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Steve Law Band

Steve Law has had "all this music" building up for years; now it is just pouring out. Steve thinks playing with the unbelievable musicians in his band is like laying down the best paint on canvas.
Steve's lifelong journey of music began early with elementary guitar and cello lessons. Since then, Steve has loved playing with others, and for others.
The excitement of playing live never wears off for Steve. The thrill of connecting with a live audience and being able to touch them musically is the reason he loves being a musician.
Steve's influences are too many to mention with a full range from classical to heavy metal. Some artists to name a few are Tom Petty, The Beatles, Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke and many others.
Backed by by bassist/guitarist/singer/engineer Kyle Zender, vocalist and percussionist Toddy Ivy, and Hill Baker on the drum kit and cajon, the Steve Law Band has a repertoire of over 30 original songs and a handfull of covers.

The Steve Law Band returns to Music Arts with some new original (and we add) snappy tunes sure to please. Hear them on there YouTube Channel.


The Story Of My Life (2017) Produced in both Swedish and English versions in less than a half year. Half or more of the songs were also written during that time. It consists of both much older and new songs. 15 tracks. Personal lyrics. Written and produced with the aim to be performed with band set-up.
Smisch is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. He started writing music at the age of nine. He wrote music throughout his childhood but first twenty years old he found courage to participate in a talent competition where he made it to the finals and got to play on one of the big scenes in western Sweden. Later he applied and went to a University music program. By that time he also became a father, which was a life that didn't rhyme well with music ambitions. Time for the family and children were more important than succeeding at music.
In the late summer of 2016 he found the love for music again while finishing building his home studio. After eight years of no songs written at all he wrote 5 songs in a couple of weeks and also finished lot of the old ones he had. That added to an album of 15 tracks. The following six months he spent many nightly lonely hours behind the instruments and the microphone in his studio trying to get the songs to sound the way he wanted.
Most songs were written in Swedish, but as he didn’t want to turn away englishspeaking listeners he translated them into english. It was then crucial that none of the stories and content of the songs were changed, since they have a high emotional value to him.
He tries to write melodies that stick and moving, storytelling lyrics that many people can relate to.

Interesting songs with lyrics you can relate to. listen to Smisch on his YouTube Channel.

Natalie Jean

Natalie Jean is a very rare kind of vocalist. Winning recognition across the most diverse of musical genres and quite comfortable performing in English, French and Creole. In exciting news, Natalie Jean has recently dropped her new infectious album, "Unafraid" and fans old and new couldn't be happier.
Natalie Jean is excited to announce the much-anticipated release of her fourth album, titled, 'Unafraid.'
Produced by Alexi Von Guggenberg, the album offers up 10 tracks and is readily available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store, Amazon.com, Google Play, and various digital online stores.
Natalie Jean is an award winning singer/songwriter performer and a dynamic artist who grew up loving music. She enjoyed singing with her Haitian father - who was also an artist. She writes for many genres, which would include Jazz, R&B, Dance, Pop, Country, Rap, Heavy Metal, Contemporary, etc. She can also sing in French and Spanish. Natalie takes inspiration from her daily life and hopes to touch the lives of others through her music.
Her album 'Unafraid' which also features recently released singles 'Looking Back', 'Now I See', and 'Please Don't' is a collection of Pop songs regarding the many emotions one can go through when dealing with relationships. Inspired by Lena Horne, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, her beautiful voice and melodies will surely leave you wanting for more!

We hope we get to hear more of this young lady. Until then listen to her on her ReverbNation Page.

Royal Kona Coffee

Screens 4 Eyes

Screens 4 Eyes is an Indie Dreampop / Electro Rock trio from Tel Aviv.
Band members include Roney-Leigh Dubnov (drums), Asaf Cohen (bass) and Yael Brener (vocals,keyboards).
The band fuses elements of Electronica, Shoegaze and Electro Pop. After their first EP Ask Me Not came out in 2015, the band is now releasing their second EP 'Behind These Doors' on April 1st 2017.
The songs have already received a warm welcome from press and radio worldwide.

These songs by this amazing group sets a standard for POP/ROCK. "Screens 4 Eyes" takes your brain on a holiday. Enjoy them on their YouTube Channel.

