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For The 4th Year In A Row Singer Songwriter Sarantos Releases Another New Pop Rock CD This November.
A new song, music video, book chapter and Behind the scenes video has continued to be released every month by Sarantos. The fantastic pace and regular routine continues uninterrupted.
The 4th CD "Your SMile" with 11 original songs will drop on November 21st, 2017. The CD can be ordered everywhere on sites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google but also directly from the website as an exclusive limited edition autographed copy. Purchasing on the website will automatically sign you up for a free raffle with a lot of fan extras like a chance to have dinner with Sarantos.
"This 4th CD is ultimately about the future," says Sarantos. "I, like almost everyone, has gone thru many highs and lows. I think the past teaches us important lessons but ultimately we have to live in the present and build for the future! Life's journey continues. I want to thank all of my fans for continuing to support me on mine. I am very thankful for all their love and support. Anytime you spend even a second with my song, music videos or books, I understand the time you're giving up for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As year #4 is coming to a close, are you ready to do it again? I hope so, because I'm never gonna stop!"
Sarantos is a proud supporter of multiple charities and donates directly to many charitable organizations!
Sarantos' unique sound has been best described by industry insiders as an "emotionally powerful vocal style masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic '80s rock blended with modern soft rock and pop music."

We are please that Sarantos is back with his special music. Listen to more of him on his YouTube channel.

Minotto Christian

A Universitá Ca. Foscari Venezia student of the past years, Minotto Christian is an educated man with a knack for sound. Mastering the piano, keyboard, and synth he knew he needed to round out his sound with friend and fellow musician, guitarist Saccardo Sandro. Together they create a stylish blend of melodic alternative rock. In his career, Minotto Christian has managed to garner himself radio airplay as well as press attention in Venice.
With a continuous love of researching new instruments and sounds himself, Minotto Christian is forever inspired by what Radioplay and Radiohead have done with their careers. He hopes to emulate what they've done with his instrumental take on sound with his own music including "The Horizon," "Star" and "The Cave." Fans have gotten to hear some of those and more live as Minotto Christian has performed in various locations in Italy including events and pubs.
For now, Minotto Christian is focused on creating more music with his partner Saccardo Sandro as long as they can.

Stunning piano and etheral sounds that can stimulate as well as relax. Listen to this creative sound on his YouTube Channel.

Marco Cinelli

Iggy Pop defined him a "proper rock star" after watching one of his performances, Marco Cinelli picked up the guitar at age 11 and now stands on the shoulders of Hendrix, Jeff Beck and BB King. In equal part passionate singer and elegant composer, he's become a consummate [urban soul/pop] singer-songwriter. Born in Latina, Italy and following a stint at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, he moved to Amsterdam with his band, Growlin' Love & Pain, where he produced and released the albums "Slightly Tasteful" (2008) and "Breeze" (2011). Two years later, he came to Paris, where he independently composed and produced the stunning and personal EP, "Parallel Postulate", released 2013. Currently, in addition to continual performing and touring, Marco Cinelli releases his new EP "Watch Me Movin'" , OUT NOW.

This artist is a star that deserves attention. Listen to him on his YouTube channel.

Bill March

Bill March is from Cleveland, OH. In a career spanning over three decades. Bill has played solo and with a countless number of bands, including Cleveland-area recording artists such as Jonah Koslen (Michael Stanley Band, Breathless), Wally Bryson (Raspberries), and was also a founding member of Beau Coup. Bill writes and plays music with a strong "pop" sensibility, with an emphasis on vocals.

Great vocals and easy flow to his music that makes you feel like you have known his music forever. Listen to him on his YouTube channel.

Rebecca Lynn

From Indiana, Rebecca Lynn began singing as a child. Her talent captured the attention of local promoters and soon she was a staple on the Indiana independent music circuit touring with her band. Her single, "Why Do All the Weirdos End Up with Me?" has her teaming up with some of Nashville's top musicians and producers, as well as writer Michael "The Metropolitan Cowboy" Coleman of the band Red Carpet Premiere.
In the vein of traditional female country artists, Rebecca Lynn blends a sound of old school country with that offer self reflective themes.

Rebecca has a clean country sound that brings you home to a feeling of can't get enough. Listen to her on her Apple Tunes page.

