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Hans York

Over the past three years Hans has navigated non-stop across the U.S. on a continuous tour of clubs and concerts. Captivating audiences with his confiding voice and easy charm, he has made lifelong friends while witnessing the vast territories of the country that has become his adopted home.
This love affair with America is long-standing. German-born Hans says that the tepid local pop music of his youth was no match for the sensational rock of the UK and the states. Although he didn't yet speak the language, he would improvise lyrics, knowing that his audiences didn't understand them. Growing up near Ramstein Air Force base, headquarters for the United States Air Forces in Europe, Hans left home at 18 and began playing and living with American musicians. "After a short period I was dreaming in English," he says.
While he subsequently performed everything from theater to classical music as a bass player, it was as the co-founder of the German World Music cult band Moka Efti that Hans made his mark as an artist with three CDs. But he knew there was a wider world panorama, and he explored it while living for six for months in Brazil.
Hans returned home to Germany and recorded his solo debut, Hazzazarand a well-received follow-up, Sau Gut, but his creativity demanded movement and motion. And so with only a smattering of contacts, he moved to the United States.
His first American release, Inside Out, established him as a masterful storyteller, multi-instrumentalist and a producer with a deep musical palette. As one writer said, it introduced an artist who was "... delicate, expressive and highly evocative." His next release, Young Amelia, was a natural progression as Hans was lauded for his "sweet, comfy tenor and expressive acoustic guitar work that place him in the upper echelon of music makers."
With Heard or Herded?, Hans has settled down from the road in Dallas, Texas. Energized by the camaraderie of a band, he anticipates enlisting a strong group of players to animate his songs.
The sound of Hans York is the sound of a man at peace with himself, and remarkably interested in those around him.
Listen to Hans on his website.

Laura Berman

Originally hailing from the NYC music scene, Laura Berman tours extensively nationwide and has reached acclaim for her soul-touching vocal power and accessible yet poetic songwriting style. Laura has been compared to the likes of Carole King, Sara Bareilles and the legendary Janis Joplin, and has performed alongside best-selling authors Neale Donald Walsch and Marianne Williamson as well as at the renowned Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. While in NYC, Laura was a session singer as well as a touring singer/songwriter, and was a featured vocalist in the children's feature film release, "Clifford's Really Big Movie" and accompanying Soundtrack. Now residing in Portland, Oregon, Laura has just released her 4th CD, "Everything in Between" and will be touring in 2014 in support of its release.

Laura has a sweet sound that captivates the soul. Listen to her music on her website.


Luca Boskovic Bonini, artistically known simply as Boskovic, was born in Vicenza on a cold December day in 1970. He inherited his passion for music from his father, who daily listened to classical music and was mostly attracted to Beethoven, Bach and Vivaldi.
When he is 12, he casually buys a Beatles long play record and is completely overwhelmed by the British pop energy and, later, by the rock and roll of the origins. With the passing of time the influence of the Beatles music, in particular of Paul McCartney, will strengthen his awareness that music is the ideal and natural setting where he can freely express his sensitivity and artistic talent. He buys himself a new guitar and as a self-taught student manages to master music well enough to be able to express his emotions.
When he is 16 he seriously starts playing the rhythmic guitar and singing in some bands, mainly performing classical rhythm and blues, rock and roll and beat songs.
When he comes of age, Luca begins his career as a songwriter, as well, and for many years he writes lyrics and songs mainly addressed to his family and friends. It was in 1995 that he founded the Fourback, a tribute band inspired to John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which is genuinely appreciated by the audience for the energy and friendliness it conveys.
In 2012 he decides the time is ripe to produce and release his first official CD, a collection of some of his most meaningful songs: "A temporary Lapse of Heaven".
His music is mainly inspired by the British pop and rock tradition, and he turns to artists such as the Beatles, the Who and the Rolling Stones; as well, his music is inspired by the folk and jazz tradition of Donovan and Drake and by the progressive/psychedelic imprint of authors such as the Pink Floyd, the Caravan, The King Crimson, passing through the hard rock influence of the Deep Purple and the Blue Oyster Cult.
Boskovic has always tried to blend the English rock tradition with the most meaningful examples of pop music.
He is naturally talented more to writing music than putting words to his lyrics; his strong passion and taste for music has led him to write musical compositions where different styles and influences gradually surface, including orchestral sounds which give life to a production where the artist's deep sensitivity and introspection openly reveal themselves. The result is a versatile type of music which can naturally and easily adjust to different musical settings, one for all the background film music.