Tim McGeary

If music is a springboard for emotion, then Tim McGeary knows all too well how to mine it to the max. "I have to write songs," the accomplished songwriter insists. "Yet, it's both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you are able to write and sing songs that can connect to people and bring them to an emotional state. The curse is that I can never turn it off. If I get something in my head at 3 am, I have to get up and get to my guitar or piano so I quickly record something. Otherwise, I won't be able to get back to sleep. "McGeary's dedication to his muse has never faltered, and now, even after a couple of decades of plying his craft, that passion is as intense as ever. It's the spiritual essence of making music that elicits his enthusiasm…that drives him to connect with his listeners…and that makes it so essential for him to express his emotions and desires."It allows me to let go of those temporal distractions that often bog us down, and to share those things that bond us all together as human beings," he explains. "I'm grateful to have a gift that allows me to do something I to do, and to translate my life experiences into songs that hopefully can touch people in some personal and hopefully profound way." Given that dedication, it's no surprise to find that McGeary's songs have been tapped for such hit television shows as "Smallville," "One Tree Hill" and "Glory Days," as well as the made-for- HBO film "Girl Got Moe." McGeary's songs are not only a perfect soundtrack for the Hollywood hit-makers, but for those everyday individuals who can relate to those intimate feelings and connect them with their own.Indeed, McGeary's music is filled with insights that are borne from the insights he's gained from living in a some exotic locales and working at a variety of occupations. His trajectory was somewhat extraordinary from the very beginning; the son of an FBI agent, he was the oldest of ten children. Time spent in the Merchant Marine traveling throughout South America, India and Pakistan provided a rich cache of memories and melodies. Even after relocating to the West Coast of Florida and settling down in an idyllic retreat with his wife of 35 years, he still finds continuing sources of inspiration. For the past two decades he's been a firefighter and paramedic with the Collier County Fire Department, further evidence of his fervent desire to provide help and support in any way he's able. Not surprisingly, he was among the emergency personnel who went to New York to help out at Ground Zero in the wake of 9/11. The American flag he had tattooed over his heart, accompanied by the words "Never Forget," testify to the strength of his conscience and conviction.

A strong spirit with stronger emotions all of which are reflected in Tim's music. Hear what we mean on his YouTube Channel.

The Big Lyon at the
San Diego Wild Animal Park
reads Music Arts Monthly and Catagorically agrees; it's Roarin!

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Dallas String Quartet

DSQ Electric - an international music sensation. A fusion of classical and contemporary music on both traditional and electric strings. With the 2016 release of their fourth album "DSQ" they continue to expand their passionate following on Pandora, Spotify, and Sirius XM radio. DSQ performs intimately as a quartet or with a full accompaniment of drums, guitar, and piano.
The Wall Street Journal, A&E, WFAA-ABC, and ESPN have all featured the Dallas String Quartet. In addition to performing internationally, DSQ has played "at home" for Presidents Obama and Bush, the College Football Playoff, NBA, and NFL organizations. DSQ has sold out concert venues like the House of Blues and symphony halls alike. They have played alongside Josh Groban, Chicago, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Comprised of composer and violist Ion Zanca, violinists Tatiana Glava and Melissa Priller, and bassist Young Heo, DSQ takes you on a journey to the nexus of classical music and modern pop where artists like Beethoven and Bono collide.

This is a fun to listen to group with all the finesse of quality string work this quartet vibrates with a unique soul. Hear them on their YouTube Channel or coming to a radio near you!

Donna Greenberg

Donna Greenberg, the Toronto-based singer, songwriter, and lyricist, is celebrating the release of STUCK ON YOU, her fifth CD since 2009 and her first all-jazz album. Featured are nine songs that follow the winding path to and from love, by turns sorrowful, joyful, and ironic.
Arranged for jazz trio by pianist/arranger extraordinaire Mark Kieswetter, these pieces are performed by Mark himself on piano, Jordan O’Connor on bass, and Ben Riley on drums.
Four of the songs are debuts: the sassy and flirtatious "Don't Try to Change My Mind," the sultry bossa nova "Meu Amor" sung in Brazilian Portuguese, the optimistic jazz waltz "There Will Always Be Spring." and torchy "Go Your Way," inspired by the Elena Ferrante story.
The other five songs are new renditions of earlier work: "You're My Summer Peach," "Why Can't I Say Good-bye?," "Dance the Night Away," "I Kiss Your Open Mouth," and "Reflections."
Donna Greenberg is a unique and stylistically versatile vocalist with a deep love of music. Her vocal precision, warmth, musicality, and dramatic flair are always evident in her heartfelt performance. She studied voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, and has performed in both classical and jazz styles.

Classical jazz that will keep you listening. Hear Donna on her website.

