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Brad St Jean

Brad St Jean's musical roots are deep, and so his be-coming a musician was as natural as breathing. He learned to play the drums at the age of ten and by the age of eleven he was performing on stage.
From the beginning, Brad admired great songwriting and especially the songs of storytellers and knew that he wanted to follow in their footsteps. His goal was to create what he calls 'three minute movies for the mind', reminiscent of the country songs that had inspired him. Brad's original hard-hitting songs tell the stories of the places he's been, the people he's met and the situations he's encountered along the way.

Listen to Brad on his website.

Torrey Mercer

The award winning Torrey Mercer is an artist who strives to be brave, and to help her fans and followers become brave with her. Torrey wants to see the faces of her fans light up and smile, and that is her biggest mission as a recording artist. "To make other people happy." Making her humble beginnings in musical theater, being cast as a leading role in over 30 musical theatre productions.
Making her humble beginnings in musical theater, being cast as a leading role in over 30 musical theatre productions, Torrey always knew that she wanted to be onstage. She entered a variety of singing contests starting at age thirteen, winning first place in competitions such as the National Key Club Talent Competition, Del Mar TV Idol, Search for Talent, and more. Torrey has also sang for a variety of different major venues. She won "Best Inspirational Singer" in 2009 at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood in a competition called "Hollywood's Best New Talent", has sang the National Anthem for the National Football League for over 50,000 people, the US Tennis Open, Girl Scouts of America, and the San Diego Polo Fields, performed at the San Diego and Los Angeles House of Blues, the San Diego Convention Center, the San Diego County Fair, and a variety of other venues in both San Diego and Los Angeles. She has worked with a variety of different vocal coaches in both musical theatre and pop music training, including Dorian Holley, a former vocal coach of both Michael Jackson and American Idol vocal coach, David Coury, the voice coach of Leona Lewis and Ashley Tisdale, Leigh Scarritt for musical theatre and pop training, Roy Mote, Bob Marks, and more.

Torrey is everywhere but if you can't see her live take a listen on her website.

John Thayer

In the past, John Thayer has made music his avocation while owning and managing two successful business products companies. After growing his first company into the largest independent supplies and furniture dealer in the NW region, the business was sold to U.S. Office Products in 1996. His second company was founded in 2001, and has grown into one of the largest independent office product dealers on the West Coast with sales offices in Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. John has continued to nurture his passion for music over the past 10 years becoming a dedicated singer and composer while writing and producing his own library of songs.

Truley enjoyable music from a hugh talent. Listen to John on his website.

Coctel Lounge

Coctel Lounge es el fruto del esfuerzo creativo del músico y compositor colombo-británico radicado en Colombia Kevin M. Rooke, quién a lo largo de los últimos 20 años escribió, compuso y preparó laboriosamente el material que constituye al día de hoy la discografía completa de Coctel Lounge, esperando a que se presentasen las circunstancias adecuadas en el tiempo y el espacio para consolidar de forma tangible su prolijo material.
Dicen que todo en la vida tiene su momento y su lugar, ya que, en el espacio dos décadas, Kevin intentó, en repetidas ocasiones, trazar el sendero para darle cauce a la música.
Pero la vida misma se encargó de maquinar otras sendas. En medio de los varios intentos fallidos de grabar las canciones ocurrieron otras cosas, cosas que trajeron consigo nuevas vivencias; engaños y desengaños, encuentros y desencuentros, largos períodos de introspección y abstracción, pobreza y riqueza, arraigo y desarraigo, amparo y desamparo...y mientras discurrían los años en busca de su lugar en el mundo, se gestaban a la vez, a su propia cadencia y ritmo, otras canciones que comenzaron a bosquejar con más definición el cuerpo de lo que es hoy Coctel Lounge, tanto discográfica, como filosófica e ideológicamente.

