves influences from both sides of the Atlantic in an exhilarating, genre-surfing journey that beautifully traverses rhythm and bluegrass, country and soul, roots and rock. A seasoned and commanding performer, Leask was awarded the Mississauga Established Performing Artist of the Year in 2004. Equally comfortable performing solo, duo or with a full band, he has charmed audiences across Canada with the power of his performance in both word and song.
David's songwriting abilities have been recognized by other artists with cuts by a variety of Canadian country music artists including Jay Semko, Marshall Dane, Erin Haley, Ann Chaplin & Dana Johnson which included two album title cuts and three singles released to Country Music radio.

Listen to David on his website.

Marshall Dane

Marshall Dane's infectious blend of country and rock is set to blaze a trail in 2014. Country by definition, but fueled by rock and roll and infected with a watermelon-sized helping of hope, love and salvation, Marshall's the kind of guy you want to have on your side when the going gets tough in this world and his new album, One Of These Days is set to be your alibi.
Launched in May 2013, in time for last year's CMAO Awards - for which he was nominated in several categories including Male Artist and Album Of The Year - and featuring the single and title track, "One Of These Days", Canadian Country Artist Marshall Dane's latest album puts life back in to the swing of things, driven by a swirling blast of fabulous melodies that gives you a country rush right from the get-go.
"One Of These Days is about how I deal with the curves life throws," says Marshall. "It's not really about where I've been but more so about where I am now...where I wanna go...and how I'm gonna get there, wherever 'there' is."

A country star is rising! Don't miss Marshall's music! Check it out on his website.

Snir Yamin

Successful Israeli singer-songwriter Snir Yamin has just released his brand new four-track EP Urban Stories to international audiences. The debut EP, released September 20, 2013 has recieved by now extraordinary reviews with highly located rank in leading music blogs and magazines. The EP features four original songs that combine soft rock with new age electronic beats. With influences from the likes of Damien Rice and John Mayer, the emotional ballads feature lyrics that speak of profound love and heartbreak.
Urban Stories is a testament to the vulnerability we feel when falling in love and also the fragile state we are left in when the relationship ends. Snir sings in his track "Stay": "What have I done that you can't look into my eyes// And tell that you love me//I miss you and I just want you close// Close to my heart, the heart that you've broke to one million pieces." The rest of the EP follows suit and makes him relatable to so many people.
Snir's passion can be heard in every track of Urban Stories, and he wants to evoke that raw feeling in every piece of music that he produces. Snir is now working on his debut US album with The Cutting Room label in NYC, which he plans to release in Spring 2014.

Sometimes sultry but deffinately inspired lyrics why not listen for yourself at Snir's website?

Isha Love

Isha Love has been called "brilliant," "astonishing" and "remarkably original." She has garnered a myriad of accolades on both sides of the Pacific for her soulful and eclectic sounds on the piano, B3 and synthesizer.
Love began playing piano at the age of five and honed her craft at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance. While at Berklee, Love was hired as the primary accompanist for the Voice Department and received numerous invitations to play with such well-established artists as Andrae Crouch, Frank McComb, Lisa McClendon, Kim Burrell and Barbara Morrison, among others.
Today Love is pursued by many artists and producers who look to her masterful keyboard playing and musical sensibilities for their studio and stage projects. Love is currently writing, arranging and recording her original compositions scheduled to be released this year.
"Wow!! When I first heard her I was totally blown away. She is such a phenomenal player. You will be shocked at her gospel musicianship. Close your eyes when she's playing and you'll be amazed and shocked at what she gets out of the keyboard. " — Andrae Crouch

Listen to Isha on her website.

Rachele Lynae

One of country music's hottest new stars, Rachele Lynae will release her self-titled debut album on Tuesday, April 22 on Momentum Label Group. Produced by platinum recording artist, Jamie O'Neal, the album will be available at select retail stores nationwide, as well as through online music retailers, including Amazon and iTunes.
Rachele's debut album is filled with clever songs that explore the complexities of relationships and serve up wisdom from the female perspective. At just 26 years of age, she writes from a deep and mature well of emotion on every song on the project. Tunes such as "Cigarette" and "Sometimes You Fly," will show the tender heart and vulnerability of the gifted singer-songwriter, while she sings about having fun on a Saturday night on tunes like "Party Til the Cows Come Home" and "Get Out on the Floor." On songs like "Scar," "Clean" and the prolific "Words in Red," Rachele proves she can pack an emotional punch on to any topic she approaches.
"Music is a gift I don't take for granted," says Rachele. "The emotion that you can convey in music is unrivaled by anything else. It's something that everyone understands."
A natural born entertainer, the Alaska native knew from an early age that music was her only option in life. She grew up singing in church, school plays and every other event that afforded her the chance to entertain people. By the time she was 17, Rachele was touring professionally up and down the West Coast. It was that deep-seeded passion for performing and songwriting that inspired her to move thousands of miles away to make her new home in Nashville, Tennessee. Upon arriving in Music City, she enrolled at Belmont University where many of today's superstars were also groomed. While attending Belmont, Rachele recorded a 5-song EP that eventually caught the ear of legendary country star, Jamie O'Neal, who at the time was in the midst of launching her own independent record label. O'Neal immediately connected to Rachele's music and quickly made her the flagship artist at Momentum Label Group.
In just two short years since releasing her debut single, Rachele has been living in a whirlwind of music, touring across the country and building a solid fan base all along the way.
"I love writing songs and performing my music live," notes Rachele. "I've heard so many stories from my fans who say 'This song is exactly what I've needed.' How cool is it that I get to be blessed enough to put the music out there for them?"

Rachele is an exciting southern singer-songwriter that is turning Nashville on it's ear! Listen to her on her website.

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