Go and listen to "Boskovic" and you will feel amazed by the talent that resonates of Paul McCartney, The Moody Blues or Pink Floyd. Enjoy a triumph of new music that captures the imagination. Check out the music and imagery at Boscovic Music.

philip crown

Born and raised in Seattle, WA. Philip grew up with a strong musical background learning to play 5 instruments through his middle school and highschool years, doing so while being part of his school choir and jazz choir. He was also an active worship leader for a school church organization his junior and senior years in high school. Later on, he continued his passion for music by participating in choir and talent competitions at the University of Washington. After finishing college, he started a company that became very successful, allowing him to continue his passion for music through other outlets.
In 2011, Philip began featuring on local artists songs giving him a small buzz in the Seattle area. After seeing what his passion would allow him, he began working on a solo project with Tacoma based producers Two-fiftythree and with Miami based producer Krunkadelic. He is currently wrapping up his EP, of which his first single "Take My Hand" stems from.

Listento Phillip on his website.

The Planeteers

The Planeteers arrived from above the heavens to share music and wisdom among the human race!!! We perform LIFE ROCK-a song for all and one.Tommy Gee writes-happy-sad-reality-fantasy-planet earth-to the heavens beyond...He has been beyond and back-If you want to hear what life is for and why,check out this band!
The pro bio goes on forever with tommy gee-from the grunge of the CBGB club-to touring with Ronnie Spector.
Still an ATLANTIC recording artist in Europe,member ASCAP,he strives to compose and record eclectic & provocative music for the planeteers who will make you think with your heart and soul!!!-Tommy Gee

Listen to The Planeteers on their website.

M Productions

I am just an ordinary man of 40 that lives in a small town called Falun in Sweden. I have always loved music and to be able to make some music of my own has always been a dream. That dream became even stronger when I a few years ago became really ill.
At that time I started to create my own music and sing more openly for the first time in my life. Even though I didn't have enough money to do things properly I made the music my way and recorded it my way and here I am.
I hope you will find my music interesting and and if so I thank you. If you want to contact me please visit my homepage for more info.

Listen to "M Productions" on his website.

Hendrik Helmer

I am working with Beverly Taki & the David Shenton Orchestra, a 12 piece Blues & Jazz band, that involve New York's finest session musicians.
I am very excited to announce our concert at Carnegie Hall on June 6th 2014.
I am co writing and co producing a new EP in German with Roland Bergmann. His EP "Weil Wo Warum" will be released in fall of 2014!
My latest production with German Rocksinger Kiki Voss' s, "Take Me As I Am", is now available on Itunes!
Guitarist, Master Teacher and Recording Artist with more than 25 years of professional experience. Executive Music Producer and Featured Artist of Award Winning Music Documentary, "Go with the Flow".

Listen to Helmer on his website.