Coctel Lounge is the result of the creative efforts of the Colombian-British musician and composer based in Colombia Kevin M. Rooke, quiéna over the last 20 years he wrote, composed and prepared laboriously material today is the complete discography of Cocktail Lounge, waiting for the right circumstances arise in the time and space to consolidate its neat tangibly material.
They say that everything in life has its time and place as in space. For two decades, Kevin tried, repeatedly, to trace the path to give his music a channel. But life itself was responsible other paths. Amid the several failed attempts to record the songs occurred through things that brought new experiences; deceptions and disappointments, and disagreements, introspection and long periods of abstraction, poverty and wealth, roots and rootlessness, shelter and homelessness ... and as the years ran in search of his place in the world, were brewing at once to his own cadence and rhythm, other songs that began to more clearly outline the body of what is today Cocktail Lounge, both label as philosophically and ideologically.

Escuche Coctel Lounge, si no ahora, ¿cuándo? Visti su página web.

Amabel Fran

As a child and teenager, Amabel found herself allured by the vocal harmonies of salsa as well as the slow-tempo melodies of the Latin dance genre of bolero. Her musical influences were diverse and included artists across many different generations, such as the various musical acts of Fania Records. In addition, she often listened to bands such as Café Tacuba, Counting Crows and The Dave Matthews Band.
As early as 2002, Amabel was working within the performance art of spoken word poetry. She co-founded a traveling poetic troupe that brought musical accompaniment into their performances. In addition, they had integrated traditional Afro-Caribbean drums and other ethnic sounds into their shows. Eventually, Amabel moved from Puerto Rico to New York City. In 2007, she had joined a three-part harmony band that began touring throughout Brooklyn. She was both a vocalist and an instrumentalist, performing on guitar, djembe and the maracas. After three years, Amabel knew it was time to begin another phase of her musical life, but this time it would be as a solo artist.
Looking beyond 2014, Amabel has an assortment of musical scores and musings awaiting completion and release. She plans to continue to harness her inimitable ability to meld introspective and emotive elements and tap into human emotions using semantics and soundscapes. As a poet, composer, storyteller, instrumentalist and vocalist, there is no other artist with such a recipe as the one stirring within Amabel Fran's "Melting Pot of Muse."

Salsa Hip-Hop? You decide. Listen to Amabel on her website.

John Martin Davis Band

The John Martin Davis Band is an American Country/Folk band based out of Mobile, Alabama. The lineup currently consists of John Martin Davis (guitar, vocals), Daniel Davis (banjo, vocals), Dave Denton (Electric Guitar), Taylor Watson (Drums), and Daniel Maqueda (Bass).
Growing up in the small town of Brookhaven, MS, John Martin and Daniel have lived simple lives. After finding a home near the ocean the past 5 years, their music emulates a one of a kind mixture of a life on the sand and a sweet southern lifestyle unparalleled by any other culture.
The title of our new album is "Beginnings", being this is our first album. We were able to record our album at Duck Tape Studios with the Legendary producer, Johnny Sandlin. Being well know in the Muscle Shoals area, Johnny produced all of the Allman Brother albums and spent much of his career working for FAME Records in Muscle Shoals. Since we were up there and had the legend producing we thought it would only be appropriate to have the real Muscle Shoals musicians playing on it. Players included David Hood (Bass, an original "Swamper"), Will Mcfarland (Guitar, considered a "Swamper", guitarist for artist Bonnie Raitt), Bill Stewart (Drums, has played on many Allman Brother albums), NC Thurman (Keys&Organ, toured with artist such as Willie Nelson), and Donnie Carpenter (Fiddle, toured with artist such as Blake Shelton).
We have sent it off to be mixed by executive producer of all audio for the TV show "Criminal Minds", Scott Gordon. We are very excited about this album and believe it will set the path for our success.

This band is on a path to success. Just listen to them on their website.

