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Sonic Minds

Sonic minds does exist in this constellation since 2002 which partly is due to a lucky coincidence as Jens met the current singer Sonja. Because her singing qualities have been seeked for such a long time and so necessarily needed for further development - until this point Jens has been producing more or less by himself.
Besides during this period contact to the former dj Marco has been reestablished who is an essential part of sonic minds because of his ideas and critical ears.
We are all children of the 80's and 90's that is unmistakable. Sonic minds' philosophy is to present good and catchy tunes packed into a dancable garment.

Does "Sonic Minds" exist in this constellation or only in your mind? Listen to what is the current thought on the subject by aural inspection of this German synth-rock-pop group on their website.


Melba was formed in 2014. It's a solo project of producer and composer Piotr "Jazzcat" Pacyna from Wolsztyn, Poland. He has roots in the so-called demoscene. In 1992 he began making music on his Amiga computer and it was a terrible Italo disco-inspired sound! Luckily for everyone, all this early work vanished. He has been meticulously crafting his musical skills ever since, skiving off school occasionally, when he should have been learning maths or chemistry instead.
Today, he is focused on creating library/production music and game audio - most often background music. However, he wanted an outlet for tunes and songs suited for other settings than just games. And basically that's how this EP was born. It's filled with smoky house music with funk, pop, chillout and acid jazz elements that combine electronics, vocals and real instruments. There's definitely a pinch of Jamiroquai, Schmoov! and Moon Boots influences here, but there's also shades of the old masters such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Steely Dan or Rod Temperton.

The album "Keep On Trying" by Melba is a masterpiece of sound and composition. Vocals are smokey jazz and syncopation in inspiring elocution. Gotta hear "Melba" on it's YouTube channel.

Anthony Gore

The song "Desert Queen" by Anthony Gore is featured in the film "For The Love Of Money" starring James Caan.

We like Anthonys dark sultry songs just can't find out much about the man. Sample his "Desert Queen" on Amazon.

Royal Kona Coffee

Joseph Pagano

Joseph is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey, USA who has released the critically acclaimed EPs Graveyard of Dreams and Time and Colors accompanied by a 21 show USA based tour in 2016. The Graveyard of Drams EP featured the song Don't Let Chances Pass You by and charted in the top 5 radio play on WGLS-FM NJ and in the top 20 in 2 other USA markets. Joseph's daughter Julia Pagano was Creative Director on both albums working on album packaging, photography, and album art.
Joseph's music has a progressive American Roots foundation with creative hooks and backbeats suited for radio that span flavors of Americana, Alternative Country and Indie Alternative Rock. In 2016 Joseph became a voting member of the Grammy's Recording Academy (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences - NARAS).
The EP Time and Colors has a progressive American Roots foundation with creative hooks and backbeats suited for radio that span flavors of Alternative Country and Indie Alternative Rock.
Time and Colors was inspired by the idea that we are all artists born into the world with a blank canvas. In one sentence Pagano would say that "life is an art-form". We are all born into this earth as artists with a blank canvas. We get to decide what we put on that canvas. All we need is time and colors to express who we are, what we see, what we feel, where we have been, where we want to go.

Joseph has put together a number of great songs to listen to. Hear him on his website.

The James Carratt Project

The James Carratt Project is a compulation of 50 unsigned and signed session players performing songs written and produced by James Carratt. The album scheduled for release in October 2017 features Grammy nominated producer and steel guitarist, "Cowboy" Eddie Long, session player and Nashville's Chuck Ward currently on tour with Country Legend Craig Morgan. Also featured on the album, Matthew Lee, guitarist for Shooter Jennings.

The JC Project returns with a new song featuring member Bill Flory. Hear it on their YouTube channel.

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Mark Sanders

Singer, Songwriter multi-instrumentalist Mark Sanders fifth release on Dreamtime Records is The Gamble. Mark is a veteran of the Midwest music scene who is known world wide for great songwriting and distinctive lead guitar playing. The 12 songs on The Gamble are all original compositions and all of the instrumentation except drums was created and performed by Mark Sanders.
REVIEW - "Love the title song on the new Mark Sanders' CD, "The Gamble" with its blend of a blues riff backed by a reggae rhythm guitar. Mark Sanders' melodic leads continue on "Sweet Deceiver", "Blues On A Back Road" and "Time", switching to a Rocker called, "The Hard Way". These 12 Original songs are creative and the guitar playing is hot. It is easy to imagine dancing to these Mark Sanders' tunes on a hot summer night." - Northern Express

Each of Marks new songs shows a mastery of lyrical storytelling. Listen to him on his Reverbnation page.

Monique Martinez

Monique Martinez was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. This fresh young talented star from Latin heritage has been making noise throughout the R&B and Pop scene performing with artists like The Jacka, Mistah Fab (Bay Area Super Stars), Tyga (Cash Money Artist), Baby Bash, Ray J, Soulja Boy, Day 26, Pretty Ricky, Trey Songs, and Platinum Artist Fabulous. She has also performed on three NFL football games, which aired on national television. Her drive and passion shows with every performance. Monique was selected to represent the Bay Area on national television performing on BET's Wild N' Out Wednesdays in 2009-2010.
Growing up in a musically talented family, she cites her grandfather as her biggest musical influence. She began taking singing lessons very young and by the age of 7, Monique was competing in national kid and teen competitions.
Monique brings a new sound to the music world combining Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop and some Dance elements to her music. She writes, co-writes, and arranges her own music. Her style defines her uniqueness as an artist, giving her fan base and audience original songs written from personal experiences.?

