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Kelsey Reed

Kelsey Reed is an American songwriter and ccm artist. This is her first Single, released through Adison Records (Switzerland). "Through Everything" pairs delicately crafted arrangements with honest, insightful lyrics and soft vocals.

Hear Kelsey's music on CD Baby.

Kimi Kent

Kimi Kent is a story weaving singer-songwriter rooted in the deep heart of Texas. Kent sets herself apart as a singer- songwriter characterized by her ability to blend her classically trained guitar prowess and road-inspired stories with her intirely unique vocal sounds letting the music blend together in a "good old" soulful vibe.
Growing up she was surounded by musicians young and old. Including talented writers, players and singers from the likes of rock and roll, blues, southern rock and folk genres. At a young age she began being taught by Grammy nominated and Country Music hit writting mentors, and after a period of over 5 years she began to dive deeper in to finding her own music's distinct sound and true roots. Kimi uprooted her life in 2009 and went to Tyler, Texas, at 16 to train intensivley with renowned vocalist teachers and later Grammy nominated Artist back in Houston, Texas. After working on projects with a number of talented producers and hitting a wall of what she envisioned her sound to be and how to show that through her music, Kent connected with current producer Philip Aaron Creamer, lead singer of Dovetail, whom she met when they were both performing in The Woodlands,Tx. Their sound instantly jelled brilliantly and withen a year Kimi and Philip recorded and released Wayward Child on April 11,2014.
The Ep is praise to Kents life endeavors thus far with tracks of love, heartbreak and life lessons all beautifully produced by Philip Aaron Creamer. Already with placements of the Ep in indie flick "Human People" and great buzz worthy reveiws, Kent and all surrounded in the project are ecstatic at the support around the record thus far and cannot wait to continue back into the studio for the recording of the full album in 2015.
Following the release of Wayward Child the Ep, Kimi Kent will be on the road for much of summer and fall 2014 till she returns back to studio beginning the recording of the full length record. Be apart of the whole journey by following Kimi Kent on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Kimi is bound to turn heads and perk up ears with the sights and sounds she delivers. Hear and see more Kimi on her website.

john taylor

john taylor an up and coming vocalist from chicago il who has just released his first single entitled "I Remember" a compelling song of an relationship suddenly turned upside down.this inspiring and talanted vocalist hopes to become one of the premire entertainers on the independent music scene look for more music to follow in the coming months.
Promising singer-songwriter from chicago, illinois john has performed in past compititions and recorded this single this year hoping to become one of the best entertainers in the industry.


JOANovARC all female Rock n Roll at it's finest! First all female Uk rock band to have their songs featured on the ROCKBAND Xbox 360 and recently supported by Gibson!
The new single "Stars" The band are working with legendary producer 'Stuart Epps' Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Elton John!
JOANovARC plan to record more new songs later this year. Check out the JOANovARC 2014 tour dates with shows all over the UK and Europe! come and see JOANovARC live!
Fantastic! "I haven't been "Wow'd" by a rock group in quite a while but I can seriously say that the members of JOANovARC did just that. Just as Heart broke the "Male Rock Wall" so too will see the emergence of true "Rock Stars" when you listen to these girls hammer out their licks."-Marcus Walton, Editor
Listen to them on their website or download some instant satisfaction on iTunes.

The Love Collective

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The LoveCollective has exploded onto San Diego’s music scene with a multi-faceted sound, incorporating elements from pop, urban, dance and rap music. Comprised of singer David Arrowwood and rapper JJ Kirby, also known as DaBizzare Mumbo Jumbo, the duo is the perfect example of the new spirit of sound crossing multiple genres. At its core, The LoveCollective’s message is one of acceptance and encouragement to individually define happiness and strive to achieve it.
In early 2014 Arrowwood and Kirby began discussing their individual ideas and concepts, each with over a decade of experience and the goal of launching solo careers. What started as a simple meeting of the minds transformed into something neither expected: creative chemistry and complementing talents that fill a void in the city’s music culture. The two decided to form The LoveCollective, a group of affiliated artists with both combined and individual projects under their own recording label, We Us Records. The group recently debuted videos for their first singles include “Summertime Life,” a celebration of the joys of life and friendship, and “Sweat,” a mix of sexy R&B and hip-hop.

So you can listen to "The Love Collective", or contact them and get thrilled by going to their Facebook Page.