Piet Louter

Born in 1953 I started making music (my first love) from my childhood up. When I was 15, I wrote my first songs and I went on writing better and better, resulting in recording a single in 1977 at EMI. Meanwhile I was a singer/guitar player in several cover-bands but in 1987 I was tired of making music and it was time to do my second love; working on a farm.
For twenty years I spent my time with driving tractors, milking cows and all the other hard work as a hand. But blood is thicker than water and like many other musicians and that age, I got a mind to make music again. Earned enough money for living for the rest of my life, I made myself familiar with digital recording with endless possibilities, wrote new songs and in 2012 I had enough stuff to release my album "Footprints In The Sand", which I only released regional and I went on and on, writing new songs and recording and this year I finished my new album "The Fair Story", it's the fair story about power, religion, indoctrination, oppression, exploitation, the human race, overpopulation, people, death and believe in god.
In 2016 I worked on a remix of my album "Footprints In The Sand", as I was unhappy with the sound of the 2012 version and brought it to the world in the Fall of 2016. This album is about my life, starting on how I returned to music after a twenty years intermission. Then it's about some events in my life losing some beloved friends but also about nature and how I think about life and death. Futher on, on this 16 track album, it sounds like a parting, but I hope it's not!

We a Music Arts are glad to welcome back Peiter and his collection of great songs. Listen to him on his website.

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Melanie Edwards

Melanie Edwards is an award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist, violinist and essayist with over 22 years experience, performing both nationally and internationally. She is best known for her hit single "Danie's Lane," winner of several accolades including Ourstage's "New Music Revolution Achievement Award," thrice, and "Best Single" in her genre by "Mashable," which catapulted her into The Deli's "Top 100 Best Songwriters of NYC." Melanie's popular single "Who's Gonna Color in the Middle?" received "Best of World Music" three consecutive months. Her single "Sugar" won "Top Achievement Award in Best Singer-Songwriter," and she was awarded "Best in Jazz" for her ballad "No More Drinking." Melanie ranked "Top 100 Best of Pop" on Ourstage in 2015, as well as "Best Singer Songwriter" for her single "The Circle" in the Online Music Awards. Likewise, she won the Damien Rice Lyric Contest for her rendition of Rice's "9 Crimes" (her version "9 Crimes Response") as "Best Cover" for Artists Den. Melanie has also been nominated as "Best Singer/Songwriter + Best Original Songwriting" for The Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts.

Amazing original compositions and covers. Her haunting vocals are smokin! Hear Melanie on her YouTube channel.

Shotgun Bill

Shotgun Bill's 2nd solo CD " Train Cars, Prison Bars...and a White Guitar" is a blend of coffee house country rock with an original singer / songwriter vibe.He perform his brand of Americana at coffee houses and venues playing a compilation of original songs at the Jersey Shore. By the sound of his music you might think you'd find Bill locked up somewhere, but thats just in his mind. His music is true to rock-a-billy roots
It's great to hear Shotgun Bill again as his music continues to amaze. Listen to him on his website.

The Impersonators

The Impersonators' brand new single opens a new era for the group. The latest Tikka and Autio original "You Are the One" has been co-produced by Janne Saksa and Tommi Tikka at the Sound Supreme Studios in Hämeenlinna, Finland.
The lyrics of the song celebrate the euphoric feeling of realizing that the person you are with really is the one, while the production aims at taking the listener through the emotional roller coaster of relationships.
However, regardless of the unavoidable conflicts people in relationships go through, after all is said and done, love (in its many forms) is really all that matters.
On that note, there is no better time of the year than right before the holidays to remind our listeners of what the great French author Victor Hugo once said, "The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."

These two musicians came together to form a group that is certainly going to get some attention. Listen for yourself on their Soundcloud page.

Joshua L. Schmidt

Grammy nominated singer / songwriter Joshua L. Schmidt's latest release Hold My Soul has the music world buzzing. It has a Classic rock soul with a country flair. Soaring chorus's, beautiful harmonies, and a simple message we can all relate to. Release date is December 3rd, 2017.
Growing up in Detroit, Joshua was heavily inspired by Classic Rock (Zeppelin, Tom Petty), 90's Rock (Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains), and Modern Rock bands such as Rival Sons and The Kooks. Add in powerful soul filled vocals and you have a unique American Rock sound that feels familiar.

Joshua's latest offerings continue to show this country-rock musician has just what it takes to add snap to his country sound. Listen to him on his YouTube channel.

