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Briannagh D

Briannagh is currently working on her material for her first album. She gained significant praise and recognition from her peers and fans with the single and video, "American Fab Kid" (she released in 2014). Both the song and video reflect American diversity and pride, expressed through fashion. Briannagh Dennehy Rising Teen Sensation Burns Up Biilboard Biz Charts.
Rising teen star Briannagh Dennehy is the next teen music sensation to hit the north east. The brilliant, blossoming talented young lady recently released her hit "Stand Tall." The single has steadily climbed the Billboard Biz chart ranking an impressive three in top single sales for the week ending September 20, 2014. The musical giant is truly making waves!
Briannagh is currently working on her material for her first album. She gained significant praise and recognition from her peers and fans with the single and video, "American Fab Kid" (she released in 2014). Both the song and video reflect American diversity and pride, expressed through fashion.

We too think Briannagh is exceptional. Amazingly stong sound coming from someone her age. See for yourself on her website.

Christian Holiday

'The Magic of Christmas' released late in 2014 by 'Suited Records' was written by veteran songwriter Roy Cooper from the UK and his co-writer Jackie Richter from the USA.
Sung by 'Christian Holiday' (of course that's just his Christmas name) it has a classic sound that captures everything good about Christmas and the festive season, balancing home family stuff with an underlying religious tone, in a happy and uplifting way.

They are also offering a special FREE download as a gift from Santa. It is slightly different than the original and has it's own promotional webpage, where the download can be accessed.
SANTA's free giveaway promotion.

Vince Gelonese

Italian born Vince Gelonese is currently winning over new fans in America as the only Australian nominee in the 2014 Hollywood Music Awards with his #1 Hot Singles Billboard Hit "EVERY DREAM".
Australian recording artist Vince Gelonese's song titled "Every Dream" launched in the United States. The song is quickly gaining popularity through its rise in the charts. It is currently holding at #5 in Billboard's top singles. Vince was recently on the Dawn Christie Show, a popular internet radio show that currently has over 800 viewers and listeners all over the world.
"Every Dream" is a love song and a love story. Vince wrote the song after an encounter with, what he feels, was about the love he had for a beautiful lady. He had been writing songs for a number of years but this song portrayed him as a vulnerable man who felt "real" love for the first time in his life.
Vince is also an entertainment producer and has had a successful run with a number of shows in which he is also a performer. His voice has been compared to legendary icons such as Elvis Presley and Tom Jones.

Sorry we can't hear Vince "live" in America but you can catch him on his website.

Luke Potter

Luke is a young artist / songwriter from the UK who's starting to make a buzz with his songs.
He cites "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls as the song that, the moment he heard it playing, made him realize he wanted to be a songwriter.
Shortly after, at the age of 17, Luke picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time and started writing songs not only about love but also about growing up...
Other artists that have influenced Luke include the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Jason Mraz, Fountains of Wayne, Goo Goo Dolls and the music of his father who played in bands way back when!
In a short time he's become a natural songwriter and emerging artist in the making. Music Week selected Luke as one of their ten 'favorite' new talents and commented saying "Luke's songs are beautiful." Promo Only agrees saying it's "exciting hearing such a fresh new and exciting talent like Luke.it's perfect for US radio".
Luke's debut radio single, "We're Alive" impacted several stations on the East Coast in the summer of 2012, having top 30 airplay in Boston and San Francisco with video rotation at Hard Rock Cafes ("Great video") around the world.

Luke is a great new talent and is on the road to setting his star! Check him out on his website.

Payton Gallardo

Payton Gallardo is a singer songwriter with a different approach. Bringing elements of pop, r&b, soul, and folk together to write powerful and catchy songs.
After writing and performing with different bands for years, Payton decided to put her best foot ofrward and focus on recording an album all her own, and all original. From this effort came the Enough EP.
The first single "Though With You" is a folk pop soul song with memorable vocal melodies and a chorus that pulls you in and keeps you there. The song is straight from the heart and anyone can relate to it.
Payton has already won several vocal and talent cometitions in the greater Illinois area and aims to show people what she is about with her new release.
Blending these souful vocals with pop style song writing and folk instrumentation, the Enough EP is a strong debut from Payton.

Strong vocals and sultry lyrics are Paytons highlights. Listen on her website.