Returning to MA for a second time Monique bring a new song "Still Here" and she is alone this time as last years feature "Jealous" was with Ivan Reyes. The new song is well crafted and holds it's own. Listen to her on you YouTube channel.

Jeremy James and the Villaineers

Jeremy James is a singer/songwriter based in Albany, New York, who grew up in Arkansas. He performs with an indie folk rock band (The Villaineers), as part of an acoustic duo (Jesse's Girl), and solo.

Some pretty eclectic folk rock but all original with interesting perpective. Hear "I'm No Jean Luc Picard" on their YouTube channel.

Shimmer Johnson

Shimmer is one of the most versatile artists you will ever meet. You can give her a song you wrote with no lyrics and no words and no thought and she can give you back a "Great" song by the time 1 hour passes. Shimmer is very talented. She puts her entire soul into her work. Her lyrics melody and harmonies are both haunting and are able to connect with people.
Shimmer is going to be releasing a independent album in 2017. A major label is going to love this new album. Shimmer has what it takes!
Shimmer plays some piano and writes some of her songs including hit single "PRIDE" written by Shimmer Johnson & C.Johnson the co - writer helped to write the instrumentation that went along with Shimmer's piano line that she created. This is how Shimmer and C.Johnson work. They melt together in song.
Shimmer is a talented artist that the world needs to hear.

Shimmer needs a good photographer to capture who she is. She looks (by her publicity photos) to be a little kid then you listen to her and go "Wow I didn't hear this coming!" A voice that's all grown up and rich with clarity, emotion and pure talent. She is a must listen! Hear her on her YouTube channel.

Justine Carpenter

New sound with a huge respect to oldies and classics. True to myself.

Her singles include "I Look In The Sky" and "Not My Property". This London original is starting a career of writing and recording that will someday come around like "a jagged little pill" or perhaps a female Freddy Mercury. Hear Justine on her facebook page.

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Todd Barrow

A Texas Country Artist recording many hits. New country music with a twist! These songs are getting airplay all over the world.
Let's start by saying that Todd Barrow just flat out loves music. Todd began his music career at an early age and has had his share of accomplishments since that time. He is an incredible musician, songwriter, and producer who is comfortable with just about every genre of music. He's not a beginner by any means, having played and worked closely with some big names in the music industry.
Todd is a Texas country singer/songwriter working hard to provide quality music for every living soul. Always making friends wherever he goes to leave an impression at every concert/show. Songwriting is the essence of creating a musical masterpiece that will enhance every the life of every listener. New opportunities are important to keep things fresh in the world of music & entertainment.

Todd is a well travelled country musician and as is the title of his latest album he has "Country Culture', Hear him on his website.

Louise Warren

A force to be reckoned with, Louise Warren is a singer, a songwriter, and a heartfelt performer. Penning songs in the 100's she has shared the stage with the likes of Chuck Leavell, Jimmy Hall, and Shawn Mullins. Her music has been featured on Zooey Deschanel's website Hello Giggles and Georgia Public Broadcasting's travel show, "Music Voyager." In 2015, she won Eddie Owens Open Mic Night at the Red Clay Theater.
Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, She grew up with a rich musical background; performing in local talent shows and plays, singing in choir, and writing her own songs. When she was fourteen years old, she picked up the guitar and gave the melody and lyrics she had been writing since she was a child their musical "home".
She has described her relationship with music as "My morning coffee, therapist, and best friend". Her sound is modern folk with a pop/rock twist. As a "true artist in every sense of the word" by producer and musician, Joey Stuckey, "Louise is musical to the bone. No matter where life may take her, she knows music will continue to be a guiding force."

In a style of her own Louise pumps out heartfelt music with catchy tunes that make you want to hear more. Listen to her on her own website.

Tom Bright

Tom Bright is a melodic, Minneapolis songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who released several albums in the late 1980's on Minneapolis indie-label Blackberry Way Records ('Hands of Time'; 'Tortureland'). Tom's early music received significant college, regional, and national airplay ('Hardcore'), but as sometimes happens with indie artists, his talent and popularity came with an ironic twist - multiple station managers reported that Tom's single 'Hardcore' was very popular with callers who phoned the station to find out which Tom Petty album the song appeared on. So much for indie breakthroughs! Tom has continued to write and produce music, developing a unique, eclectic, adult style that has attracted attention from fans, artists, music publicists, and anyone enthused by great songs and superior production.

Tom delivers full-on pop-rock with high energy and crazy guitar licks like we haven't heard in decades. Catch his stuff on his YouTube channel.


In 2010, an apartment in Bordeaux sees the birth of an oneiric folk. These songs driven by a controlled fragility, Emilie Moutet compose and play them under the name of Willows. Armed with a smooth instrumentation, carried by a delicate guitar or keyboard, Willows music step backwards when Emilie's voice enters the scene, pure, unimpaired, close to the magnified tone of Joan Baez.
This charismatic voice becomes more of an emotional vector when, in 2015, Willows becomes a trio. This formula complements the songs with an instrumental support (keyboards / guitars / bass guitars / percussions) and choirs, contributing to the alchemy of a wise blend.

The transition of "Willows" from a girl to a group adds depth and dimension to clear vibrant lyrics that sound like a poem. Hear this emergence on their facebook page.

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