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2015 Music Reviews

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Esor Balkan

Released his album "Esor Ses Chansons" in 2013, Mr. Esor Balkan keeps the title as the first singer and songwriter to release his own songs not in his native language but French. Beside his main profession in medical world, Mr. Balkan keeps on appearing at various radio stations and commercial music markets such as amazon.com, amazon.fr, soundhound.com, deezer.com, fizzy.com and itunes as well.

Esor's music as sung in his native language is worth a listen. Hear him on his YouTube Channel.


Goodngone is a rocking country band out of Dallas, Texas. Their original music has a touch of classic twang mixed in with hard edged rock rhythms. With Jimmie Davidson on lead voclas/guitar, David Daniels on lead guitar/vocals, Forrest Johnson on bass, and Richie Davis on drums, they bring a fresh modern sound to the ever evolving country genre.

Some good country at it's best. Hear Goodngone on their website.

Mind Blowing

This is Xavier, the one who created the pop band called "Mind Blowing" 15 years ago and the one who is writing this band biography.
Incredible though it may seem, I started to be "struck " by melodies some years ago. They just came to me unintentionally. Even my relatives and friends did not understand how I had managed to compose songs from that day on. That happened 15 years ago. It was really surprising to everyone since I did not have any idea of music.
Later on I met my friend Marc, extremely skilled in playing different instruments (guitars, piano, and so on). He managed to add music to my voice recordings, so we eventually recorded those songs with several instruments. I realised we had been able to create all that in a very natural way. It was so striking to me that I decided to call "the band" Mind Blowing.
We are currently recording new songs which will be included in our third CD, which we plan to finish hopefully between the end of this year 2016 and the beginning of 2017.
The band Mind Blowing consists today of Marta, Dani, Mario (who is also in charge of the recording studio) and myself, Xavier.
We do not play live since we have our corresponding jobs and we do not have enough time to play in concerts, so by the time being we only play and record in the studio and then we distribute our CDs worldwide through different digital platforms.
As one can guess, we are independent artists who enjoy creating sweet melodies with the only aim of making people feel better. -Barcelona, March the 20th., year 2016.

Indeed tis "Mind Blowing" or else some musicians realized their common talents and decided to colaborate? Quite good though we think. Hear them on .... well we are not sure as they didn't list a site or page or anything. Perhaps you would like to hear the German band "MindBlowing" instead of this quite good band from Barcelona Spain? Xavier write so we can give credit to you!

Royal Kona Coffee


You may experience an overwhelming sensation when you listen to ONEIKON songs for the first time. Don’t be alarmed. These reactions are completely normal when listening to ONEIKON unique sound.
ONEIKON is a multifaceted pop artist that sings and dances. Dkidd, and Dshawn's music is unorthodox, unthinkable, and quite catchy. The artist teamed up with Media Royalty Records & Grady Baby Productions to bring ONEIKON's music to the next level. Together the team has put together several singles and a music video, with the scope of release a full album by mid year 2016.

A good start with "I Miss Her". Keep it up but little less reverb. Hear ONEIKON on their YouTube Channel.


DeDe Wedekind, or just "DeDe" as she goes by for music, is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas. DeDe won Song of the Year at the 2015 IMEA AWARDS in Atlanta this past October for her new single "Stronger" from her upcoming album, Dream of You. Dream of You is DeDe's highly anticipated 4th album, which will be released on Feb 12, 2016.
For her new album, which has been almost 2 years in the making, DeDe's been songwriting with Los Angeles-based Multi-Platinum Producer & Songwriter, Kevin DeClue (Hillary Duff, Charlie Midnight & Rihanna). DeDe wrote or co-wrote all the songs on Dream of You. This album and the new hit single: "Love Lives On", were recorded at Nashville's famed 515 Studio with Multi-Platinum mega-hit Songwriter & Producer, Andrew Fromm. Andrew is the songwriter for the 'NSync "Millenium" album, the Backstreet Boys, Marc Anthony & many others, and he not only helped DeDe arrange the piano part for Love Lives On, but also is featured playing this song on DeDe's new album.
DeDe's also clear about what motivates her career. "I didn't go into this looking for money or for fame. My sister Missi Pyle, is a well-known comedic actress in Hollywood, and I've seen firsthand all the pressure of what that kind of life is like out there, and it's just not for me." For DeDe, it's all about writing songs that bring people hope, comfort peace and acceptance.