Lucy Bonilla

With larger than life vocals packed into a diminutive package, Brooklyn native, Lucy Bonilla has the world wondering, "Where the *#$% does she fit all that voice?!"
Simply calling her a powerhouse doesn't do her justice. Her raw energy on stage and passionate vocals defy definition. Her shows leave you feeling fired up and ready for more.
For as long as she could remember, Lucy had a passion for music. Everything in sight was a potential instrument. If it could make noise, she had to play it. As Lucy's passion for music continued to grow and she began teaching herself to play a wide variety of instruments including drums, bass and guitar. Her main instrument of course is her voice.
Lucy completed her third release at The Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, NY, under the expert guidance of producer Jim Weider (The Band, Bob Dylan, Mavis Staples, Los Lobos). She also welcomed the creative writing talents of Dean Batstone, Jerry Lynn Williams (Eric Clapton) and Jim Weider (www.jimweider.com) to pen various tracks. The title track, Rolling Higher, combines Lucys feisty vocals with slick guitar licks that hearken to blues greats of yesteryear. The song You Are My Refuge, climbed the indie pop top 30 charts and Top 100 singles under the guidance of legendary radio promoter Bill Jerome.
Her 2012 single climbed to the top 40 of the FMQB national radio charts. This single beautifully balances powerful rockin and dynamic vocals with the tenderness of hope and promise.
She's very proud of her newest releases, I like it, Chime and Springtime.
Over the years, Lucy's talents have not gone unnoticed. She was chosen to participate in the East Coast Advanced Songwriters Workshop. ASCAP took notice of the songwriter when she captured one of the coveted spots in ASCAP's Demo To Deal program. Lucy was also a semi-finalist in Jewel's Soul City Cafe songwriting contest and has also written with Maggie Ryder (Anita Baker). She has expanded her tour grounds from Canada down the U.S East Coast.

We certainty expect you will here a lot more from Lucy as she displays endless talent of a truly great musician. Listen to her on You tube.

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Featured Artist!
Stevi Madison

Amidst the thriving Southern California music scene, Stevi Madison lights up the stage with her powerful voice and performance. A striking mix of charisma and enchanting humility, Miss Madison embodies the polish and poise of seasoned professionals throughout her field.
Like many other music professionals, her talent was recognized at a young age. With performances throughout her childhood and teen years, Madison organized her first band at eighteen to tour several popular Orange County hot spots as well as LA's notable music venues. Shortly after her live debut, Madison was chosen as a semi-finalist in Cosmopolitan Magazine's first ever Star Launch contest. After the positive exposure from the competition, Madison continued to write and perform her original music traveling to Nashville in 2012 to strengthen her songwriting technique.
Returning to Southern California, Miss Madison began performing her latest recordings and rejoined former band members at various venues throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.

Welcome back to Southern California Stevi! You can listen and truley enjoy some of Stevi's music on her website.

Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper has always made music. In the earlier part of his life, he played with bands and by himself, traveling from Ohio to California and everywhere in between. But when the dream of living from music alone fizzled, he didn't quit. For most of his life, he has been building a collection of songs written at night at bars or while sitting at the cafe in Paris while he spent his days behind a desk. Music has always been his passion but the course of his life took him elsewhere.
The passing of the love of his life lit the fire necessary to put Tom on the path he was always meant to take; to pick up his guitar again, dust off a lifetime of songs and commit to sharing his music with the world. A new dream was born! In no time, he made his way to the recording studio and began to tour the northern Virginia area.
Tom's music is shaped by the artists of his past experiences and a vision of his future. His voice resonates with the pains and sorrows of life, but also the joys. The real draw of his songwriting is that Tom does not dwell on the negative; he has a wonderful sense of humor about love that gives a hopeful perspective to the hopelessness of heartache.

What an interesting life that led to interesting stories this artist tells in a style similar to Tom Waite. But Cooper stands on his own sound, listen to him on his website.

Drake Kennedy

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Drake Kennedy has already spent a good amount of his life performing on stage. At the age of 21, he has already traveled the world sharing his music. Starting when he was just 15 years old, Drake learned how to perform in front of crowds by playing with the First Baptist Church Woodstock's contemporary service. From there, he went on to teaching music at a camp in Rome, Italy to building churches in El Salvador and leading worship at international conferences in Germany. He is currently part of the music team at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell.
Drake's song "RIGHT BY ME" has reached the top 5 finals for Victory 91.5 song contest receiving airplay in the Atlanta market rising to #1 artist, #1 song, and #1 album for November & December 2013 and he has been featured artist at WUEV 91.5 Evansville in Indiana. See below for other radio markets where Drake is receiving airplay. Drake has recently been asked to perform at 2014 Winter Jam's Jam Zone in Atlanta!

Listen to Drake on his website.