Tina Martyn

Tina Martyn is an award winning Australian singer-songwriter and musician who in her teens enjoyed radio 2 hits as a progressive country music artist and achieved respect as an outstanding guitarist sharing the stage with her old friends Keith Urban and guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel being sponsored by both Fender and Takamine Guitars at just 17 years of age. Drifting away from country, Tina has since evolved into a pop/folk/rock song driven artist of deep musicality and song perspective that connects strongly with women, but still appeals to men who seem to appreciate her powerful pitch-perfect vocals and guitar playing place that her among the best female artists of rock.
Now as an independent music artist Tina and her Producer David Jacobsen have called in the talents of 2 legends of pop music in Cindy Mizelle and Curtis King (singers for Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Sting etc) to provide the soulful background vocals on this first single "Lost In The Music".
Everyone supporting Tina has jumped in believing that "Lost In the Music" should become an AOR/AC classic, and that Tina deserves for her new timeless classic pop sound to be heard on radio across America.
Tina's new songs for her forthcoming album "Lost In The Music" sparks hints if her idols Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Carole King, Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crowe and Kate Bush. Appearing on most Australian television and concert stages Tina is a seasoned performer who has eared the respect of her peers.
An impeccable live vocalist the President of BMI attending Tina's Nashville showcase at Bluebird Cafe once remarked that "Tina is the most in-tune live vocalist that he had ever seen".

Tina really has us "Lost In The Music" (Tina's music that is!) Listen for yourself on her website.


Are you into 80s pop, mingled with modern instrumental music and mood-lifting musings? If so, then you better ask yourself, "Are You Up For It?" Because, when the three elements of melody, message and mood radiate on your radio - it's 'Atonomic.' Atonomic is the name of this rising New York-based electro-pop trio, and their latest single is titled, "Are You Up For It."
Atonomic in New York City The fast-moving, feel-good tune is the second to drop off of their forthcoming debut album, 1000 Days of Mystery. "Are You Up For It" is a high-tempo, pulse-driving tune featuring Atonomic's signature sound of robust vocals and hooky harmonies - all wrapped into motivational music. There is also a retro feel within 'Are You Up For It" showcasing hints of the trio's vast array of influences from Duran Duran and Depeche Mode to Outkast and Lenny Kravitz.
Atonomic's members are Andrew Emeritz, George Lakis and Chris Kelly. These longtime friends have performed together casually for years, honing their skills as instrumentalists vocalists and songwriters. "It is only recently we've decided to share our music with the world, and we're excited at the overwhelming response already," adds Kelly.
Atonomic is planning to release 1000 Days of Mystery later in 2015, pre-releasing one track at a time. "This gives a sneak-peak for each song for our growing fan base," explains Kelly. "Are You Up For It" follows the success of the title-track, "1000 Days of Mystery" which Al Walser featured on his Weekly Top 20 Countdown in the summer of 2014. Andrew, George and Chris know they are greater than the sum of their parts. It is 'Atonomic' when these three radiate...the question is, "Are You Up For It?"

Find out if you are "Up For It" by listening to 'Atonomic' on their Facebook Page.

Michael Feinstein / Van Alexander / Lee Hale

Michael Feinstein Sings - "It Comes Around the Same Time Each Year" - Words and music by Van Alexander & Lee Hale (ASCAP) 2:51

Just a great Christmas song! Take a listen to it on Van Alexander's website.

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Chrissi Poland

Songwriting embodies a lyrical depth and melodic richness that draws audiences of all kinds in with ease.
Born and raised in southern Massachusetts, Chrissi started out playing bars and clubs in and around Boston, then soon after moved to New York City and began playing shows in the West Village underground scene. She quickly made a name for herself in New York, and within a few years began touring the world with her own work as well as with other artists.
As a multi-instrumentalist and in-demand vocalist, Chrissi has worked and performed with an array of artists, jazz greats, and icons including Nile Rodgers, Macy Gray, Sting, Bette Midler, Moby, Scissor Sisters, The Edge, Will Lee, Dave Weckl, Kylie Minogue, Elvis Costello, Pat Benatar, Tower of Power, Blood, Sweat, & Tears, Clint Black and legendary Stax "Soul Man" Sam Moore (formerly of Sam & Dave).
Chrissi's new single "In Front Of Me" is a fresh indie pop soul song that incorperates classic disco feel with an updated twist.
Her second single "Love Fool" was released on her EP titled "Reckless Ones". The EP was released in 2013 and has a old school doowop and pop cross over sound. The EP received acclaim for its versatility and performances.

A lot of talent with strong vocals and story-telling lyrics Chrissi is bound to shoot right out in front of the pack. Listen for yourself on her website.