Down to earth music with no "head-in-the-clouds", DeDe comes across as a pure spiritual performer. Hear her on her YouTube Channel.

The Big Lyon at the
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Daven Atma

Originally from the Maritimes, Daven Atma now makes his home in British Columbia, Canada. Daven developed as an artist on the indie music circuit in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area. Heavily influenced by the sound of early Bob Dylan music and the American Folk Music revival period of the 1960’s, the inspiration can be heard in Daven's lyrical style and his unique vocal inflection. His original music includes both catchy, up-tempo tunes with crafty, sometimes witty lyrics at their core as well as deeper, more reflective material.
Daven achieved local notoriety through the release of his debut CD Ahead To Square One in 2013. This is a compilation of mostly original songs along with two tributes to Bob Dylan in 'Jokerman' and 'The Times They Are A-Changin'. Now with the release of his latest CD To Step Two, Daven is gaining national and international recognition.
To Step Two is the evolutionary next step for Daven Atma. This CD includes material that forays into new sounds and styles while remaining true to his roots. To Step Two is again a compilation of mostly original songs along with two tributes to Bob Dylan in 'You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go' and 'Mr. Tambourine Man'. Also featured are the talents of Jennie Bice, Victor Cronley, Peter Kilgour and Quinn Patterson on a variety of instruments.
Daven Atma is a firm believer in preserving the integrity of the vocal performance during the recording process. No vocal tuning software is used in the production of Daven's music.

We were going to call Daven's music "Dylanesque" (and he does a number of covers of Dylan's music) but on repeat listen he is much more complicated that. Hear what we are saying on his YouTube Channel.


Briannagh D is at it again! This time, her new rendition dubbed, "Everlasting Love" showcases her budding talent and her growing musical passion "Everlasting Love" is a vibrant and incredibly soulful masterpiece that is the embodiment of love in all facets of life. It is ode to the significant people in our lives who continue to inspire us. In her new song, Briannagh honors mentors and guardians, including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches or anyone who serves as an inspiration for others. Miss Briannagh Dennehy, has arrived and ready to make a positive, lasting impression on her peers for generations to come!

We heard her before but she is back and better than ever! Listen to this young voice sing with age-less talent. Hear her on her YouTube Channel.

Elliott Ranney

>Elliott Ranney is a singer/songwriter playing finger style acoustic guitar. His focus ranges from Bossa, Swing to Folk-Rock-Pop. He has two commercially released albums of original music: An Aging Sailor's Dream - 2001 and Bellevue Shuffle- 2013. His first album was re-released in Tokyo, Japan on the Rip Curl Records label through Inpartmaint, LLC (2012). It has been classified as an 'Evergreen Recording Classic.'
Ranney's performances have been wide and varied, from coffee houses, Missouri and Illinois wineries, festivals and concert performances with Brewer & Shipley, Shawn Phillips and Jonatha Brooke. No matter if it is background music or high profile concerts, Ranney plays with an energy that can be described as engaging, in the groove and melodically satisfying. Apart from concert appearances, Elliott includes cover tunes that allows for an eclectic song list arranged for his smooth laid back vocals and intricate guitar work. Ranney draws from a wide selection of the American songbook - James Taylor, Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Dan Fogelberg and Michael Franks to name a few. His tag line is: 'Music like an Island Breeze.'

Must admit to listening to several of tunes on this album. From pure instrumentals to Michael Franks style of singing in "Curve Of Her Smile" makes us want to commit ourselves to those Stelazine halls again! Listen to Elliot on his website.


"Lying, Crying, and Dying," is, for the most part, an upbeat collection of pop/rock story songs, about life, love, and death. With strong lyrics, good beats and interesting vocal harmonies, "Lying, Crying, and Dying," is one of the more interesting entries in the pop/rock category. One of the reasons, the collection is successful, is that, the overall sound is more like that of a pop/rock band, rather than a singer/songwriter.
KT is a solo artist. He started out as a keyboard player and backup vocalist. He was a member of the duo "Robert and Kenny," the singing group "The Casanovas," and was half of the song writing team of "Tucker and Caswell."
After "Tucker and Caswell," disbanded, KT moved to California, where he was a founding member of the "The Other Brothers."
He now resides in the State of Pennsylvania.

KT's music is original and capturing with it's stories of love, fortune and fame. Listen to KT on his website.