Frankie Storm

If you passed her on the street, you would think you had just brushed by a young, tranquil girl with a cute smile. You'd probably never guess that you'd just narrowly avoided a category-five cyclone. Yet this creative whirlwind with an unassuming demeanor and smile has already generated an astounding number of hit songs for prominent music stars such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Ciara and Enrique Iglesias. Some of her recent credits include 'Sorry to Interrupt by Jessie J and 'Lightweight' by Demi Lovato. Frankie Storm, who's been singing since she was three years old, has built an extensive resume of songwriting credits, one that would content even the most ambitious songwriter. But it appears that was all just a warm up for the main act. With her debut radio single 'The Cure' climbing the charts, there is indeed reason for trepidation about the storm that is approaching. 'The Cure' is only the first taste from her appropriately-titled album 'The Storm' so fans should wisely batten down the hatches and brace for the deluge of success that will undoubtedly follow.- Blake Wright (Marquix TV)

You might pass her by on the street but don't pass by her music. A wonderful voice that charms the soul. Listen to Frankie on her YouTube Channel.

Wayne Olivieri

Complex and brilliantly engineered, the latest album from rock veteran Wayne Olivieri titled "Eclectic Mind" has a unique musical profile. Its structure is reflective of its complex content, songs that delve deep into the psyche of human emotion, touching on everything from God, hard times, happiness, and other topics. Designed to evoke emotion, be it positive or negative, "Eclectic Mind" is an exercise in understanding what it is to truly feel.
This is by far Olivieri's strongest presentation to date, and brilliantly marks his evolution as a songwriter and individual. Each song is crafted with care, and every line written with the intent of relating to the listener on a personal level. The music's rich sound is reminiscent of classic blues and rock, and its complex sound highlights the rigors that every human deals with at some point during their existence.
A fully-fleshed 13-track LP, "Eclectic Mind" with track names ranging from "I'm Broke Again" to "I'm in Love Again", and even one titled "Mom", gives the listener an idea of what it means to relate to the songwriter. Olivieri seems to bring a rich inner life and the ability to craft positive vibes, even during the dark times which is rare in today’s music industry. Reminiscent of all of the greats from the 70's and 80's and chock full of inspiration, "Eclectic Mind" is the must have for anybody that has ever felt deeply, and appreciates the organic nature of pure rock music.

Olivieri is classic rock from the 60's and early 70's with a sound that evokes "Cream" or "Blue Oyster Cult"; hear him on his YouTube Channel.


Austria may be known as the classical music center of the world, but make no mistake - Cornerstone is here to rock! The band, composed of Alina Peter (Vocals, Guitars), Michael Wachelhofer (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals), Steve Wachelhofer (Guitar, Vocals) and Christoph Karas (Drums, Percussion), got signed by the US-based label ATOM Records back in 2008 and have done numerous tours through Europe and America. Cornerstone was able to do a mixture of headlining club shows and shared larger stages with acts such as The Animals, John Waite (Bad English, The Babys), New Model Army, and American singer/songwriter Jeffrey Gaines, to name a few. Cornerstone won the "Next Big Thing Contest", hosted by Alternative Addiction, in March 2008. The press has been extremely favourable to the band's blend of 80's rock, mixed with the harder edge of today's alternative rock sounds. After the release of the debut album "Head Over Heels" in fall 2008, reviews and interviews with the band were published in magazines like Powerplay, Fireworks and Classic Rock Magazine. Some of their songs were included in the motion-picture soundtrack for the film "Little Alien", which was shown in cinema back in fall 2009 and on television.
The band was signed by the US- label ATOM Records and is successfully representing Melodic-Rock: a US-tour, eight tours in the UK, a number of concerts at famous European festivals, airplay, TV-appearances on stations like BBC and much more. Additionally, they took part in the soundtrack of the film Little Alien, and in the beginning of 2012 their song "Right or Wrong" was awarded by the British ROCK REALMS Magazine as "Ballad of the Year 2011". In 2013 the band released their version of the eighties-hit "Smalltown Boy" (by Bronski Beat), that appeared in the charts. All of the revenues from this success were donated to the "Room to Breathe"-campaign, and to the charity organization for the research and treatment of the immunodeficiency disease cystic fibrosis at the Nottingham City Hospital.

Generous with their money and their talent. This band out of Austria is crafting new music that fits with today's sound. Listen to their amazing blend of horns and harmony on their YouTube Channel.

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz
featuring Sandy J and Chris Yeh

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz prides itself in recording catchy, singalong type songs. We try to sound varied and not stuck with one cliched style of music.Our latest, "Love Will See Us Through", is a duet love song.
You have to listen to this new and exciting release featuring Sandy J and Chris Yeh. Island music doesn't get much better. This is "Da Kine"! Hear them on their YouTube Channel.

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Robert Cook Sier

Robert Cook Sier is an independent composer, arranger, musician and producer, born in the UK but has lived in Australia for most of his life. Robert's passion is instrumental music - not jazz, not classical, new age or "symphonies", just modern instrumental music that people find enjoyable to listen to and that explores the rich rhythmic and sonic diversity available to us today. "Songs Without Words" describes it well.
Robert started playing piano at five, guitar at ten, in pub bands at fifteen and orchestrating at twenty. This road took him from the classics through art rock, jazz rock and the influences of our modern cinematic composers. Earlier in his career Robert worked with many international music celebrities and was signed to Warner Bros with his nine piece instrumental fusion band, the Electric Chamber Orchestra.