Jon Clark
One Long Skid

Jon Clark has been writing songs since the early 70's when Folk/Rock was flourishing. Years later, this singer/songwriter has released volume 1 and volume 2 of his collection. Some of these songs were written 40 years ago, but never recorded, and some were written in 2014. The "One Long Skid" band includes some of Jon Clark's long time musical colleagues and also features guitarist Gordon Clark, Jon's son. Jon came from a musical family, and it seemed natural to pick up and play any instrument that happened to be around. He bought a used 5-string banjo and proceeded to jot down songs in a spiral notebook. Later he gravitated towards the acoustic guitar and lap steel. Jon Clarks's songs are about people, places and one's ever changing state of mind that you encounter on your skid through life.

The saxaphone and the lyrics all stand to compliment Jon's music. Listen to him on his website.

Stephan Sieber & Signs

After studies at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne and the Berklee College of Music in Boston he started his career as a drummer both in Europe and in the U.S. Also a studied composer and arranger his credits include film- scoring, chamber music and orchestral works. He received several awards among others from the Swiss Composer's Guild, from the European Forum for Culture and from the Clavel Foundation. Beside many other musical activities he is leading his own bands "The Jazzlounge" - a hip, jazzy lounge- band and "SIGNS" his concert band.
SIGNS was founded by Swiss drummer/ composer Stephan Sieber in 1986. His intention was to create laboratory where he could develop his musical language.
The original cast were the American tenor- saxophonist Dave Peterson, German pianist Frieder Lang on keyboards, Daniel Fricker on bass and Sieber on drums. Quickly the band had a certain renommee for their original material and their innovative approach to the jazz repertoire.
When the club business started to slow down in the nineties, Stephan Sieber worked mainly as stage musician and composer for stage music. But he re-vitalized SIGNS from time to time as a vehicle for his musical journeys. In 1994 he recorded SIGNS & SONGS with David Klein, Nikki Reiser, Olivier Truan and Benoit Gabain. The CD was distributed by Quantaphon and Pool Media & Music.
Through the years the music changed as the musicians did. From 2003 to 2010 Sieber lead the house-band at Culturium Jazz- & Socialclub, a legendary venue in Basle, closed in 2010. After all these years as a sidemen playing the band book, he felt that it was time working on his original music again. But the music he had in mind needed some extraordinary players and it took some time to get their schedules coordinated. But finally the recordings started in 2013 with all these great musicians on board.
Guitar player Dean Brown has been an integral part of the global fusion and contemporary jazz scene for thirty years. He has recorded and/or toured around the world with his own projects and legendary artists such as: Marcus Miller, The Brecker Brothers, Billy Cobham, David Sanborn, Bob James, George Duke, Roberta Flack, Joe Zawinul, Lenny White, Kirk Whalum, and Steve Smith's Vital Information.

Steve and his collaborative band "Signs" presents a very jazzy compilation of tunes. Check them out on Steve's website.

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Rhetta Butler

Rhetta's musical training began at an early age. An Atlanta native, she began performing at age 2. She graduated high school at 17 and moved to New York to pursue a career in performing. She work her way through Hunter College singing professionally. She majored in Music and Performing Arts. She also has extensive training before and after college in singing, songwriting, piano, music theory, sight singing, guitar, dancing and acting. While pursuing her education, she sang and performed in New York theatre and sang with orchestras at the major hotels in New York including the Plaza, the Waldorf Astoria, the St. Regis and many others.
She has also played in many of the infamous "night spots" in both Atlanta, New York and Nashville including The Bottom Line, The Other End, The Bluebird, The Copacabana, The Rainbow Room, Dangerfields, The Friar's Club, and The Riverboat plus many others.
Rhetta has written, sang and produced a number of commercial jingles for national television and radio advertising campaigns. Her commercials have included Aaron's, Old Spice, Chicken Delight, Nathan's Famous, Off-Track Betting, U.S. Keds and Getty Oil.
Rhetta has also performed in theater productions in both musicals and plays including Sweet Charity, South Pacific, Showboat, Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, Finian's Rainbow, Pippin, Butterflies are Free, Glass Menagerie, Barefoot in the Park and Loss of Roses.
She has performed with many orchestras, including the Peter Duchin Orchestra, The Atlanta Pops Orchestra and the Bill Harrington Orchestra.
Rhetta has her own music publishing company, RBI. She has also published songs with a New York publishing company, The Clyde Otis Music Group. Clyde Otis is recognized in the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame for publishing. He is known for many hit songs, including "It's Just a Matter of Time" and "Smooth Operator". He has worked with such greats as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington and Natalie Cole. Clyde compares Rhetta's songwriting to the infamous Diane Warren.
Rhetta retired her performance career to teach and develop talent. She finds great joy in helping other performers reach their musical dreams.

You can listen to some of Rhetta's sweet music on her website.