"Kanude comes through with a groovy celebration of what Christmas could be! Best Christmas Ever!" exclaims ex-Asleep at the Wheel singer and guitarist Elizabeth McQueen, now a DJ at the hub of Austin tastemaking music programming KUTX, 98.9FM. The single was written in December 2012 and inspired by the proposed end of the Mayan calendar. "I wanted to one-up John Lennon's 'Happy Xmas (War is Over) in terms of social impact... tall order, I know!" says songwriter and bandleader Chris Knudson. The lyrics incorporate end-of-days imagery about people of all religious beliefs coming together in unity on a journey into space, while reflecting upon the conditions of the world in the present time.
Kanude is the phonetically less-challenging nickname for creative visionary, singer and songsmith Chris Knudson and a music ensemble based in Austin, Texas. He has lived and worked previously in New York City, Los Angeles and Berlin, Germany, producing, recording and releasing records on his own Lightstone Records under the Kanude and Val Holler monikers. His music has been featured in HBO's "True Blood" and he found early success while attending The University of Texas at Austin as a composer/musician on Robert Rodriguez' critically acclaimed, low-budget feature film debut El Mariachi. He also currently leads worship with traditional and contemporary music for services at St. David's Episcopal church in downtown Austin.

it's worth a listen to "Kanude's"- "Best Christmas Ever" on chris's website

Phil Casagrande

From Starlite Records to Atlantic Records and now his own smooth compositions featuring his newest album out called Manhattan Vibe.
This producer, composer, keyboardist has worked with the likes of Jessica Cleeves from P-funk to Paula Anderson, Atlantic Records recording artist.
Working out of Casagrande Studios in New York where he was born and raised, he has played various instruments including bass, guitar and drums.
He received a Jazz degree from the Westchester Conservatory of Music at the age of 21, and had his first Billboard Charted song at the age of 25.
The Manhattan Vibe Album is currently being played nationwide. Two songs off the album has already charted. Manhattan Vibe and Tropical Breeze. Producer, arranger. keyboardist and programmer Phil Casagrande is currently working on a new Cd which will be out after the holidays. A Merry Christmas with Phil Casagrande is available now for the holidays.

Traditional sounds of Christmas highlight this season's offering from Phil Cassagrande. Get in the spirit by listening at his website.


In September of 2003, JoRob joined the Morgan State Choir, where he performed numerous times on National Television. While in the choir, he had the honor of performing in front of thousands of people with The Baltimore Symphony for the grand opening of a new Black History Museum in Baltimore, MD. This event was graced by the presence of the King of Zimbabwe, Bill Cosby, Montel Williams, and many influential celebrities. It was broadcasted nationally, as it was a historical moment for African Americans.
As of now JoRob writing for a number of local and regional artists/labels such as Mazerati Music (Steve Frances Record Label) Pop Rock Radio personality Samy K & the Bonnie Rash band of HOT99.5’s The Kane Show. JoRob is also Writing for a well-known overseas artists named Coola Bacardi of Angola & Producer, Songwriter, Engineer G The Mastermind (A Chicago Native) JoRob is also working with NewJackz Entertainment artists. October 2012 JoRob joined the non-profit group We Rap For Food to raise hunger awareness. JoRob is also working with a number of product placement companies such as: Crucial Music, Music Tree, Iconic Sounds, Toy Entertainment, 5 Alarm Music, Mighty Generation, & Taxi Music.

JoRob has a unique, crisp, clear sound with imaginative lyrics and a joy to listen to. Listen for yourself at JoRob's website.

Miss Geo

On the heels of their viral single "Waves" which has garnered attention from national publications and which MidPoint Music Festival calls "a three minute blast of Chillwave goodness", Miss Geo has just released their self-titled EP, the first of a series. Characterized by electronic beats, smart synth layers and breathy vocals with introspective lyrics, it's a nod to their influences which includes New Order, MGMT and harkens comparisons by blogs to Ladytron, Blondie, and CHVRCHES.
The EP is a result of their chance meeting at an Apple Store in Boston, MA where the band is based. Paz, a native Parisian had just moved to the city and Abby, from Newport, Rhode Island happened to be playing an acoustic set there. After sharing similar influences they began to jam and as a result formed their own indie electro pop sound. Their new songs were self recorded and produced using a laptop from their apartment based studio.
They simultaneously started busking on the streets of Harvard Square and graduated to playing relentlessly in Boston and Cambridge, MA clubs. They have notably opened for their idols "Lovers" from Portland Oregon, closing night of Together electronic music festival, and most recently playing MidPoint Festival in Cincinnati.

Outstanding collaboration of vocals and a "synth" sound that marries these two artists in perfect match of inspired music. Listen to "Miss Geo" on their website.