Jazz that feels so right. Listen and see if you agree on Robert's YouTube Channel.

Dexter Wise

Atlanta jazz musician Dexter Wise has spent his life finding the melody of the world.
Born in North Carolina, this multi-instrumentalist spent much of his childhood traveling the state with his family band. These days Dexter has traded riding in the family van to driving to his own beat, swapping funk for modern jazz as he masterfully combines the soulful heart of gospel and the smooth flow of blues in his project "Feel the Power".
Since moving to Atlanta (Wise or Dexter Wise, your call) has serenaded venues from churches to jazz joints, blending the spiritual with the soulful.
Never far from his instruments of choice --- flute, alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones - this modern soul man is always prepared to make art and music at every stop.

Wise is non-stop rythum and soul with such jazzy horns you will feel satistied. Hear Dexter on his cdbaby page.


Formed in the early days of 2016, Ok, Alright quickly started forming an identity to their sound. Rooting themselves in rock n' roll, OKA pulls from several influences ranging from blues to indie rock. With their sights set on the big stage, Ok, Alright is focused on honing their sound and developing their live act. Priding themselves on performance, OKA controls a room like no other. Their first effor, Home Alonely EP, is 5 songs of blistering solos, dynamic drums, and catchy melodies.

Sounds like rock n roll to us. Hear what we mean on their SoundCloud Page.

Katie Belle

KATIE BELLE: ... A CITY GIRL WITH A COUNTRY HEART Her music style is best described as Country Crossover. Being the creative person she is and listening to those around her, she has been encouraged to utilize her talents in singing, songwriting, Katie Belle modeling and acting. Her motto can be summarized as "being in the entertainment industry is a multi-tasking journey, with modeling, acting and live performances that work hand in hand to challenge her and mature her talents."
Katie is passionate about her songwriting and is a writer on all her originals. She looks to her life and those around her for inspiration. Her lyrics can be described as poetic, insightful, empowering, fun and energetic.
This summer Katie has been nominated in The Josie Country Blast Radio Awards and The International Music and Entertainment Awards ( IMEA). She brought home 2016 Female Country at Women In Charge and 2015 Country Female Artist Award at the IMEA Awards last October, she is humbled to have been nominated once again.
Several of her originals have placed as semi-finalist and finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and USA Songwriting Competitions. Her official cover song "Counting Stars" is charted #3 on the worldwide song charts of Beat100 and won the prestigious Akademia Music Video Award. Katie BelleCheck out YouTube to see the energy and originality Katie puts into her music as she is constantly uploading content.
She began songwriting at the age of 11, penning her first produced song, Born For This in the once named Hotel Indigo in West End Nashville. Thus began her journey to take her everyday experiences and express them through songwriting. Katie regularly travels to the Nashville area for songwriting sessions; she enjoys performing live at any chance she gets. Putting in the work is completely overshadowed by the love for her fans when she sees a song connect with her audience.
Katie will tell you it makes her heart beat fast to sing, share and encourage others to follow their dreams.
Katie has logged many hours of stage time through her touring on the acclaimed ROYOL tour. This tour travels across the US presenting to High School and Middle School students a message about Teen Suicide Prevention and how to handle being bullied. Katie has traveled over 20 weeks during the 2014-15-16 seasons. Whether it's a crowd of 40 - or 2500 - Katie shines from the stage with her passion and energy.

Multi-talented is this girl with country ambition. Her music doesn't sit still and apparently neither does Katie Belle as she rockets towards Stardom.-Marcus Walton, editor Music Arts Magazine. Listen to her work on her YouTube Channel.

Singer Dr. B

Singer Dr. B... with his passion for creation and music he developed the Red P Brand which promotes songs from different topics and supports young talents. Dr. B... was born in Austria - Europe and since he was a young boy music has been his life passion but unfortunately his family did not support his dream to become a singer and he ended up having different jobs. This life detour cost Singer Dr. B... many precious years away from music.After a lot of hurdles, 1972 he made it to the stage and he had the opportunity to sing live at the UNION PLAZA Hotel Casino in Las Vegas 1972 where he met some famous stars like Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy David Jr.
Singer Dr. B... has quickly moved into the idea of evolution and modern science. Thanks be to God for enabling us as a modern society to have an access to these modern inventions. Pope Francis calls the Internet - "A gift from God" - !!!

Hence Singer Dr. B comes with his song "God is Online". Hear this song and "Easter Bunny Mu Cu Cu, Pt.2" on his YouTube Channel and find out who is right.

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