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Joe Wamsley

Joe Wamsley is a Musician,Singer/Songwriter who creates music to inspire, while sharing love and encouragement. As a Christian, Joe expresses his faith through his song lyrics, as he sings praise to God. Joe and his friends play an upbeat style of music that will inspire the heart.
Joe's desire changed from his early beginnings as a rock and roll bass player, to making music to open hearts and minds that been hardened and give the listener hope. Joe is happy to be used as a tool in the hands of God. This thought inspired the title for his second Cd "Hands Of God" which was released in 2006, he released his third Cd "Risen Son" which is the title track in 2009, on 12/13/12 he released his fourth Cd "Can You Hear My Voice" it's from the title track, a song that gives a voice to those without a voice, the unborn. His song "I''m An Overcomer" is a another song inspired by his ministry with the handicapped, which looks at the courage of people who find their strength in the Lord. The song "There's An Answer" proclaims the name of Jesus, which brought healing to himself, as he penned the words, about dealing with his own alcoholic father. People who have had all types of hardships and abusive situations have connected with the messages and have felt God's love and compassion through them. He also hopes these songs can touch you in a way that brings you closer to the Lord.

Joe is an inspiration and his music lifts one to new hieghts. Listen to him on his Reverbnation Page.

Miles Recommends

Born in Brisbane, founded in the gutters of Bangkok, and now jamming in Melbourne, Miles Recommends is the independent Australian singer-songwriting and music production duo of Des Atkinson and Lou Cadell Miles Recommends draws from, and blends together, a wide range of indie/alternate pop, rock, folk, country and blues influences; layering guitars, piano, organ, drums, French horn, strings and harmonies as a backdrop to our dissection of social norms. In a life full of contradictions, Miles Recommends likes to ponder some of the bigger questions.
Our influences include: The Eels, Fleetwood Mac, The White Stripes, Jack Johnson, Laura Branigan, The Doors, Muse, Josh Rouse, Johnny Cash, The Mountain Goats, Richard Ashcroft, The Mamas & The Papas, OK Go, The Beautiful Girls, Bob Dylan, Boni Tyler, and Bright Eyes.
But who is Miles? A long, long time ago, people ventured into video stores for the latest and greatest films. Back then it wasn't uncommon for those working in these stores to make suggestions to those who weren't looking for the ordinary. Though we never knew him outside of those four walls, a guy named Miles was our go-to dude for recommending what we should take home and we'll be darned if he didn't always choose things that made us happy! Miles Recommends records, mixes, produces and releases their music under their independent production label Flapjack Industry Records.
Miles Recommends' debut EP 'Extended Play' was released on February 5, 2017, which is currently enjoying airplay for singles 'Crazy House' and 'Darkness' across Australian radio stations.

Check out this interesting sound from a band down under. Their interesting and quite good sound can be found on their YouTube Channel.

Markus Meo

Born in Glasgow Scotland ( Mark Alexander Sinclair ) he adopted his grand fathers middle name Meo as a unique music stage name. He migrated to Australia with his parents at an early age and during this time became a member of a pipe band learning and playing side drums.During his childhood years he grew up in a radio station assisting his father who was a volunteer radio announcer at a community station in Darwin which exposed him to many different artists such as Cat Stevens , James Taylor , Roy Orbison , Jim Croce ,Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins , The Eagles , Eva Cassidy , Neil Diamond, Van Morrison & so many more. After playing in a pipe band for three years Markus went on to explore kit drumming performing with various bands as a drummer.

Sounds very Celtic and enchanting and we could listen forever. Listen to his song "Unity" on his YouTube channel.

Royal Kona Coffee

Eileen Carey

California singer-songwriter and Altadena resident Eileen Carey, keeps winning awards, tops radio charts and draws crowds to her performances. New Music Weekly's Crossover Artist of 2017, and National Radio Hits’ Favorite Female Country Artist of this Year, has also won three Los Angeles Music Awards, most recently 2016 Female Country Artist of the Year, and a South Bay trophy as well, for her brand of positive Country-Pop. Featured in a cover story at the Pasadena Weekly recently, interviewed by the Huffington Post and featured on KCAL -9/CBS LA ‘The Weekend Morning Show, her singles "In The Air," "Bottle Your Crazy Up," "Faith" and "Bring on the big" have topped all the New Music Weekly’s Country Radio Charts and most of NMW's Adult Contemporary and Top 40 charts as well. Her current release, Good Bad Girl is quickly moving up the Country, Hot AC and Top 40 charts.

Eileen returns to Music Arts Monthly with a new song "Good Bad Girl" and again she nails it. Listen to her on her cdbaby page.

The Fabulous Gabriel

The Fabulous Gabriel is a self contained artist who has been writing hit songs for many years. He has written songs and performed world wide with such artists as The Four Tops, Bon Jovi, Gloria Gaynor, Wilson Pickett, Tommy James and so on.
The Fabulous Gabriel presents 16 of his greatest Tropical Island songs in his release of This Is My Island. There are three bonus tracks included on the CD, Track one This Is My Island re-mix, Track Three Whiskey And Wine, Track Six Summer Breeze.
When listening to the CD This Is My Island, one will truly feel they are on a remote Tropical Island somewhere.