Matthew James Allen

Matthew James Allen is a singer/songwriter from the tall pines of East Texas. Living life in the Town That Dreaded Sundown tends to lead the music from Texarkana into a dark direction. Some of that seems to bleed into the songs of Matthew James Allen...but for the most part, his music is introspective, positive, and inspiring.
In the early days of Matt's musical journey, he fronted the early 2000's alternative rock band, Midwinter. The band garnered a modest fanbase with their single "Save Me" , which is where he first paired up with producer, Frank Pryor. This was the beginning of a long friendship and musical partnership that still flourishes today.
After Midwinter dissolved in the mid 2000's, and encouraged by his friend and A - List songwriter, Michael Farren, Matt had the opportunity to relocate to Nashville, TN. This move was a very difficult, and rewarding phase in the journey. While in Nashville, Matt had the opportunity to get involved with the incredible songwriting scene. Having co-written with many of the town's elite writers, Matt was confident that struggling to be noticed in Nashville would eventually pay off. Spending hours daily writing, meeting with different publishing companies and record labels, Matt was slowly getting into that inner circle. All the while back home in Texas, his father was slowly withering away. In 2012, Matt made the difficult decision to move back to Texarkana to be with his father during his last days.
Matt wasn't sure what would be next for him on his musical journey. Landlocked in Texarkana...and by chance, he ran in to his old friend, and now award winning producer, Frank Pryor. The two decided to partner up again and release Matt's music a single at a time on Frank's fledgling record label, Artistry Entertainment Group. Getting away from the praise and worship, and country music that Nashville wanted Matt to write, the new partnership allows Matt to write songs that are true to himself. The songs are about faith, love, hope, and life....and everything in between. This is truly Matt's diary, and his heart is open completely.

What wonderful songs of praise and encouragement. Whether he is talking to a lover, a friend or his father in heaven, Matt is the definition of inspiration. Listen to him on Artistry Entertainment Group's website.

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Angela Marie Project

AMP began in 2010 playing the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene music scene as a project. It was comprised of a suite of musicians that were welcome to put their flare on Angela Marie's original songs. The years went on and eventually the formidable musicians that understood her mission, passion and long term goals settled in to create the current Angela Marie Project. Angela Marie came with an arsenal of songs written about longing, love, discovery, travel, home, contentment and other familiar experiences that most humans possess in some form.
Angela Marie commands the stage, armed with an arsenal of songs that could only come from her. Songs of longing and love. Travel and discovery. Home and contentment. Drawing from her Midwest roots singing in bands since she was 12, she is a force to be reckoned with on the stage. Her smoking vocals and driving acoustic guitar create a charged energy that's contagious to her bandmates and the audience alike. Angela Marie will pull weeds; but she'd rather pull off a performance that gets the crowd on its feet...dancing, smiling, and singing away its troubles for a while. Come to any live AMP show or listen to one of their albums and that's what you're guaranteed to experience.

Listen to Angela Marie Project on their website to experience smooth, rich, satisfying "earjoyment".

Luca DG

Luca Di Girolamo, stage name Luca DG was born in 1984 as the third child of a Southern Italian family. Growing up as the youngest member of the family allowed him to develop his artistic side without the parental pressure to choose a more traditional profession.
His passion for music showed during his time in school, he was about 11 years old when his music teacher noticed his vocal skills during the lessons and encouraged him to join I Fantanasia, a student folk music band that became popular with singing traditional Neapolitan songs. With this, Luca embarked on a new chapter of life filled with music and singing.
Since living in London, Luca performed live at several public events including the West End charity event Les Mis Gives at the Prince of Wales theatre in late 2010 - along with José Albentosa - and more recently at the opening night of the art exhibition Front of House On The Walls in Battersea on 11 September 2011. Here, Luca gave an exclusive preview of some of the songs from his upcoming EP Words - premiering the next single I Must Like It and When I Come Back Home along with an acoustic version of Your Words and surprised the audience with a cover version of Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head.
In May 2013 he collaborates on a new single song, I Just Wanna Dance, with the young and talented producer from Manchester, Michael Poplawski. The song try to reproduce the 80's vibe. Not Just the music but even the style for the video and the artwork are inspired by that period. Jo' Ferrandu, Julieta Piacenza and Jemany Studio are the people who took care of the video production and the style. In June 2013 the song was publish on iTunes and digital stores through the digital distributor TuneCore.