Sarah Khatami

PITTSBURGH, PA, December 22nd, 2017 - Emerging young pop/R&B artist, Sarah Khatami released her single, "This Time," today on iTunes and all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music, as well as Amazon and Google Play. The fun, nostalgic pop song was written by Sarah and produced by Camila Acosta, featuring live musicians John de la Prida (ukulele), Maya Lopez (piano), Oriana Aravena (guitar), AJ Lawrence (bass), and Madden Klass (drums).
The talented musician, singer, and songwriter plays the piano and the ukulele and can sing in both English and her mother tongue Persian. Sarah boasts an emotive and powerful voice with a unique, improvisational flair. She is inspired and influenced by great artists like Christina Aguilera, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Lianne La Havas, and renowned Persian musicians like Googoosh. Sarah is a junior at Berklee College of Music, where she majors in songwriting.

Such a big sound coming from a petite lady. This is someone who should not be missed. Hear Sarah on her YouTube channel.


Their fan base has been growing locally and organically for the past 6 years. They have become known for their feel-good lyrics with great hooks, genre-smashing compositions, a unique combination of vocal harmonies and a relentless energy on stage.
Inseparable since high school, Undecided Future is an Indie Pop band formed in 2012, all five were students of Commercial Music and Film & TV at Orange County School of the Arts, Santa Ana. They had professional musicians as teachers in high school, and were taught at a young age, from the best in the business and were able to get a jump-start on getting booked at venues like Disneyland and Downtown Disney, even though they were so young. While still in high school, they recorded 'Disco Balls & Mating Calls' 2014, a 6 song EP on iTunes and all digital platforms. Their Back-to-School campaign summer of 2017 consisted of a new single "HMU" dropping to all digital platforms as well as 250 college radio stations across the U.S. with a good amount of spins and colleges adding their songs to their libraries.
Undecided Future has a regular gig performing for hundreds of people at the Disneyland resort properties. They entertained their largest crowd of 10,000+ opening for Smash Mouth at the Lake Mission Viejo Summer Concert Series last summer and have played the KAABOO Festival, the CoachHouse, LA & OC County Fairs to name a few. They have given back by performing for numerous, local charities in the area. Dear to their hearts is CHOC Hospital Cancer Center in Orange, as Hayden, the Bass player, had been diagnosed with cancer and spent a lot of time there getting cured this year. Happy to have him back on his feet, the band will be playing at Springboard Festival in Jan 2018 and SXSW in Austin, TX, March 2018. They have die-hard fans of all ages who are cheering them on and going to all their live shows.

Unless something drastic happens I'd say that "Undecided Future's" future has been decided by the talent of these 5 yound men. Lisen for yourself on their YouTube channel.

Johnny Reed

The 6th Album release from Johnny Reed called "Fortress of One" shows the musical inspiration of an artist who has taken a musical career journey few have embarked on. As a Pop Alternative Rock artist, he is a creative anomaly that continues to go where no eye can follow with this new release.
The album has been compared to a Pink Floyd concept album. Reed's music takes his listeners on a ride in and out of multiple genres, while orbiting around his own Rock sound. His inspirations were formed from listening to classics like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Queen, and Moody Blues. Reed uses this foundation to create something fresh and inspiring in the current music scene.
From sizzling electric guitars to floating keyboards and strings, Reed's productions can be seen as fun musical roller coaster rides that can suddenly run deep without any notice. The songs open several social topics for discussion like medication, artificial intelligence, DNA, and inner strength. Self-sufficient is the theme of the "Fortress Of One", and Reed is certainly that. By playing all of the instruments in his own musical productions, he has control to express his music on multiple levels, being present in every aspect of the music creation process.

A standout when it comes to a musician's musician. Reed nails it song after song. Take a listen and see if you agree. Catch some of his songs like "ROBOT NOT ME" on his YouTube channel. .

Zack Kirkorian

Born disabled Zack didn't take to sports but found his outlet in music. Zack's musical education began at the age of five with violin and continued throughout his life culminating in graduation from the Grove School of Music.
Zack recalls his fondest memories of touring the country and playing the Sunset Strip in the days when Gazzarri's, The Roxy, and Whiskey a Go Go ruled. A highlight of that time lead to Zack's role as keyboardist for International Recording Artists, Warrant.
As the vibe died on the Sunset Strip Zack had to reinvent himself landing a technician's position at Steinberg GmbH, one of the world's leading musical software companies and developers of Cubase a popular music recording, arranging and editing software used in digital audio workstations.
Zack's tenure at Steinberg gave him the mastery of studio techniques drawing the attention of Leon Russell who hired Zack as his in-house engineer.
Today Zack brings all his experience back to creating music for mass consumption. Compared to Frank Zappa, Beck, and The Tubes all rolled into one audio experience not explored by today's sample based artists.

A little bit strange this is just the fit for the more eclectic music collector. Listen to Zack on his YouTube channel.