We welcome the return of "The Fabulous Gabriel" to Music Arts with another creation titled "This Is My Island". Perhaps he will share his island with you? or you could just listen to the song on his website.

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Mike McGuire

This is music for those in the heartland made by those from the heartland and, as such, it strikes right to the heart, but please don't ever misconstrue these jams as simple, because there's more here than meets the eye" ~ Andrew Greenhalgh
"McGuire touches on universal truths through personal narration, and the stripped down arrangements keeps him in an elemental range, with the focus on adeptly crafted lyrics, don't overlook the music, however, there's a quiet brilliance in McGuire's creations, 'Southern Attraction' has universal appeal" Wildy Haskell

This is country music with words that reflect what country is all about. Like when Mike says "I'm movin out of LA, tradin my Prius for a Chevrolet... I'm gonna walk through the carrot fields when I get back to Bakersfield". So if you want to hear more of the simple life head on down to Mike's YouTube Channel and dive right in.

Bootleggers Band

An amazing amount of talent from the Hollywood area with Robert "Bob" Smile and Mike Grimes, Texas influences with Jerry Mosley and Southern Rock with Billy Tucker made up a band that were not only easy to enjoy but fun to listen to. Formed in 2008 they released their album Stump Water in 2012 to their local community with great results and won the Akademia Award in October 2016 for "Best Country Band".
Bootleggers Band is:

Billy Tucker- Lead Vocals and Rythm Guitar
Mike Grimes - Bass Guitar and Back-up Vocals
Jerry Mosely - Drums and Back-up Vocals
Robert "Bob" Smile - Lead Guitar

Bootlegger Band is some pickin at it's finest. You can find them on cdbaby.

The C.R. Ecker Band

When Charles Ecker set out to form The C.R. Ecker Band in the Summer of 2011, his goal was to move his music from Traditional Country on to a new sound, which evolved within two years into "Heartland Country."
Reaction was instant to his new kind of music, with Buck McCoy of Independent Music Network telling his audience, when the group was named IMN Country Band of the Year, that Ecker had "shot up like a rocket" with his groups style and substance.
He said that when Charlie and Company were named Country Band of the Year at IMN, the same time The C.R. Ecker Band was accorded the same honor at Starliner's Europe.
So now, one of the newest members of The Recording Academy, fresh off his L.A. Music Awards "Career Country Songwriter" honor spanning the 25--year history of that organization, Ecker pushes the envelope even further, in this case with co-writer Michael Stanton (and lead singer) on hard-edges country-rocker "Duty Country Honor" for a tribute to all who love freedom and the men and women who defend it.

This band returns to Music Arts with new country songs that inspire true patriotism. Listen to them on their Revernation page.

Denver Doe

Curtis Denver Doe Culkin started writing his songs in his late teen to early twenties. he grew up in Boulder Colorado and now resides in Lafayette Colorado witch is about 25mins from Denver Colorado. in the mid 2000's Curtis made his first album and sent it to Paramount Song in Nashville. much to his surprise he was offered a 4 song, songwriting contract. he went on to do 9 total tracks and released them with little success titled Curtis C. Presents Blues Vol. 1. he took time off from the music world and went to school. around 2013 he began writing music again and sent a song called 5280 and to Paramount Song and that is where he stands today. this young writer also has a book out and other various artistic projects going on and is shaping up to make a possible living in the industry.

We attribute this amazing success do to the fact that Denver Doe's music is in fact some really good blues. Listen for yourself on his YouTube channel.

Chelsey Danfield

From the fields of her family's soybean and miniature pony farm this 24 year old singer/performer/songwriter has just released her 1st album entitled "Cowboy" featuring 12 original songs. It is currently available on streaming and retail outlets worldwide. “Growing up outside of a one stoplight farming town called Maidstone Ontario, I realized quickly that country music told my family's story. It was who we were and what we did. Whether it be bailing hay, riding a skittish pony, attending a funeral, anniversary, or birthday party, country music was how we communicated, celebrated, mourned, worked and lived." "The songs that I write are inspired by the lives of my grandparents and sometimes slightly exaggerated recollections of events that have occurred in my personal life. Regardless if it be about an honorary ex or a valiant escape from the hospital, my songs come from a really genuine place. I'm passionate about country music that tells a story and either transports you to another place and time or makes you fall in love with where you are at that very moment."
Chelsey has shared stages with the likes of Little Big Town, Dwight Yoakum, Mark Chesnutt, Kenny Chesney, Lone Star and most recently at Ft. Irwin Army Training Base at Ft. Irwin Nevada for four thousand U.S. Army troops opening for Blue Oyster Cult. Chelsey hooked up with Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit producer and former Iggy Pop/David Bowie lead guitarist Stacy Heydon. This collaboration led to her 1st album release "Cowboy" on AMG Records.