Sarantos' Christmas

Out of nowhere and to the complete surprise of his fans, Sarantos reveals a new Christmas CD is coming out November 28th 2014 on Black Friday right after the 1st CD.
Sarantos is a solo pop/rock artist who has been releasing a new song every month all year long and his 1st CD is set to be released on November 18th, 2014.
The holiday are always about surprises. Out of nowhere and to the complete astonishment of his fans, Sarantos reveals a new Christmas CD is now coming out November 28th 2014 on Black Friday. Well the fans have only one response - where did that come from?
Sarantos 1st Christmas CD is a wonderful collection of 4 brand new original Christmas songs, 10 covers of Christmas classics and 9 inspirational Christmas short stories. Of course the Christmas short stories are read by Sarantos and have some cool special effects and sound effects added in to make listening to them a special treat. Families will enjoy listening to this CD every Christmas season...
Sarantos was nominated for 2 awards for the 2014 International Music & Entertainment Awards for the categories of "Rock Song of the Year" and "Pop Album of the Year."
"This is always something I wanted to do," says Sarantos. "I love Christmas! It is the most special holiday of the year to me and I am absolutely thrilled to release a Christmas CD. Hopefully, families will enjoy it every year for a long long time. It was quite a challenge putting together something unique like this with 23 tracks on it. Just like the best Christmas present you've ever gotten, I wanted to keep it a secret. I hope the fans enjoy it and I have only this to say - Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!"

Come and enjoy Sarantos' Latin Christmas on his website!


Hughes has been writing and collaborating with teams who produce elite acts such as Lady Gaga, The Pussycat Dolls, and Carlos Santana to name a few. His sound engineering chops were developed in the Bay Area where he studied with Grammy winning producers, and he received his formal training at a sound and media school in Emeryville, California. He developed his vocal chops with legendary teacher Judy Davis.
"I began performing music years ago as a Rock musician. Led Zeppelin was one of my influences with their creative songwriting sets and multiple edge sound. I feel like I blend those rock edge roots with inspiration from vocalists like Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Steve Perry (Journey) and Lou Gramm. My future as a vocalist, songwriter, and producer is making a run at collaborating my talents and skills with others. Collaborating with musicians, remixers and writers, producers – making music real and fresh! Discovering creative talent online has proved to be a blast! My latest adventure has been working with the EDM label Alpha Milk Recordings. They are a label with a fresh, electronic sound and I feel they give my music some serious cross-genre potential. My latest track 'On and On' blends Rock, Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop with the innovative electronic sound that this label is known for."

Follow Hughes journey on his website.

Shock Pack

As reggae continues to rise into the mainstream, it makes sense that its influences have penetrated all walks of life. You can tell Shock Pack is no gimmick, or a passing fad. Instead, they introduce an original sound that pays homage to its roots yet sounds current and even more surprisingly, completely authentic.This isn't the familiar Sublime influenced So-Cal surf reggae you would expect (i.e. Pepper, Slightly Stoopid.) Shock Pack brings an intriguing fusion of modern dancehall, rap and pop resulting in a refreshing new vibe. Definitely worth a listen.

We couldn't agree more. This reggae group is very unique, spirited and "definitely worth a listen"! See what we mean and take a listen on YouTube.

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Oslo, Norway - November 7th, 2014 - Vitne is back this winter with a new single, a Winter-themed ballad for your inner hopeless romantic. The single is mixed by Matthew Sean Reynolds, mastered by Steve Hall (WASP, Quiet Riot, Tuff), Julian Angel of Beautiful Beast returns on lead guitar, and the artwork is beautifully hand-drawn by Korean artist If Lee.
In addition to this new single, Vitne has confirmed the recording of a new EP is underway and scheduled for a 2015 release along with multiple singles throughout the year.
Vitne broke onto the scene last year with the release of his debut full-length album Neon. The album spawned 4 music videos, one of which won "Best Music Video" by the Akademia Awards in August '13 ("Destroyer"), and garnered overall high praise from critics. In response to Neon, Visual Kei Heaven wrote, "Overall, VITNE's modern-day take on a classic genre is a successful endeavor that shows that he has much potential," and Sleazeroxx said Neon "...is as relentless as it is amazing. As toe-tapping as it is headbanging and air guitar invoking as it is stirring."

"Winter Love Song" will be available digitally on December 10th together with the instrumental version and will be downloadable for free on his website.