Howard Simon

Howard Simon is a San Francisco-based singer-songwriter whose work recalls the great singer-songwriters of the last generation -- Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens and John Martyn. His well-crafted songs reflect musical and lyrical sophistication, with finger-style and flat-picked acoustic guitar supported by a tight ensemble and subtle (sometimes soaring) harmonies. He writes about love and family, with songs that capture the joy and sadness of relationships of all kinds. His debut album, "The View from this Horizon," released in December 2014, reached No. 1 on the San Francisco Reverbnation Folk chart and recently was picked up by Pandora. He currently is working on his second album (tentatively titled "Albion"), which he anticipates releasing in Summer 2016.

Howard continuers a rich tradition of folk music and is creating a place for himself among those he considers his inspirations. Hear Howard on his website.

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Camille Parkman

Camille Parkman has been ministering as a singer, songwriter, worship leader and speaker for over two decades. In 2013, after a long time-out to start a family and raise three boys, Camille was finally back in the studio with her EP "Worthy One", and is now also celebrating the release of her latest album THRIVE, comprised of 10 original songs by Camille.
Born and raised as a farm girl in Saskatchewan, Camille grew up at the piano and began singing and writing in her teen years once she found Jesus. After spending three years at Bible school in Eston, SK, Camille went on to complete her BA in Music through Briercrest, as well as her ARCT in piano. Camille is married to author and speaker Rob Parkman and they have three awesome sons – Joshua, Joseph and Micah. Together they have been in ministry (itinerant, staff at Eston College, associate pastoring, and lead pastoring) since they were married over 20 years ago, and in the last 3 years have ministered at approximately 80 churches/events.
Camille's greatest joy is in worshipping the Lord and helping others to know God's heart more intimately through music and worship. Her songs are often born of personal worship moments, and many are inspired by the truths of scripture, or through honest moments of soul-searching. Camille's heart for individuals, the Church, and for the vulnerable is evident through her lyrics.

Camille sings with a knowing presence in her lyrics and a spiritual guidance in her melody. "Thrive" her latest work touches the heart and brings peace. Let her music touch you on her YouTube Channel.

Le Folli Arie

Le Folli Arie become a reality in 2012. The band is made of four musicians living in Milan that have a huge live experience. They all have worked in various musical projects and share a common love for music from the 70's (Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, PFM, Banco di Mutuo Soccorso, Area,...). They have also been influenced by grunge, pop, latin, funk, jazz, heavy metal. The clash and melt of all these musical influences gave birth to Le Folli Arie's unique style.
The process of making the band sound whole and unique required 2 years of labor-intensive work.
Once you listen throughout the album you can perceive the binding that gathers the 13 tracks together.
The listener is able to experience many extremely different atmospheres and emotional episodes and to appreciate a deep sense of coherence throughout the entire listening experience.
That's why defining Le Folli Arie's style is not a simple task: it could be prog music dressed as pop or the exact opposite.
In a world dominated by media where the key word is appearance, Le Folli Arie take a brave and anacronistic choice: you will be able to see them only during their live shows.

This group stands out for it's originality and perfected composition of music. Listen to them on their YouTube Channel.

turn turQuoise

Lyrical Indie-Pop with a touch of Jazz
turn turQuoise is the brainchild of singer/songwriter VEra Joppig from Freiburg, Germany, who released her debut album "StormBrides" through her own label; all tracks written, performed, programmed and mixed by VEra.
VEra Joppig:
Born: 1956 in Oberkirch, Germany
Profession: musician
Training: various
Status: wayward
The 4 songs are a wayward, colourful mixture of pop, jazz, folk and world music, the english lyrics are sometimes profound, always humorous. VEra's beautiful, expressive voice is supported by dynamic arrangements and tuneful soundscapes, multifaceted, unusual.

VEra's music spins you around in a calliope of sound. Surrender and let her take you.. Be captured on her YouTube Channel.

Giulio Brando

Giulio Burchietti, known as Giulio Brando, was born in 8th June 1979, Tuscany.
Keen on guitar, he showed his talent since he was a young boy, publishing his first album "Angels' garden" in 2010.
Then followed "Jeremiel" in 2011 and, last, "the embrace and the dream" in 2012.
Then he felt in an existential crisis that put a stop in his production. Today, once recovered his energy,
He has come back with his new song titled "You and me".

Amazing in English and his native Italian he is quite amazing. Hear Giulio on his Facebook Page.


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