Pure and a pure delight. Liaten to Chelsey on her YouTube channel.

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz
featuring Sandy J and Chris Yeh

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz prides itself in recording catchy, singalong type songs. We try to sound varied and not stuck with one cliched style of music.Our latest, "Love Will See Us Through", is a duet love song.
You have to listen to this new and exciting release featuring Sandy J and Chris Yeh. Island music doesn't get much better. This is "Da Kine"! Hear them on their YouTube Channel.

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David Crawford

David Crawford was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. David received a full scholarship to California Institute of the Arts and received a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Music.
David's professional career began as an Orchestrator/Arranger for such artists as Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, The Whispers,, Bobby Womack and many others just to name a few.
As a flutist his professional career includes commercial recordings (Ahmad Jamal, Temptations & Vesta), TV commercials and Live performances with Stevie Wonder and Isaac Hayes. He has performed with the Santa Monica & Burbank Symphony Orchestras as well.

As a contributor to the sound of other great stars now it's Davids turn to step into the limelight. Listen to him on his YouTube Channel.

Florian Ross Trio

Florian Ross, born 1972 and based in Cologne, Germany, is a musical explorer. His recordings (this is the 14th album since 1998) focus on the multifaceted jazz tradition and his extraordinary handling of contemporary material.
In all formations, from trio, quintet, string orchestra to brass ensemble, Ross succeeds in reconciling two seemingly different musical forms: improvised and composed.
While many of his European colleagues consider it a virtue to distance themselves from the mainstream, another camp makes an effort to continue the American jazz tradition in Europe as authentically as possible - Ross' music is a refreshing break from an often embarrassing programmatic context.
With his third album in the Trio format, Ross focuses on diverse sounds and an eclectic mix of standard piano trio and modern jazz-fusion with electronic modernism. Sometimes getting transported to 70's proto funk/pop, sounding retro, yet new and fresh at the same time - spectacular audio craft that somehow makes all of the diverse styles meld effortlessly into each other.

Very much the jazz impresarios but we still don't get the relationship between "the pigs and fairies". You can hear their work on their YouTube channel.

Jerry Collins

Jerry is neither singer nor songwriter, yet has a hobby as a music lyricist. His lyrics seem to lean toward a country or gospel mix. He uses studio musicians to complete his songs with melody and vocals. Jerry's music is heard all over the world through internet radio. Following Wisdom has scored a 7.6 and Hold Your Hands Up has scored a 7.9 review rate for ranking 97%, earning both a placement on the ReverbNation Featured Artist spotlight from Crowd Reviews. Jerry's music is copyrighted for music/composition, registered with BMI and is distributed by distrokid or cdbaby. Jerry's content is so deep, real, and sincere. This is not even outright poetry - Just pure, God-given talent.

Interesting sound sort of like a religious Neil Young. Hear Jerry on his website and you decide.

Katie Belle

KATIE BELLE: ... A CITY GIRL WITH A COUNTRY HEART Her music style is best described as Country Crossover. Being the creative person she is and listening to those around her, she has been encouraged to utilize her talents in singing, songwriting, Katie Belle modeling and acting. Her motto can be summarized as "being in the entertainment industry is a multi-tasking journey, with modeling, acting and live performances that work hand in hand to challenge her and mature her talents."
Katie is passionate about her songwriting and is a writer on all her originals. She looks to her life and those around her for inspiration. Her lyrics can be described as poetic, insightful, empowering, fun and energetic.
This summer Katie has been nominated in The Josie Country Blast Radio Awards and The International Music and Entertainment Awards ( IMEA). She brought home 2016 Female Country at Women In Charge and 2015 Country Female Artist Award at the IMEA Awards last October, she is humbled to have been nominated once again.
Several of her originals have placed as semi-finalist and finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and USA Songwriting Competitions. Her official cover song "Counting Stars" is charted #3 on the worldwide song charts of Beat100 and won the prestigious Akademia Music Video Award. Katie BelleCheck out YouTube to see the energy and originality Katie puts into her music as she is constantly uploading content.
She began songwriting at the age of 11, penning her first produced song, Born For This in the once named Hotel Indigo in West End Nashville. Thus began her journey to take her everyday experiences and express them through songwriting. Katie regularly travels to the Nashville area for songwriting sessions; she enjoys performing live at any chance she gets. Putting in the work is completely overshadowed by the love for her fans when she sees a song connect with her audience.
Katie will tell you it makes her heart beat fast to sing, share and encourage others to follow their dreams.
Katie has logged many hours of stage time through her touring on the acclaimed ROYOL tour. This tour travels across the US presenting to High School and Middle School students a message about Teen Suicide Prevention and how to handle being bullied. Katie has traveled over 20 weeks during the 2014-15-16 seasons. Whether it's a crowd of 40 - or 2500 - Katie shines from the stage with her passion and energy.

Multi-talented is this girl with country ambition. Her music doesn't sit still and apparently neither does Katie Belle as she rockets towards Stardom.-Marcus Walton, editor Music Arts Magazine. Listen to her work on her YouTube Channel.

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