Bill Belknap

Bill Belknap:Drummer, performer, recording engineer, producer, composer, song writer, singer, sound design specialist, studio owner (Long Branch Studios, Loudoun Road Studio).
Magic Pocket comprises years of experience in Bill's first solo record.
In the vibrant music scene of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bill is well known for his recording skills and perfectionist attitude. Inspired by working with Stewart Copeland, Jamie Oldaker, Steve Ripley, Leon Russell, Barton & Sweeney, Rick Morton, Roy Clark, Chris Campbell, Steve Pryor, Michael Martin Murphy, Gus Hardin, Ronnie Dunn, The Red Dirt Rangers, Ron Flynt, Steve Allen, Rick Peale and Scott Ellison, Bill steps out from behind the drum set and recording console to create his own personal brand of pop/rock music drenched in musical and lyrical hooks.
Bill engineered and helped produce Stewart Copeland's first film score Rumblefish.
Drummer, performer, engineer, producer, song writer for Andy Gravity, Dave Barber and Eskimo Joe's Rhythm and Blues Review (aka Stan Clark).
Starting in the mid '90's, for a decade, Bill toured and drummed for the power pop band 20/20. Ron Flynt , Steve Allen and Bill co-wrote and produced two critically acclaimed albums; 4 Day Tornado and 20/20 Interstate, released by Oglio Records.
None of this matters. We are just trying to trick you into listening to Magic Pocket. Each song has it's own personality. Not tied to a "band" sound, different performers create a variety of listening experiences, from song to song. It is a studio creation. Like Will Rogers said about Oklahoma, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute."

Listen to some of Belknap's songs on his website.

Bobby Joe Owens & Retro Deluxe

Bobby Joe Owens is a new age Renaissance Man. Best known as a Singer/Songwriter and Band Leader/Front Man for the band Retro Deluxe, Bobby Joe is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a father, husband, inventor, artist, entrepreneur, restaurateur, philanthropist, producer, innovator and so much more. Bobby Joe didn't start singing until 2006 and since 2008, he has written over 50 songs under his alter ego Robert J. Thompson and has recorded four (4) albums with local, regional, national and internationally recognized musicians including Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Buddy Guy, Tri-State Coalition, etc.), Grammy Award Winner Billy Earheart (The Amazing Rythym Aces, Hank Williams, Jr., etc), Marty MacMillan (Blue Plate Special, Retro Deluxe, MacMillan Guitars) and Guitarist Zach Sweeney (Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Lucky Tubb, Retro Deluxe, etc.)!
Retro Deluxe is Bobby Joe's versatile and talented band based out of Bowie, MD. Their first two releases, "Baby It's Hot!" (2009) and "Watermelon Tea" (2010), are diverse collections of blues and blues related music that were released on Bobby Joe's home grown indie Rinkled Rooster Record Label under the name Retro Deluxe. Baby It's Hot! was very well received, but was not widely publicized. Watermelon Tea was publicized by Betsie Brown of Memphis-Based Blind Racoon and has received rave reviews from some of the most prominent blues publications, has received significant radio and Internet radio airplay nationally and internationally, and spent 14 weeks in the Top 5 of the Blues Internet Radio Airplay Chart peaking at number 2! Their third album, "Please Rise" (2011) was released under the Bobby Joe Owens name and is a diverse collection of Classic Country, Rockabilly, Gospel, Bluegrass and Americana music. Please Rise includes twelve (12) originals and a cover of The Amazing Rhythm Aces' song "Thangamalang" written by Grammy Award Winners Russell Smith and Billy Earheart.
Bobby Joe Owens has been called garrulous, pugnacious, legendary, boozy, seductive and whatnot. Call him what you want, but his songs are infectious, his vocal stylings are unique and his passion, energy and love for his music are ever-present.
Retro Deluxe is Bobby Joe's versatile and talented band based out of Bowie, MD. The band's current lineup includes Mike Mautino (Drums), Ken Fiester (Bass), Carl Cimino (Keyboards) and Joe Goltz (Guitar). Their repertoire includes originals and covers in the genres of country, rockabilly, blues, rock, R&B and oldies. It's always party when Bobby Joe and the boys of Retro Deluxe come to town!

Listen to Bobby Joe and the boys of Retro Deluxe on Bobby Joe's website.