Son of Dov

Last year, Mount Olive, NJ's Son Of Dov caught area music consumer's ears with his impressive Gone To Seed EP which landed in the #3 spot on our Top EPs list of 2013. Now, singer-songwriter Dennis King continues his transformation out of post-punk beginnings to delicate instrumentations.
Latest single "Breathing Fire" follows a steady, haunting acoustic strum structure with a spare tambourine following along in time. King sits longingly at the fire-pit with a distant croon meshing alongside further away harmonies calling out from the darkened woods. -Speak Into My Good Eye
"There is a genuine effortlessness in Son of Dov's music that is very inviting, and beautiful." One fan at a time

Interesting, haunting lyrics comprise King's compilations on his latest release. Listen to him on his website.

Callback Holly

We have all been in bands that have toured the world. We are here to bring all of our lives work in one band. Look out for us coming to a city near you!
Callback Holly may be new to the scene but there is an essence of swagger that could get them far. Rocking out to their North Shore entourage during the Monday RTT Presents show at Obrien's in Allston, the band blazed through their set of pop punk songs, in between rambling interludes of sexual desires and bandmate encounters. As a collaborative group of Smartbomb, Outbreak, The Regulars and Far From Finished members, and with a record out later this fall, Callback Holly is an up and coming band to put on your radar.

Catch "Callback Holly" on ReverbNation.

Mikhail Zagot

Mikhail Zagot, singer-songwriter from Moscow, Russia, prize winner of severaal song contests in Russia and abroad (Israel, Germany), five author albums.

Interesting music, perhaps Russian folksongs? Listen to him on Jango.

Trisha O'Keefe

Trisha O'Keefe has been working hard, and soaring to new heights in the music industry. In just a few short years, she has received countless exposure in the mediums of press, radio, and television. She is a driven, poised, and passionate entrepreneur who is a promising front-runner in the world of DIY artists.
O'Keefe has worked hard to make a name for herself in the music industry. She has been a songwriter for 12 years, recording demos from the tender age of 12. She chose not to accept Songwriting and Vocal Scholarships from the prestigious Berklee College of Music at 17, and instead independently released her first CD "All The Honest Liars".
O'Keefe was soon writing source music for the ABC Daytime Drama "All My Children", a show that airs for an international audience of millions, by 18. She became a regionally-touring artist by 19, and was a guest vocalist on her first national commercial, the Coke Zero campaign "ChillTop" with artist G Love, at the age of 20.
Trisha released her fourth CD, titled "Star Burns Brightest", in May 2007, and relocated to Nashville, TN in August of 2008. She then signed a digital distribution deal with online music provider InGrooves for a worldwide re-release of "Star Burns Brightest". Trisha took a position as the Director of Contemporary Worship/Creative Arts Coordinator at a progressive Methodist church in Albuquerque, NM, in 2010. A prolific writer, O'Keefe continued to pen radio-friendly Country and Pop/Rock tunes, and has just completed recording her new album, titled "Once Black Cadillac", with producer/musician/singer-songwriter Andrew Lipke (Get The Led Out). The album is set for release June 17, 2014.

Hear some of Trisha's amazing talent on her website.

Bob Crain

Bob Crain was born and raised in California, the birthplace of the Hippie Movement, in the "high times" of the Sixties. He moved to Hawaii as a young adult, where he formed views and took up the lessons of life molded by the people, the times, the events, the waves and the winds of the Pacific. Bob "island hopped" through the Pacific eventually settling in Melbourne, Australia over 20 years ago. He has lived in Melbourne since the late 80's...working, living, playing, raising a family, watching and taking notes as the world changed around him, it is from those "notes" which he writes.
He works with the basic tools of Folk Music, the acoustic guitar accompanying the solo vocalist, or fronting his new band ASHBURY MEDICINE SHOW. Working with an ensemble of instrumentation and additional vocals to color and accessorize songs without smothering the lyrics and diluting the message.
With two solo CDs to his name he is beginning to crack the radio barriers in North America, Europe and Australia with air play on Community, College, Internet and Folk based stations.
Bob’s story telling style, his ability to get a message or feeling across to an audience and his ability to create an interesting song without overpowering instrumentation is his key to providing a memorable show or performance on any stage with any audience.

Catch some of the inspirational and educational songs on Bob's website.