Ozonna, who recently moved to New York City, is poised to mesmerize this side of the pond with his highly visual personal style and own songs. Ozonna will release his debut U.S. single digitally, "We Glow," on October 21st on Airgo Music. Bold and endearing, tough but tender, the next-generation rising star says he makes "positive music for the soul," and "We Glow" certainly fits that description. "We Glow," produced by Grammy-nominated Jimmy Greco (Beyonce, Paramore, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus) and hit songwriter/producer Russ DiSalvo (Celine Dion, Trisha Yearwood, Santana), will be released on video in November. An Ozonna album will follow in 2015.
Originally from Nigeria, Ozonna—whose background is in musical theater and who counts Madonna, Amy Winehouse and Pharrell among his biggest influences-first moved from Africa to London, where he met and worked with noted underground music producers. Inspired by the city, he adapted quickly to London's ever-changing music scene, which readily embraced his distinctive sound. For Ozonna, the path to greater recognition is rooted in the messages he conveys within his songs.

We concur, "Ozonna" really does have "positive music for the soul". See for yourself on his website.


NuBluzRevue makes music influenced by jazz/blues roots. An album is planned for release in Spring 2015. Along with "Santa's Got A Thing" included here is "The Last Time", and a song by NuBluzRevue lead vocalist Rick S. Rose, "Santa Boogie", recorded by the Elve-o-lutions, also great for your holiday playlist. All 3 are available in Itunes, and can be downloaded for play here.

A very jazzy Christmas album you must check out. Listen to "NuBluzRevue" on AirPlayDirect.

Mitchell Bobby Gaskin

Mitchell Bobby Gaskin started singing as a hobby. He realize his type voice was missing for the music industry and he decided to begin singing professionally.
Mitchell hopes God will bless his work and he will become successfully singer in the music industry. Also, he currently has over 9,000 listeners and have won many of fans in a lots of countries USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Japan, Hong Chong ,Spain, UK (England), Australia, Italy, Germany, and Jamaica on Radio Air Play on the playlist of major artist play stations.
As if he was a master chef, singer-songwriter Mitchell Bobby Gaskin has managed to cook up a melodic mix of musical hooks in his debut album, Simply Beautiful to Me. What is most ironic is the fact that he composed the entire album while living in Hooks, Texas. The CD is a funky-fried dish that simmers with pop, urban, tropical and dance music.

Check out more of Mitchell's funky sounds on his website.

David Loving

It has been said that David Loving is very casual, but has a lot of style. With nothing more than guitar in hand, he has captivated audiences. This is a voice that is soft and clear, delivering songs full emotion and truth.
He grew up in the community of Abingdon, Virginia which is found in the southwest region of the state, where he began playing the piano at 4 and the guitar at age 7. His mother, Jeanne Branson Loving, was a well-known pianist, music teacher, and musical director for the theatre. His father Howard Loving died at 46 when David was 19, followed in death just 2 years later by his mother who died at age 44. Shortly thereafter in 1977, he left home for Nashville where his life as a professional musician and songwriter really began.
His career has included studio session work, as well as live performances both as a sideman for major touring acts and as a solo artist. He has performed for intimate surroundings such as the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, and the Troubadour in Los Angeles, as well as standing in front of tens of thousands as a major act band member, and as an opening act with a band of his own. He has been a BMI songwriter since 1982, with many published songs including over 30 now in his own company Tender Wolf Music, BMI. Now living in the mountains of eastern Tennessee and working in his own studio, he is currently working on a self-titled CD to be released in 2014. The first single, Bethlehem, is being released just in time for Christmas on the Tall Horse Records label.

David's song "Bethlehem" truly shows his love of his lord. Listen to his Christmas music for some inspiration this season. Check out his website.


Carmen Beautay is a young upcoming Pop/ Rap/R&B/ artist who has talent that demands attention and the fire and drive to get to the top in the music industry. She has an amazing voice and impeccable showmanship as a performer. Beautay puts on a quality performance at every show. She has the potential to be incredibly successful.
Beautay was born in Fairfield, California, and raised in San Diego, California. She developed a love for singing at the age of 3 years old. Carmen attended the School of Performing Arts in San Diego where she studied dance, acting, singing and string instruments. In 2006 Carmen Beautay and her family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. She enrolled at Tri-Cities High School, a visual and performing arts magnet school in East Point, Georgia. There she continued to hone her skills.
Singer/songwriter Carmen Beautay is an icon in the making. Her passion for music goes far beyond the studio. "I love to sing and I want to touch my audience/fans," Carmen says. "I want to be a voice for not only young people, but for all people. I also want to inspire young women and show them to never give up, always follow your dreams."
Carmen Beautay is not new to music she's done some back up singing in the business. It has been a process for her to become the artist that she is today. She has learned so much, and continues to grow. Carmen's motivation is driven by the people that are around her. With her ambition and demanding stage presence, Carmen is on the road to phenomenal success.

Listen as Carmen delivers her hip-hop sound on her website.

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