Solex is back with his best album to date. He expands on his "UniverSoul" flavor of smooth and intoxicating music. Get ready to take another trip to the destination of your choice in relaxation.
Solomon Edmond (SOLEX) Originally trained to be a graphic designer at the Atlanta College of Art, a near-death experience took this artist back to his first love, music. Diagnosed with the potentially life threatening disease, Sarcoidosis of the lungs, the graphic design student was forced to drop out of school and convalesce at his parents for several years. What first looked like a wasted opportunity and a big set back turned out to be a lifetime calling. Solomon grew up with music at the heart of the family's Gospel ministry, in his native Bridgeport, Connecticut. This early exposure to music led this eldest son of a preacher to begin playing the bass guitar at age 15 with his family's gospel quartet, The Edmond Family. His passion for playing the keyboard ultimately led him to a career as a Minister of Music for over 25 years as well as a Music Director for stage plays. Solomon's official musical career started with the release of his album Together Again (2007), a soulful compilation of jazz, rooted in gospel with a mild mix of Latin and R&B beats.

Inspiring jazz beat with a groove that is hard to beat. Listen to Solex on his cdbaby page.

Houston Bernard Band

The Houston Bernard Band is a must see! The bad boy of Boston country has assembled a group of musicians that bring vitality and grit to modern country. Their brand of original country music is fresh and hard hitting. Houston delivers one crowd pleasing country anthem after another with both polish and passion, while the band cooks up the good stuff; tight, modern country beats, soaring harmonies and expertly crafted solos. Nominated for Country Act of the Year in 2015, 2016 nd 2017 and Having share bills with Old Dominion, Clint Black, Cadillac Three, The Lacs, Montgomery Gentry, Dierks Bentley, Travis Tritt, Jake Owen, Eli Young Band, Josh Thompson, Scotty McCreery, Pure Prairie League among many other great acts they are considered one of New England's most respected country acts. In 2014 they released Houston Bernard LP, with a successful international line dance hit "Shaky People." In 2015 they Release "Knockin' Boots" to some international success with their single, "Home is in your Arms" and a very popular video for their song, "Yoga Pants." They will released more singles in 2017 with videos. The band is enjoying regional success while gearing up to rock the nation, one town at a time. With down-home sensibility and plenty of rock and roll energy, the Houston Bernard Band has re-imagined modern country with a new philosophy; country music is better raw than fried.

Great country that hold back nothing. Listen to HBB on their YouTube channel.

Hawk and the wild

From the cold and dark environment in Sweden, Hawk and the wild finds his inspiration in the cold and dark parts of humanity and his own heart and mind. But he does it by shedding light on the good in things too, hope if you like. Captivating with a deep voice, mezmerizing lyrics of hardships and extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Extrication Songs is the 10 track debut album from this singer-songwriter that was complemented with three interesting remixes. Two electronic dance/pop tracks by Elow and one country remix by Marko Vanauveräjä.
Hawk and the Wild is a singer/songwriter who’s real name is Jimmy Wiltfalk. As soon as he picked up an instrument the interest for writing music emerged but the indie-folk has only been in focus for the last couple of years. The debut album Extrication Songs was released 2016 with a release tour in Sweden. Jimmy wrote all music and lyrics while also recording most of it in his own home studio. He also plays most live gigs alone as a one man band but he is sometimes accompanied by fellow musicians.

This is exciting music that has a big sound for one man to produce. Hear him on his YouTube channel.

Denner Datti

Denner Datti started singing and playing music at age 13 in bars in São Paulo. At the age of 16 he was hired by a concert house in São Paulo. At that time Denner had to hide his age. At 17 he recorded his first solo album. There was a band called "New Age" that won many music festivals. Denner has won many music festivals. He has always studied hard and was a student of the greatest teachers of music in São Paulo. He played alongside Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Lobão. He played with Tom Zé and was nominated to produce an album with David Byrne in New York. It has a gigantic discography. It produces a lot of music. Produce rock and even classical music! He made more than a thousand concerts and parties and plays guitar, classical guitar, lyric singing, keyboard. He holds a degree (conductor) from the State University of São Paulo. He holds a degree in pedagogy from Universidade Cidade de São Paulo. His lyrics are intelligent and his arrangements very well inspired. Certainly an innovation for the new world pop music. He did numerous courses as a DJ. Has an album as DJ Denner Datti.

It doesn't seem that this musician has slowed down since he started playing professionally at the age of thirteen. Hear this Brazilian artist on his YouTube channel.

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