Ted Pearce

Ted Pearce announces the USA release of Disk 1 in the Cultural Xchange Series: "Warsaw Sessions"
The latest project from Texas singer/songwriter Ted Peare is called "Warsaw Sessions" and was offically released last March in Tubingen, Germany and is now officially released in the USA as of July 5, 2014.
This six-song disk is the first of a three-piece E.P. set called "Cultural Xchange Series" being released over the last half of 2014.
This initial offering of "Warsaw Sessions" was recorded in Warsaw Poland with Polish and Israeli musicians who locked themselves in a house for a week. Produced by Pawel Zarecki (Poland) and co-produced by Jamie Hilsden (Israel), the idea was to create a sound of worship that was unique and international between the nations of Poland, Israel, and the USA. Musicians include the Atom String Quartet of Warsaw, backing vocal group "Generation to Generation" from Jerusalem, Israel. Saxophone & Vocalist Jadzia Zarecka with her drummer Szmon Madej of Poish Jazz group "Kid Brown", with percussion provided by Watchman Vison of Israel, and Polish Jazz-great bassist Wojtek Gasior.
Sang mostly in English, there are also a few songs performed completely in hebrew.
Next up in the Cultural Xchange Series will be "Hollywood Sessions" (Sept 2014) to be followed by "Jerusalem Sessions" (Nov 2014)
In 2011, Ted produced his first independent project in a decade called "emergency" with late great Dallas Producer, Phil York. Only one month earlier March of Life/March of Remembrance had gone to Latvia and Lithuania, for which Ted received an honorary award from the Israeli Knesset.
In 2012, the March of Life went to Poland where Ted met Polish singer and superstar Mietek Szczesniak, who introduced him to Producer Wendy Waldman in California, which led to an opportunity to work with Polish Producer and Pianist-extraordinaire, Pawel Zarecki. Working with these friends in Warsaw, Hollywood, and Jerusalem was the inspiration and foundation of the Cultural Xchange Series recording sessions.

This truly international approach of musicians from several nations sharing creative ideas and talents causes a wondrous sense of adventure in the music being created. However, this unpredictability also means the only way to keep up with this ambitious international project is by getting on the mailing list at the website (tedpearce.com) for updates in real-time, as we take off to a land God will show us!

Enjoy the music of transcendence and inspiration (which seems that is what Ted is all about) on his website.

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Stone Brewing Company

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Adam's Attic

Brought together by a passion for music and unity in the face of adversity, Adam's Attic inspires listeners with an honest and open sound. From their New Orleans roots to their current home of Los Angeles, the alternative, pop/rock band has matured musically and captivated audiences on a global scale. The band of brothers just wrapped their fifth international tour in 2014.
"While here (New Orleans), the band proved itself to be one of the rising stars on the scene," remarked Todd Miller, Talent Buyer for House of Blues.
In August 2005, one of the five deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history struck the north central Gulf Coast region destroying much of their home In New Orleans. Through the devastation, Adam's Attic was forced out of its comfort zone and responded by bonding together and stepping out on a limb. Joe Henry, Adam's Attic front man, said, "Some of us lost everything we had, with the exception of our music gear and some personal items; all of the venues we played were closed or out of business. Only a week before Katrina, we were given the most amazing opportunity to open for Lifehouse at House of Blues New Orleans. We had to act".
Leaving behind everything they had built In the hopes of recreating past successes, the musicians moved across the country and settled In California. Adam's Attic had nothing but their gear and souls brimming with emotions.
Relying on each other, they rose to the challenge continually producing positive and inspirational music for fans. The music is written about the experiences of real life. Although we all have struggles, the hard times are merely a trial by fire; perseverance through adversity creates the opportunities for success.
Becoming the first runner up in the KTLA (Los Angeles) Battle of the Bands competition with 955 votes only slightly short of the winning bands 959 votes catapulted Adam's Attic. The band performed live on the KTLA Morning News for a televised viewership of 3 million plus. With the momentum gained from the KTLA competition, Adam's Attic was propelled forward with performances and opportunities like Universal City Walk, United Way's Walk United at Angel Stadium, Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, CBS Television, Disney's Tap Tap Revenge Tour, Yahoo! Music, ReverbNation, etc. Since then, Adam's Attic made a second, third, and fourth appearance on KTLA Morning News.
Through hard work and personal sacrifice, the independent band knows the meaning of developing a solid marketing strategy and building a strong foundation. The group has seized one success after another by headlining numerous sold out shows at the House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe, touring five continents, playing for crowds exceeding 11 ,000, receiving sponsorships in excess of $150,000, and penning at least seventy original songs registered with BMI. With the accumulation of small successes that led to becoming darlings of New Orleans, Adam's Attic is a rising star in the world market. This band has proven that it has the elements necessary to make great music, draw large crowds, and entertain fans. Listeners will get an audible experience of what It Is like to tour the globe through the lives of the band.

Adam's Attic will captivate you with their driving beat and spirited lyrics. Listen to them on their website.

Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams is a singer/songwriter from Rochester, New York. Debbie received her degree from SUNY Fredonia with a BFA in Musical Theatre, and a dance minor. After graduating she relocated to New York City to pursue her dreams. Debbie has traveled throughout the world performing and can more recently be seen playing the role of Summer in “How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song?” The film won "Film of the Festival" at Raindance, and several other awards across the film festival circuit.
Debbie released her single "Unknown Entity" on August 6th, 2013 and will be releasing her EP soon. You can hear her music on KGUP 106.5 FM Los Angeles, Women of Substance Radio, ForTheCountryRecord.com, and Skope Radio on SkopeMag.com. She has been featured recently on ForTheCountryRecord.com and is up for "Best Country Artist" in the Los Angeles Artists in Music Awards. Debbie's mission as an artist is to bring truth and vulnerability to music in a way that can affect our youth. She wants to be a role model as well as a leader to make a difference in the world. Her music is so relatable and effective in a way that pulls the listener in and sparks hope. She wants to help people discover that they aren't alone in life and there IS good in this world and that we ARE the good if we let ourselves be. Debbie Williams strives to make a difference in music and effect listeners with her powerful voice and emotionally direct style of writing as an artist.

Listen to some of Debbie's music on her website.

Mitch Goudy

Country Music Association's 'Who New to Watch' 2014 artist Mitch Goudy premiers his debut music video today for his current single, Ain't My Fault.
Filmed at the Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, this video captures the youthful and fun teenage life that one may have chasing after a girl while channeling Mitch's #ROWDIE personality.
"I grew up on a dirt race track so racing is in my blood," said Mitch. "I loved every minute making this music video. I could have stayed in those cars all night!"
This video, which includes members of his fan club "Goudy's Rowdies" was filmed by director Stephanie Langston of Dark Room Creative, and is airing exclusively today on his YouTube page and his website. Be sure to stay tuned for Mitch's cable spotlight, as the video will also be released to ZUUS Country, GAC and CMT.
Ain't My Fault was co-written by Goudy, Diana Upton-Hill and Justin Hill and will be off his upcoming album, which will be released late October.
Immediately after shooting this video, he hit the road for an extensive radio tour in support of the single and has been on the road performing non-stop for his fans. He was recently selected as one of the celebrities to take part in the Tee 'N' It Up for Troop Aid Celebrity Golf Tournament, hosted by Larry Gatlin, in September. Hailing from the cornfields of southeast Iowa, Mitch grew up with a sense of pride about who he is and a strong notion of what he believes. His interest in country music began when he first picked up a guitar after suffering a traumatic knee injury that would forever limit his ability to play sports. His dad bought him that first guitar, put it in his hands and said, “Let’s see what you can do.” At that moment, Mitch found his passion and never gave up on it. Since then, he's been rocking stages large and small across the country.

Why not listen to some of Miteh's releases on his website?

Phil Jones Band

Hidden deep on one of the world's most beautiful islands, Kauai, Phil Jones and his band have been crafting a remarkably enlightening blend of soft rock music.
Phil is a native Californian with a background in music that dates to his early childhood singing and playing guitar for various bands. Now, he writes a different kind of song, imbued with the spiritual understandings only years of travel and self-reflection could inspire. His song writing is intended to spark positive change, religious tolerance, racial equality, and personal evolution in a fast paced and changing world. Phil sees no better tool for this purpose than the power of song.
This mellow yearning for a better world is reminiscent of Jack Johnson, while his deep, gritty voice and penetrating wisdom resounds like a surf soaked Leonard Cohen. Songs, "The Perfect Wave" and "The Golden Race", have a similar feel to Mr. Cohen's seminal album, "The Future", with its acoustic prowl and mystical qualities - slightly tinged with Moby like electronic undercurrents. But that is about as close as one can come to boxing in the dynamic sound of the Phil Jones Band.

And artfully crafted music it is! Phil Jones Band uses their sound to send you into paradise. Check them out on their website.

roger gomez

I'm a singer /songwriter living in Perth, Western Australia
I did live in Melbourne, Australia for 7.5 years and got into bands playing and recording original songs.
I moved back to Perth where I recorded my first demo, whilst still playing live regularly. I went back into the studio in to record a follow up demo; I then secured a publishing contract for one of those songs in the U.S.
I went to Los Angeles in 2011to compete in the World Championship of Performing Arts; I received 3 bronze medals for my original songs. My style is commercial rock/pop. Some of my favourite artists include The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Prince. I have completed my first full-length album called BEHIND CLOUD NINE featuring the single "Mondays Guide".

Roger diffinately has talent and is quite a lyricist. Check him out on MusicXray.

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