Scott Curts

Scott Curts has been a solo artist for the last 4 years. Prior to that, he was performing in cover bands his entire career. As a solo artist however, the process is quite different. The freedom to write and create comes with no boundaries. His music is written and produced in his studio and are submitted for possible use in all areas of the entertainment industry.
In July 2013 Scott released his debut CD titled "In My World". The album contains songs from different genre's including but not limited to reggae, R & B, acoustic and electronic pop. One particular single that clearly represents the broad spectrum of these genres is "Dreamland" which carries a light energy, uplifting and catchy melody. This single is about the feeling you have when you go about your day with someone special. The vocals are crisp and powerful and give the overall production and arrangement of this song a class up and above much of what's heard on the airwaves.

Definately exciting, surreal and worth listening to don't miss listening to Scott on his website!

Sanya G

Sanya G won a local singing competition "Belvi star" hosted by the Radio Belvi at her hometown Kranj in 2004 . year later she became Miss Slovenia 2005 because she thought that would help her with the media boost,she was also a Christian Audigier model & won Femme Fatale Slovenia in 2006. But her titles don't make her talent lack. Sanya G. is a great artist and a singer. She had years of singing solo lessons and she she learned to play electric piano in the music school.
Sanya has signed her first record deal with a Spanish record company Clippers that collaborates with Universal Music Spain. She has recorded two songs with them - »The one« and »Bad girl«. Both of them were published onfive most popular commercial club compilations like Fama, Black Power, Disco Estrella and others. In 2009 Sanya also won in the music festival Golden voice of Kongo Slovenia with a song Poletna no? (Summer night) and she started collaborating with a new Spanish producer and Latin Grammy nominee Noel Pastor in 2011. She recorded a club banger »Club star« and shot a great music video in Spain. She also recorded the song »Up« that year.
In 2012 she and her manager Tanya met DJ Paolo Barbato, Italian underground DJ and a producer and he decided to make a hit song MAGIC for her with help of his friend/musician Simone Ermacora. Sanya also shot a great music video for song MAGIC witch was accepted really good by the viewers. In october of 2013 Sanya G was Introduced to the CEO of Kicksta Muzik Publishing Randy Powell, By Jim Morgan of Unsigned Only. And the President of Kicksta Music Group.
Jamie Sparks was so impressed with Sanya's Talents He signed her to a Publishing Deal, and Immediately Connected her with their In-house Music Producer Chris Iannetti to work on Sanya's "EP" Titled: Buzz That is Schedule for a 2014 Summer release. Sanya G song Magic is Scheduled for Release in all of the Major Digital Stores Worldwide By Sanya's New Imprint Fashioned Girl Records. Distributed by Ditto music on march 4th 2014.

Listen to Sanya on her website.

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Cousin john band

About 12 years ago, part-time song-writer/musician, full-time dreamer and electrician, John Mobley started the Cousin John Band with one of many rowdy cousins, and became known as Cousin John Band. After a lifetime of bands that didn't make it past the local party/bar scene, this band is a breakaway dream come true... Today, CJB is Joe Goltz (guitars and vox), Tim Howe (bass and vox), Dave O'Brien (drums and vox), and John's lead vocal and bluesy rhythm guitar up front. Mobley is a active member of NSAI and the Americana Music Association. He serves as Artist-Ambassador for United Nations Arts For Peace/A Big Project, and is the principle songwriter of the project. Mobley's three bandmates all sing beautifully, especially in close harmony, and also write songs. Broken Heart Tattoo features a song from each of Mobley's bandmates.
In 2012, debut album, Jellyfish! won the nod from Washington Area Music Awards for Best Roots Group of the year nomination, and was played in dozens of countries.
Presently, CJB original music is heard around the world, including being featured in the indie horror - thriller, "Virginia Obscura", submitting at Sundance 2013. John and the guys write creative songs about hurt, sex, breakups, and making up as well as the theme 'when all else is broken, what's most important'.
Recent sophomore release, Broken Heart Tattoo is a roots/Americana journey of the heart, featuring searing lyrical honesty drawn from real-life hardships and triumphs that are hard to speak of... and make the most powerful musical experience. Six of these twelve tracks feature George Marinelli's twangy guitar chops (Bonnie Raitt Band), including George's "Down To You", the one cover on the CD, which George penned with Bonnie Raitt and Randall Bramblett for her Grammy winning "Slipstream".
Listen to "Cousin john band" on their website.