Listen to Luca DG at his website.

Emily Costa

Emily Costa is a young musician who made a decision early in life to pursue a career as a professional recording artist. She began sing at the age of 8 and in a short time picked up the guitar, from there Emily has now branched out to bass and piano. With impressive performances and undeniable musical talent she quickly caught the ears of a local record label; Cloverspell Records. Emily Costa signed a record deal with Cloverspell Records in late Summer 2012 at the age of 13. Cloverspell Records released Dreamstar in September 2012. The EP features two singles now available worldwide. It is not common for a young teenager to exibit such talent, dedication, creativity and professionalism. With continued focus this rising star could one day be a household name!

Strong vibrant music from a a young new STAR!

Connor Daniel

Next Door To The Moon is the solo project of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Connor Daniel. It all started back in April of 2013 when the 18 year old began recording his captivating 8 track debut album. "I had spent a good amount of time writing songs and picking out which ones I had already written that would be worth putting on the album" says Connor regarding the pre-production, "I knew that every track on this album would have to be single-worthy; there was no room for anything less than spectacular." To accomplish his goals for the level of songwriting and production he was after, Connor joined forces with extraordinary producer Jim Monahan, and brilliant recording engineer Doug Scott.
Although Connor's main instrument is guitar and vocals, he contributed every instrument you hear on this record. "A lot of people know me as just a guitar player and singer, but I am actually a self-taught drummer and bass player as well. In addition, I learned how to play the piano before I learned guitar." The album was mixed by Sweethead/Plexi drummer Norm Block (Connor's cousin) with additional mixing by Robinson Eikenberry. The album was mastered by John Golden (Green Day, Tom Morello's Nightwatchmen). Once everything was complete in January 2014, Connor spent a good deal of time figuring out what his artist name should be (which contributed heavily to the delay in the album's release). At one point, a family member suggested "Next Door to the Moon" and it immediately resonated with Connor. Due to the overwhelming consensus of how many people liked the name, he decided to go for it.

Be wow'd! Listen to Conner on his website.

Corey Roberts

Back from a 15-year hiatus from the recording industry, Corey Roberts has hit the ground running with his latest release, Here in the Middle on nub records. The Acoustic, Pop, Rock album was written over the last 20 years and recorded over the last 13 years in Austin, TX. HITM highlights wide lyrical ranges over sweet melancholy piano passages both accompanied by a soothing acoustic guitar.
Roberts, a vocal and piano major in college, plays almost all the instruments on the album, which can be broken into three divisions based on the instrumentation used. Everything You Wanted and It Was Me show off the intimacy of just a lone acoustic guitar chased by an inquisitive vocal melody. The second division adds more instruments such as a haunting sustained piano coupled with multiple lyric harmonies in She Says and Where You Are. The busiest of the tracks, such as the title track, Here In The Middle or The Girl You Used To Know, feature a guest percussionist with Roberts adding on a bass and lead guitar.
In the 90's, Corey headed up such bands as The Groove Merchants, Alexander Inmate, Wookin' pa Nub and started the label nubrecords in 1993, which housed over 25 bands at its peak. After relocating to Austin, TX in 1998, Roberts opened ponysound, which is a state of the art, audio post-production studio focusing on national TV and radio ads. "The Success of the studios has allowed me to take my time recording this album," says Roberts. Corey's three main influences on the album are Simon and Garfunkel, Beck and Merle Haggard. He is currently supporting the album with solo acoustic shows.

Listen to Corey's comeback on his website.

Eddy Faulkner

Eddy Faulkner started songwriting in 2008 and in 2009 composed music to the songs. In 2010 Eddy started his solo career of a singer/songwriter, folk, acoustic, rock and even blues/funk feel to the songs. It was about personal experiences, life, love, and all of things that everyone can relate too. Eddy's main influence was John Mayer back then, and also other great artists such as Eric Clapton, BB King, Jason Mraz, and others. At the start of 2012 Eddy started to gain influence from other areas of music such as Top 40, Pop Rock, and Rock music moving away from his original singer/songwriter and in other words nowadays more alternative feel. He started to move towards more of a mainstream feel finding his voice fitted actually better with the new songs.
Since 2010, Eddy continued to expand his songwriting, singing, and instrument technique and always trying something new while evolving. Eddy's mission since starting his career has always been to create music that is universal both sonically and lyrically. Eddy's music does not fit into one genre, but instead crossover into many different genres. In the summer in 2013 Eddy wrote a song called "I Won't Give Up" which turned out to be his first release through Premier in 2014. The reception from "I Won't Give Up" was received enthusiastically by the masses with personal messages to Eddy about how it changed their lives, and even saved some of their lives just from the words. "I Won't Give Up" has since climbed the National Radio Airplay Charts. It proves that people not only enjoy the song, but they get it. Eddy love making music and I wants to keep making music that everyone around the world can enjoy and relate to.

Eddy looks incredible young but don't be taking in because he is incredible talented. Check him out on Premier Records.


Brazilian singer-songwriter Priscilla made her US debut in 2014. The video for the first single “See U on the Dance Floor,” choreographed by acclaimed dancers Dionne "Loca De Jamaica" Renée (Shakira, Usher, Chris Brown, Sean Paul) and Lorenzo "Zagga Zo" Hanna (Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, MGK), is the perfect platform to showcase the latin beauty's professional dance skills.
Priscilla vigorously involves herself in the creative process behind her music. Her ultra-pop sound married with infectious dance beats has listeners comparing her to the likes of Britney Spears.
Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Priscilla first discovered her passion for performance at the early age of 6. Even as a little girl, she always admired artists like Michael Jackson who were so gifted at dancing and singing. Having won her very first dance contest, while also holding the distinction of being the youngest dancer in the competition, Priscilla quickly became known as a local prodigy. She began performing regularly at the famous Brazilian theatre, Teatro Marília, and ultimately appeared on a number of Brazilian television shows.
Priscilla's single-parent upbringing was not an easy one. So at age 17, she left her home country of Brazil and relocated to Portugal where she attended college and acquired a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. While in college, a requirement of her parents, Priscilla spent much of her off time rescuing animals and writing songs. But Portugal never felt right for the budding young starlet – she always knew there was only one place in the world where she could fully realize her dreams. So shortly after graduating, at age 22, she decided to move to Los Angeles in order to pursue her passion for music. And within a few day of her arrival, she had already been invited to sing on an album being recorded in a Hollywood studio. Her talent immediately caught the attention of the producer and resulted in her recording an EP of her own songs. In addition to her love for music and dance, Priscilla is an ardent animal lover and adamant advocate of the animal rights organization PETA.
Priscilla currently resides in Los Angeles with her two dogs, Billy and Suzy.

Gimme dat ball! Wow! What music, what a beat, what talent! Check her out on her website.

Ryan David Orr

For almost two decades, Ryan has been a major player on the American folk scene. A singer-songwriter and experienced musician, he has traveled all over the United States playing in many of folk music's legendary venues. For Ryan, performing and writing is a family tradition. His grandmother played sax and clarinet and his mother was a professional folk singer. Growing up in Ashland, Oregon, Ryan traveled with his mother to venues and festivals up and down the west coast. So, it was only natural when Ryan started to join his mom on stage, playing the violin by age seven and learning the guitar at 12.
Even at a young age, it was clear that Ryan was a talented musician. He was selected to join the Northwest Children's Honor Choir and performed in a professional production of the opera Tosca. As a teenager, Ryan began writing his own music and at 13, he moved with his mother to Tennessee to join the Nashville music scene. He continued to hone his musical talent as they moved once again to Asheville, North Carolina. He spent the next few years playing with a band and experimenting with the hard rock and grunge scene of the 1990s. Ryan knew though that he would eventually return to his folk roots.
Ryan credits his mother as being one of the biggest influences on his career. For him, music is about storytelling and folk has always been a dynamic platform for music writing. Moving beyond the cut and dry, he can work in the symbolic and diverse tradition of legends like Carole King, Joan Baez and James Taylor. Over the past decade, Ryan has released four albums, and he writes everything that he records.