Chicken House Purple

Chicken House Purple is comprised of 3 distinct individuals. Two of whom have personalities. Joe is a singer who has been described as dynamic. Although this is his own description of himself, we admit it is fairly accurate. Joe writes with his fellow conspirator Brett, who has been described by others as "Who are you and what is it you do again? " Last and certainly least is Dale. Dale makes up the 1/3 of Chicken House Purple which makes Joe and Brett look talented.

For not knowing who they are this band is quite prolific! Take a listen on Tunecore.

Eileen Carey

One of the hardest thing for human beings to learn is how and when to let things go. So when an artist like Eileen Carey comes along with a powerful message about doing just that, it's a welcomed sight. The award-winning California-based singer/songwriter's fourth and latest album LET IT GO features songs which follow through on the theme on letting go of those ties that bind us to the past and perhaps no song is more evident than the title track, "Let It Go," a thumping up-tempo country pop tune about forgetting the small things or events from our past that lead to insecurities and indecisions of life.
"I Always try to give people different options as a way to look at things," Eileen says. "Because, unfortunately, this world's been up and down and if I can get them to think about things that maybe they haven't before, then maybe they can "Let It Go" and get to a better place in their life."
The remainder of LET IT GO, which was tracked in Nashville and produced by Travis Allen Childress, follows this concept with the strong opener "Bring On The Big," a radio-ready anthem about looking forward to what life has to give us while "Bottle Your Crazy Up" smolders as it tells a story of a woman who moves back into the dating pool and finds Carey telling her friend to stop short of telling her life story. It's the wisdom that comes along with a been-there, done-that mentality that only comes through life experience.
Along with the strong originals are a handful of covers, including a cover of The Motels 1982 hit "Only The Lonely," The Katrina and the Waves 1985 hit "Walking On Sunshine," and a cover of The Pretenders' "Don't Get Me Wrong" from 1986. Each song showcases a different side to the theme of LET IT GO and add a different layer of personality to the album. "Only The Lonely" comes at us with a retro-cool feel, "Walking On Sunshine" has that effervescent sheen of happiness that just makes you smile while "Don't Get Me Wrong" is a smart modernized Pop/Country take on one of the 1980s most Iconic songs.
Eileen Carey is at the top of her game with LET IT GO. As such, everything about LET IT GO suggests an artist who has lived enough life to offer nuggets of wisdom and advice to anyone willing to listen.
Born and raised in Ohio but having called California home for over two decades, Eileen Carey's career has grown from unknown to respected artist in that time. She's won two Los Angeles Music Awards (2009's Americana Album of the Year award for MOVE ON and 2010's Producer's Choice Award for Dance Single Of The Year) and also an South Bay (L.A.) Music Awards recipient. Eileen has been the artist Ambassador for the beauty salon chain Supercuts and has been recently sharing the stage with many of California's premiere artists.

Listen to the spirited music of Eileen Carey on her website.

Bob Gross

Bob Gross has had an extensive career as a keyboardist/percussionist and music educator.
After receiving a BS in Music Ed. and a MM in Performance, Gross toured the country for many years as a keyboardist and musical director for many groups, including stints in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
Keyboardist/composer Bob Gross' debut album features an outstanding cast of players, including Andrew Neu on sax/flute (Andrew Neu band, Smokey Robinson, Bobby Caldwell), veteran bassist Gary Grainger (Acoustic Alchemy), Grammy-award winner David Cullen on guitar, and drummer Pat Petrillo (Chieli Minucci,Gloria Gaynor, Patti Labelle). The compositions explore a variety of contemporary jazz moods/styles. "I hope that all will enjoy my music, and that there is something here for everyone".

Listen to Bob on his CD Baby.

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