With lyrics that make you tingle like meeting Peter at the gates of Heaven. You must listen to Ryan's music on his website.

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Heather Scarlett Rose

Heather Scarlett is an award winning singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area.
A graduate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, she has won both First Place in Blues and Honorable Mention in Rock in the West Coast Songwriter’s Competition in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Her music has been written about in Computer Music Magazine, and dozens of local magazines across the country. Her music has also received airplay on college radio stations nation wide, as well as been featured in dozens of music blogs internationally. Heather Scarlett has joined up with several bands over the years including The Heather & Ben Show, Gold Band, Stealing Earth, White Roses and the Captain Wolf Band. She has released several albums with these bands. More recently she has released two albums,California and Boundless, under her solo project Heather Scarlett Rose. She currently plays out frequently in the San Francisco Bay Area with The Heather & Ben Show (Heather on guitar and vocals and Ben Stanton on Percussion) and with the Gold Band (San Francisco Latin Rock ensemble).
Heather Scarlett tells stories in her songs. Stories of love, friendship, social and political events. She is greatly influenced by artists such as Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, Bob Dylan, Igor Stravisnky, Billie Holiday and Paul Simon. Heather is an animal rights activist, an environmentalist, a peace keeper, and a firm believer in the power of love and the power of music. Heather is also a practicing Buddhist and a true believer in mindfulness and the power of meditation.

Inspiring and a true pleasure to listen to the compositions that Heather created. Listen to her on her website.

Patricia Lomako

Patricia Lomako ("Patricia Blush") is a solo singer-songwriter and a lead singer of the band Bessonido, which released an EP through Grade 9 Records non-profit music label under EMI and Warner Brothers. The album was distributed worldwide and all the revenue goes to Revolution Harmony, charities in South Africa.
The interesting fact about the stage name: Patricia "Blush" - has been chosen as a stage name as a singer by herself as she always has been embarrassed by having very pink chicks quite often. It doesn't matter is she laughing or nervous, is she singing or just talking emotionally - you can notice her chicks are really pink. Even she hated this fact, she hasdecided to turn the disadvantage to a privilege in Music Business, this is why the stage name "Patricia Blush" has been approved.
Patricia was born in Jurmala, Latvia in 1991.
She participated in many Latvian vocal competitions such as Freestyle, Tatyanas Day, Do-Re-Mi, Just Know Yours ("Znai Nashih") and got wining places, was a contestant of The international Competition of Vocal Performance - "Jaltas Cost" 2008, Baltic countries contest "Baltic Talents".
This year Patricia has been chosen as a finalist for Cannes International Youth Competition which will take part in May 2014, in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival. Also, her band Bessonido has been shortlisted for MTV Brand New Unsigned 2013.
Patricia is not just a singer-songwriter, she also a producer and specializes in Dance Music (Electro-Pop and House, Electro House and other genres of modern Pop) She composes and produces songs not only for herself but for other upcoming artists. Her songs have been in TOP10 of the young artists chart at one of the most popular Latvian radio station MixFM 102.7.
4 years ago she came to London to study music and already has finished BTEC National Diploma in Music Practice, passed Advanced Popular Music Theory exam and just finished BMus Professional Music Performance Degree (Vocals) at The Academy of Contemporary Music (Guildford).

Energetic music to say the least! Listen to Patricia on her Facebook Page.

Hella Donna

Hella Donna (means: "Hell, what a woman") is a Saxony (Germany) based pop project and stands for expressive modern pop - a powerful mix of groovy pop songs, rock tracks with electro-, house- and RnB-elements as well as emotional and soulful ballads.
Hella Donna was founded in 2003 by guitarist Sven Hessel from Plauen/Vogtland. Currently, the group is represented by the charismatic Anika Karabas (Vocals, Since 2011 successor to the former frontwoman Cindy Leißner) and her four fellow musicians Sven Hessel (Guitar), René Voigt (Bass), Lars Henrik Lincke (Keys) and Christian Scherff (Drums, Backing vocals).
The first successes, first publications, first concerts.
The original cover band Hella Donna had arranged within the shortest possible time to get plenty of attention on their own songs. The tracks take very quickly their place in the regional, national and even international web and radio charts.
Another highlight in April 2014 was a tour through Germany, Switzerland and Poland as the support of the British Led Zeppelin tribute band Letz Zep. Especially Anika and her boys were also excited to cooperation with the New European Westling League (N.E.W. ) for a new anthem produced by Hella Donna.
For 2014, the publication of the single "Gimme - Light, Camera & Action" (May 2014), a collaboration with U.S. indie rapper and YouTube Star None Like Joshua as well as the release of th fourth studio album "Unbreakable" (June 2014) is planned.
In addition, Anika Karabas and her four band mates look forward to numerous festival and club shows throughout Germany!

Listen to "Hella Donna" on her website.


Meresha has performed solo and as a member of bands in both the United States and Europe.
Still a teen, she has been composing and recording her own music for over 5 years. All the words and sounds are her own creation.
She plays guitar, keys and drums.
In 2013, she ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. She had support from over 100 fans on 5 continents and achieved over 200% of her goal.
The Limited edition EP "Lunatic" which resulted was shared with supporters and featured an earlier version of her current single "Fool Don't Be". The songs from the EP had their debut at B.B. King's in a concert by Meresha and her band "The Alien Invasion".
Earlier, Meresha sang and played rock and pop music originally performed by James Blake, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Christina Aguilera, The Ramones, The Who and many others in front of large theater and stadium audiences.

Don't be fooled by Meresha's age. She has talent that goes way beyond her years. Check it out on her website.

Becca Hess

Born into a musical family, it did not take long before Becca heard the music calling her to come out and play; and play she does! Heavily influenced by many genres of classic music, Becca has a very unique sound. She started out singing with her big sister in the back seat of her daddy's truck. As he drove across the country performing shows, the 2 girls would sell dads CDs to his fans. But doing merch was not what Becca had in mind. She wanted that spot light and she was willing to work for it.
Since that time she has earned herself a very loyal fan following in her hometown of Fort McMurray, AB. There she performs on a regular basis at various functions including the Winterplay and Interplay festivals, a string of local pubs and night clubs and various community events. Most notably Becca has opened shows for such major artists as Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Travis Tritt, Trooper, Sweeney Todd, Wynonna, Dwight Yoakam and many more. She has also performed at the Merritt Mountain Music Fest, the Rockin' River Music Fest (in Mission BC) and the 542 Music Fest in Deming Washington. She is not only a talented singer and entertainer but a gifted songwriter with a big book of songs she is ready to record. Her performances on YouTube have received some 25 thousand views.
Everyone around Becca Hess feels she is ready to step on the big stage and take her shot…So if you hear a bang coming out of the north don't let it scare you…It's just Becca Hess.

I would say that everyone around her is about right! Becca is ready to take the "Big Stage". Listen for yourseft on her website.

Jason Wells

Jason Wells walked away from the security of an hourly job to pursue a music career. Many have called him crazy, but Jason realized that you only have one life to live and he wants to make a difference with his life. In 2008 when the economy went bad and everyone was loosing there jobs, Jason didn’t escape the trouble. He was laid off work for a year and a half and turned that opportunity into his chance to start his music career. A year and a half later Jason had the chance to go back to work, and he caved in to the pressure of what seemed sensible. But four months later, Jason father passed away from cancer. This was the moment he realized that he was in the wrong place. Many thought he was not handling the loss very well but to Jason, it was fuel to the fire to start living.

Jason made the right call! His music is reminiscent of some the great country stars. Take a listen on his website.

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